Friday, 9 January 2015

From SanderS - 20mm Seven Years War 87th Highlanders (89 Points)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let's bring you another 1:72 plastic contribution today. These miniatures from Redbox depict Jacobite Highlanders, but I tend to use them for my 7YW armies as well. At the moment I have about 3 regiments to be painted and had to decide which ones to paint. My first call for reference is the excellent Kronoskaf Project SYW page, this is one of the most complete Military History sites on the web I know of. It has OOB's for all Battles in the 7YW included heaps of articles on almost all regiments of almost ALL countries involved including uniform colour references.

Anyway I chose the 87th Keith's Highlanders for this regiment. I took two liberties in the scheme: I painted in an yellow line in the tartans because the black and blue lines that were actually used made for a very drab kilt and I made the claymore scabbards brown and belts white instead of black for the same reasons.

Here are the pictures:

Now, 22 figures x 4pts = 88 points. With the Bengal Lancers (80 points) and the Prussian guns (80 points) that makes a total of 246 points in 1:72 plastics. So if Ben doesn't drop a huge points bomb before this posting; I might just have won our little side duel... oh well I guess that's up to Curt to decide.

Cheers Sander

From Curt:

Very nice Sander! I'm not familiar with The Red Box figures. I just checked them out on the web and it looks like they have a good selection of ranges/periods available. Very cool! Sander, are they fairly rigid plastic or soft? By the look of them they seem to have good proportions and a variety of interesting poses.

Your painting on them is excellent - clean, distinct and vivid and I like your artistic license on the kilts. The choice of a yellow line really helps to make them stand out (actually it looks sort of like a Campbell tartan...).

With this entry you've indeed achieved your 200 points target in your 1/72nd duel with Ben. Congratulations! Both of you treated us to many beautiful models in this scale - well done.  Sander, I also notice that you are closing in on your points target so you'll have to think about a new one to take you into March. 


  1. Very nice work and I have to second your endorsement of Kronoskaf Project SYW Page an excellent resource of war gamer of the 18th century in general and 7YW in specific.

  2. They look splendid to me. Well done mate.

  3. Excellent stuff.. Must checkout what else they's an appealing scale

  4. A fine looking regt Sander!!!!

  5. Great work. The detail you've achieved on 20mm models is fantastic. And thanks for the link. I'm not familiar with that site but I'll have to explore it now.

  6. Nicely done Sander. And to have painted tartan on something this small is amazing. Congratulaions on winning your side duel!

  7. Excellent painting of these. I'm wondering how much cleaning up of the figures you had to do? Some Redbox sets have a lot of flash or ridiculous weapon proportions.

  8. Very fine detail painting on these, the tartans are wonderfully done on these wee Scots! ;)

  9. Great looking unit, love the 1/72nd plastics!

  10. Great painting work. These Highland units are fantastic!!!

  11. Lovely work Sander. Congratulations on winning your side duel.

  12. Thanks everyone. Regarding all the questions concerning the Red Box figures, first I made a mistake: these are of course the loyalist Highlanders not the Jacobites. The Jacobite Rebellion is about the only range Red Box makes that is worth while to consider buying it. But that's a personal comment. The plastic isn't as hard as Zvezda's but not as soft as Airfix either, it is somewhere in between.

    I had very little cleaning up to do, but this can differ from production run to production run, so no garantuees given.

    To Curt: thanks, I am considering whether I should go to 750 or 1000 points, I will let you know.

    To Anne, yup, but I am not too sure bout that other duell I got myself into...

  13. I like these and the decision to g yellow paid off


    1. Thanks Ian, yes well sometimes it's in the little details ;-)