Tuesday, 5 February 2019

From PeterA - Kill Team Terrain (60 points)

Painting time was limited this weekend due to the kick off of the annual Guinness-fest that is the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Unfortunately, Ireland lost to England in a cracking game, but this necessitated sorrow drowning i.e. more Guinness.

As a result, I decided to get to work on some of the Kill Team terrain I have been acquiring - nice big brush and although there is lots of detail on these pieces, I have gone for drybrushing for a quick finish and not too taxing post-match! So far I have done some building ruins and some industrial pipes. VIth Legion Huscarl and ruler are for scale purposes only! Not much else to say except that I reckon this will be about 3 cubes worth of terrain, so 60 points? 

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I do love a drop of the black stuff. Maybe those pipelines are pumping Guinness from the factory to a storage tank... quick get a drill and a tap and let's see if we can siphon some off!  Nice terrain entry and there looks to be a lot of it. Thanks for including the ruler in the picture, it does help enormously when getting a handle on size.

From: ChristopherS - Weathered Boarded House (20pts.)

The weathered boarded house from Hovels terrain is a nice little piece made out of resin that I had for a while in my to do closet. I first tried an airbrush on it, but didn't like the result and decided to completely redo the house using my tried and true method using craft paints and mig pigments.

I really have always liked Hovel terrain pieces as I find they contain a lot of character and are great value for money. Strangely it's imperfections is where the appeal comes from. I still have several more in the line up that I hope to get to at some point.

It's a very useful piece of terrain that can be used for multiple periods, in particular, North America where a good portion of my projects take place.

Hopefully, I'm able to keep on track producing terrain this year as would really like to add quite a few more features for future games as I feel I'm falling behind in this aspect.

So that's one standard size 28mm building for 20pts. I believe.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Hovels

Nice building. I've seen several of these buildings and your right, they have a lot of character. You've painted this up nicely, I like the rough lived in feeling this building conveys. It'll look really good on the games table. 

From FranL: 15mm Mercenary Brigade (340 points)

..........for all your countries/planets takeover or protection needs!

The infamous "Devils Rejects" mercenary brigade, used to be known as Posties Rejects but a rather nasty coup in 2092 resulted in a name change!

The vehicles are mainly Brigade Models with a Khurasan flyer, the figures are GZG (part of the old NAC range, a little dated but I liked the medics and casualty figures plus the vehicle riders and gunners!!!!!)

Rank and file........

Casualties and medics......

Heavy weapons.....

Special forces.......

My gunners for all the mini guns but they turned out to be giants and did not fit, the perils of using two different companies......

14 vehicles: 112pts
6 crew served weapons: 24pts
102 Figures (83 plus 9 riders, 7 gunners, 2 flyer door gunners and 1 tank commander): 204pts
Total: 340 points?

Merc's packing some big weaponry, what's not to like. Pity about the size difference between manufacturers but these days I guess its almost inevitable. Dreaded scale creep strikes again! Another big entry Fran, good to see you painting again. Better store all this lead in a solid building, we wouldn't want your van sinking into the mud-farm under the weight of all this lead! 

From SanderS - Vorwärts! (140 points?)


A serious case of the flu and work kept me from posting last week and pretty much from painting as well. But last weekend saw me put that right. So here are two totally different types of units I would like to show you guys.

First up is a model that has been awaiting painting for nigh on 10 years! It's my all metal Old Skool Dark Angels Dreadnaught. I have started painting it, stripped it and restarted about 4 times over the years and now what with the boy being all into Space Marines I decided that he would have to be done this Challenge. So here he is.

Next up some figures that are really special to me because of several reasons. So what figures are they? Well 7YW Austrians in 20mm or 1:72 scale from HäT. These will be available in HäT's MAC format i.e. Marching, Action and Command sets, here you can see figures of all 3 different boxes combined. This is due to the fact that these are "test-shots" meaning: pre-production test runs of the figures. I am lucky enough to have a long-standing close working relation with the HäT company and sometimes test shots find their way over to me.

Them being testshots makes them special, but they are also special for a reason I am not yet allowed to disclose but it's also the reason they do not have a colour yet since I want to rework a standard Austrian colour for that.  Well enough of the shady talk, I have painted them up as the Infanterie Regiment 30, Sachsen-Gotha. This was a regiment formed of citizens of the Austrian Netherlands which encompassed the region where I now live. As an aside note, my wife and myself got married under the watchful gaze of Empress Maria Theresia herself hanging from the city hall wall. Anyway here are some more pictures.

Now, where does this leave me points-wise? Not sure what amount of points the Dread will be: technically I guess it's a 28mm vehicle so 20 points? But I would understand Lee giving me 15. There are 29 figures in 20mm so that would be 116 points so say 131 points?

Ooo very nice. I love the oldskool Dreadnought, I reckon it was worth the false starts because this time you've hit the bullseye. I'm counting this as a vehicle so you get 20 points for this. The 7YW Austrians are very nice but I think you've cut yourself short on points because you have 28 foot and one mounted figure earning you 120 points, adding up to a solid 140 points for todays entry. Nicely done sir. 

From MartinC - Sorry Lee but the Maths is going to be tough on this one (450 Points)

Sorry but it's been a productive week.

1st up loads of spiders. I am putting on a participation game at Hammerhead in a month. It's pulp rescue mission in the South Pacific, think Tales of the Gold Monkey and I need more monsters. These are the little spiders and have a 28mm long body. I bought these last halloween from the £1 shop. Black spiders with green fangs are American jumping spiders and look deadly

James of this parish pretty much concentrates on painting all the units in his Granddad's division in WW2, the Highland Division (I think - some amazon unit anyway). Inspired by this truely amazing project i have decided to paint my Granddad's unit. My Grandad was in 7th Battalion Royal Marines, originally assigned to base defence. He went to South Africa

He's the one in the middle next to the Zulu.

His unit was then shipped to Egypt where he contracted malaria and was assigned base duty for the rest of the war. His unit got disbanded and formed 48 commando. So I've painted them

1/2 commando company minus command. one of the units is an SMG unit with only 4 figures

The other 1/2 company

Another 1/2 company

The other 1/2

Commando support, 3 vickers, 3 3" mortars, each with command stand and an extra observer stand. HQ unit at front with 2 PIATs - love PIATs

I still have command stands and mortars etc to paint for these so not a finished army - sorry. These figures are Flames of war infantry company with some extra commando figures from James and one or 2 I had already

Next up some 15mm Greek Terrain. These will do nicely for my Pontic army

A couple of ruined temples - at some point in history these must have been intact but I can never imagine that. These are populated with goats and goat herd. "Herd of goats. Of course I've heard of goats"

The temples are from an aquarium

Greek village - this is from Forged in Battle and nice

Finally every year I like to buy a few figures from Kyle at Mr Lee's. The figures are always brilliant and far to good for my ability so I buy the simplest ones.

This is a 40mm Innuit warrior with a stone axe, Fab figure in a seal skin coat. Getting much better at these

Today's home work is to check this sum

10x massive spiders. I reckon 5pts each = 50 pts
153 commandos @ 2 each = 306
10 prone commandos @ 1 each = 10 20
6 small guns reckon only 2 each = 12 24
1 goatherd @ 2 pts
8 goats @ 2 each (maybe) = 16
1 greek village and ruined temple = about the same size as a 6" cube = 20 pts
1 40mm Eskimo = 7 pts

Total = 423

Oh, my aching head! Maths isn't my strong point (some would argue I have no strong points) and this entry has tested my grey matter! Having said that I think you've underscored yourself a little. I'm treated the prone guys as full figures so they get 2pts each and the Maxims and Mortars are crew served weapons in my book so 4 points each.  

And as well as a load of commandos you present a lovely selection of terrain. I especially like the Greek village, that's a really nice model. I'll take your word for it on the sizing of these, although looking at it I would have reckoned it would be larger than a 6" cube in total. 

This brings this entry up to 445 points but I'm adding some extra points for the very nice terrain bringing this to a tidy 450 points! Nice work Martin.

From TamsinP - 15mm Kra'Vak (226 points)

Continuing down the SciFi rabbit hole, but this time in 15mm, my second post today is the beginning of a Kra'Vak force for Gruntz (and other SF games).

The Kra'Vak are an alien race (obviously) in the "Tuffleyverse" as it is affectionately known by fans of GZG's rules. All the figures in this post are from the recent resculpts of the range which are larger than the original Kra'Vak figures. As Jon Tuffley has noted, the smaller early sculpts could easily be used as the adolescent kra'Vak troops, and the new sculpts as the adult warriors. As well as size, adolescents can be distinguished from adults by the cast of their skin and "hair" tendrils which are reddish rather than green.. And their lunatic behaviour on the battlefield.

So, on with the pics of which there are a lot!

Hunting Beasts and Handlers

Scouts on Grav Bikes

Power Armour Troops

Heavy K-Cannon Teams

Missile Launcher Teams

Grav Mortar Teams

Infantry Platoon with Missile Launchers

Infantry Platoon with Heavy K-Rifles

As mentioned before, all the figures are 15mm from Ground Zero games.

Onto the scoring:
84 foot plus 9 beasts @ 2 = 186 points
6 crew-served weapons @ 4 = 24 points
4 grav bikes (cavalry) @ 4 = 16 points
Total = 226 points

I do have some more Kra'Vak to paint, which might appear later in the Challenge.

Fantastic entry Tamsin, these are a treat to look at. You must have steady hands because these are beautifully crisp and clean making the colours really pop. The figures look nicely detailed which must have made them a joy to paint.