Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Votes are in for the 'Armour' Theme Round!

Hello Everybody!

This past week we had our first Theme Round of AHPC VII with the focus being on 'Armour'. We were treated to 57 entries ranging from Mechs to Men-at-Arms with an inexplicable, but delightful affection of Matildas. It was wonderful work from all those who participated - thank you for your fine submissions.

The votes have been tabulated and here are the results.

Runners up

AnthonyO's wonderfully weathered 'French AMD 80'

ByronM's amazingly white but lethal 'APC for Sedition Wars'

...and PaulOG's terrifying creepy crawly 'Soviet Spider Mechs' 

Third Place: ChristopherS' fearsome and majestic 'Goth Warlord'

Christopher will awarded 25 points for this wonderful Dark Age command stand. 

Second Place: Curt's 'Francis I at Pavia'

(Doffs cap) This is a great honour, thank you! I will greedily add 50 much-needed points to my struggling tally.

First Place: MichaelA's astounding 'Grail Knights'

Michael, in his typical style, has presented us with a fully realized vignette from 'Monty Python's and the Holy Grail'. Stonking work Mr. Awdry. You will receive 75 additional points and a gift certificate from Trenchworx Miniatures.

For those who like stats (cough, Miles, cough) here is the summary chart from the 'Armour' Theme.


Next week's Theme Round is 'East'. I anticipate a flurry of submissions this week (hint, hint). Remember the deadline for entries is midnight Saturday, Regina time (got that Ev?).