Monday, 25 January 2016

AdamC- Spider to Hunt (15 points)

 Well folks seemed to like the last spider I did and I was able to finish this guy up tonight so here he is to creep into your dreams.
 I don't know who made this guy, its another piece that Chris Rett gave me for his Monster Hunt game for Huzzah!con. So some kid will hunt it down and get to keep it... if he or she can kill it. I went black and then yellow green because I thought it looked like a really nasty spider.

I dry brushed the abdomen to bring out the texture and give it a very spidery look.  Its ready to eat hobbits, dwarves or anyone else it can get in its web. This seems a little bigger than 28mm maybe 35mm so I will leave the exact scoring to Peter.

One last post from Adam and it's a beaut if you're into spiders.  I'm scoring him or her as a 25mm vehicle so that's another 15 points for you.  Some how I think of it as a her, since most of the nasty ones seem to be female.  Regardless of who made it, it's a lovely arachnid.  I like the yellow spots and high lighting and you've done well with the basing.    

So that will be our last post for the night and I'll sign off and hand over control to Tamsin.  It's off to bed for me if I can avoid the giant spider dreams (thanks Adam) 

AdamC- US Army Halftracks (57 Points)

These are Plastic Soldier Company Half tracks 15mm scale.
 My first experience with Plastic Soldier company and I liked the models but I wasn't as impressed with the the figures that came with them.
 I did add a few extra men from my bits box including the guy on the left who is Battlefront
 As you can see he's in a dark leather jacket benefiting an officer who can buck regulations a bit.
 I'm glad to have these as they will be more than adequate as a support unit for my US Armoured company for Flames of War.
We have 5 Half tracks for 30 points and 27 men riding or driving the vehicles for a total of 57 points.

Well Adam you've squeaked this one in just before the buzzer, plus one more.  I think you've scored yourself based on 1/2 points for the crewmen as being only demi-men given that only their upper halves are visible.  I think that is how Curt normally scores them so I'll go with that unless I hear different. 
It's a grimy collection of halftracks that you got there.  I think they'll give your infantry fine support.  And I like the loose cannon officer in the leather jacket.

From MilesR: Successor Armored War Elephant (30 Points)

 My fifth and final entry for today is another armored armoured War Elephant (I submitted one for the Epic Fail bonus round).  This is a 28mm model from Sgt Major Miniatures and is meant to be a generic Successors War Elephant.

 The kit is a resin/metal combo and is just a blast to put together and paint.  I lost the riding crop the driver is supposed to using and replaced it with a javelin.   When I say lost, I really mean I dropped it on the floor and it got lost in the dimensional time warp under my workbench that has an insatiable appetite for detail parts.

 Another shot of the Ellie - I tried to put a little more effort into the basing.

In terms of points I'll leave that up to the minion of the day.  There are 3 full figures for 15 points and then I'll let you score the Ellie!

 I couldn't resist putting in a picture of my War Elephant collection - the middle two have been submitted as part of this Challenge, while the outer two where completed a few years earlier.  I probably so go about building a Successor army!

Maybe an all-Ellie force?

Lastly, a group shot of all the items I've completed this week - sorry for the barrage of posts.  Never let being housebound due to a Blizzard go to waste!

Ok let's deal with the Heffalump first, and it's a fine looking pachyderm.  That top shot is wonderful, I wouldn't want him barrelling down on me.  I'll count the beast as a vehicle and count 3 crew for a total of 30 points on the entry.  I like the side by side comparison in the last picture.  The elephant just towers over the AFVs.
Now that's your fifth post in your fourth period today!  That is just epically insane!  Not to mentioned that you've hit 357 points today and topped my total for the entire challenge to date.   That's quite a points bomb worth of work for one snowy weekend.  I will also note that this total values you into first place on the leader board and puts you tantalisingly close (in Miles terms) to your benchmark at 1760/2000 points.  Any thoughts on upping the ante there Miles?     

From SimonM - 28mm "Horrorclix" Alien and "Heroclix" Crimson Dynamo (10 Points)

This somewhat oversized 40mm pre-painted plastic "Wizkids" model of an Alien is from the "Horroclix" AVP Aliens Collector's Set: Aliens Verses Predator: Whoever Wins, We Lose boxed set. Based upon the "highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks and kills the crew of a spaceship" in the 1979 science-fiction horror film "Alien" and designed by "Swiss surrealist artist" H.R. Giger, the success of this creature has "spawned a media franchise of novels, comic books, video games and toys."

Unsurprisingly, considering the simplicity of the monster's colour scheme, I initially gave it an undercoat of "Citadel" Abaddon Black and then simply dry-brushed it with "Vallejo" German Grey. The model was then washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil before I gave it a second, much lighter dry-brush of more "Vallejo" German Grey. Finally the Alien's mouth was painted using a combination of "Vallejo" Gunmetal Grey and "Citadel" Nuln Oil. Whilst its head's carapace was given a coat of Abaddon Black.
This 28mm pre-painted plastic "Wizkids" model of the Crimson Dynamo is miniature number 52 from the Marvel "Heroclix" Xplosion range. "Considered to be the definitive version of the character", Dmitri Bukharin was the fifth man to don the Soviet power armour and made his debut within the pages of Issue One Hundred and Nine of "Iron Man" in April 1978.

Having given the figure an undercoat of "Vallejo" Heavy Red, Tony Stark's nemesis was treated to a heavy wash of "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson, before being dry-brushed with more "Vallejo" Heavy Red. I then gave the Russian super-villain a glaze of "Citadel" Bloodletter.

Simon you've pushed well beyond the bounds of my comic book knowledge, but I like these figures.  Once again you've worked wonders with monochromes.

From AdamC: Mouse Templar and Ice Spider (10 Points)

Adam does't seem to be literally snow bound like Miles, so is resorting to virtually winter in Frostgrave again.

 This is my second post for today another Mouseman (Dark Sword Miniatures)  ready to set off for Frostgrave, I love the detail on his helmet and wish I could have gotten it to look better in the photo. He'll make an excellent Templar soldier for some war band.
 Giant Ice spiders are a common creature in Frostgrave and they sort of show how horrible a place it is... not only do you have the undead, trolls, traps and other war bands to contend with but these giant 8 legged nastiest too.
 I used light blue, then a wash and some dark blue for highlights note the eyes circling the head
The fangs are the only part I don't really like but I can't come up with a better look for them.  This is Reaper Bones figure.   That's two more Frostgrave figures for 10 more Points.

I do like these mice Adam.  Your Templar has a steely determined air to him, like he absolutely must get that cheese.  Great work on the armour.  And that is an evil looking blue spider.  Well done on both figures for 10 points.

Monday From PatG Curtgeld (20 points)

Well, I am admittedly stretching the theme of risk takers, daredevils and gamblers a bit. The figure does however have some personal significance. A while back I helped RAFM promote a VSF figure competition and they were kind enough to commission a sculpt of me in my steampunk outfit.

So I give you The Mechanic:

As with my other entry today, the photography was difficult and unforgiving. Given the season and the current inundation of snow on the east coast, I went with a snow theme.

Your own figure cast in your own likeness, how cool is that!  I like the mechanic and think that he'll make a find Curtgeld contribution.  Nice work on the snow, both on the base and the overcoat.  And I am sure that I have seen Curt in a waistcoat of that colour.

From MilesR: 28MM Portuguese Infantry (162 points)

 My 4th enter of the day is a 32 figure Portuguese infantry regiment in 28mm scale.  The figures are from Front Rank and were very easy to clean up and paint.

While Perry's are still my favorites, Front Rank are rapidly moving up the "like-o-meter" and I really enjoy painting them.  In fact I started this unit Saturday afternoon after shoveling snow and finished them Sunday morning.
I got the flags from a free online site (nap flags) and painted these chaps as a generic infantry unit.  With the completion of this unit, I've finished all the miniatures I need for the summers convention game.  I may add a few more for optionality but I've got the basics covered.  It feels kind of weird having the painting essentially done 6 months before a convention game!

This submission should net me 162 points, 160 for 42 figures and 2 for the 2 flags.

One more submission to go today.

Ah yes the "like-o-meter" , yet another of the modern technological advances used today.  well these figures score high on my Like-o-meter as well.  Well done with the flags.  I like both Napflags and its more general cousin Warflag, they provide wonderful, easy to use and free flags.  
Again its it is nice to see your troops on your terrain boards I like the stream in the background.    If I can make a suggestion for the next unit of Portuguese, why not try a mix of pans trousers, using grey and the ubiquitous Iberian brown. It will give them less of a uniform look, make them look more experienced and break up the large concentration of blue in the official uniform.  

From AnneO'L-28mm Billy the Kid (10 points)

For the most part, I want to avoid posting singles, but there are some figures that I wanted to paint that are not part of a unit or a team.  This figure is one of them.

The figures is from Black Scorpion and is 25mm.  I do not know who the sculptor is as the name is not listed.  Not listing the sculptor, is to me, an unforgivable sin.  In my opinion, they are the real talent in this hobby and without them, we'd all be sitting around with our thumbs up our arses.

What drew me to this figure is the way the head is cocked back with that chin up in a defiant tilt.  That feature alone carried the sculpt for me.  This was cast is resin and the texture was quite rough.  This made getting smooth blends on the face difficult, but it helped when trying to make the jacket look rough and worn.

This gives me another staggering five points.

Whoa that is Billy the Kid, that's two for two on nailing iconic characters today Anne.  Great figure with superb painting!  Billy has a real maniacal look to him, I wouldn't want to cross him.    I also really like the effective basing
I get  to dole  out some bonus points and have done so here because, well just because...

From MilesR: 28mm WW2 Vehicles (45 points)

 Who loves painting tanks during a Blizzard? - this guy!

Yet even more WW2 vehicles from three different manufactures.
 First up is a Hungarian Zrinyi Assault gun with a long barreled 75mm AT gun.  The model comes from Mad Bob's miniatures and came to me via their kickstarter.  I doubt I'll build a Hungarian army but I liked the look the tank.
 Next up is the "German Sherman" a model of the Panzer IV f2,  This is an interesting kit as its a very early 3D printer kit from RPG models.  I got it back at my first Hisotricon in 2011.  Despite the early date for a 3D printed kit, it's really detailed and came in just two pieces - the hull and the turret.
 Lastly, my Soviets need a little love and they be getting that in the form of a Warlord BA-10 armored car.

My three vehicles heading off into the sunset - some are muddier than others!

3 vehicles and 15 points each equals 45 points

Well obviously blizzards suit you Miles.  These are three very nice AFVS.  I really like the  Zrinyi, I am not at all familiar with minor states AFVs .  The Panzer 4 is a really nice model, I love that it's a vintage 3D printed model.  And those Soviet Acs really look the business, even if they do look like they'll topple over easily.  Nice weathering, especially on the Mark 4.

Monday From PatG 28mm VSF Civilians - 40 points

Well this week was a bit of a train wreck.  It started off alright but when I went to look for non-sand basing material today, I found the tub had completely dried up. I made a couple of substitutions which were acceptable by my standards. After basing was dry, I went to photograph them - the results below are the best of three attempts - over-exposed, washing out detail and very much emphasizing the need for a matte overspray (come on spring!).   While not up to the standards of much of the work here they are fit for purpose and are the first single figures as opposed to units I have painted in years.
The Gentleman Front

The Gentleman Back

The Lady Front
The Lady Back

The Rake Front

The Rake Back
The Gravedigger Front

The Gravedigger Back

The Gent Front

The Preacher Front (Not Preston Manning)

The Preacher Back

The Assassin Front

The Assassin Back

The Other Gent Front 

The Other Gent Back

Well not my best work but at 40 points, this group puts me over my personal goal line - and isn't that the point  of the competition? ;)

Onward and upward and bring on the matte spray!
I hear you on the matte spray and the photography issues Pat.  My figures never look like I want them to do on JPEG, no matter how happy I am with them in person.  There's some nice movement to these figures especially "the other gent" who looks like he's just seen a young lady with whom he's broken an "understanding".    There is also some fire and brimstone in "Not Preston Manning" (a former Canadian grassroots style politician) and some serious attitude on the Gentleman.  Photography issues or not, there's some nice detailing and shading going on here.  Well done.  

I have also just noticed that these figures put PatG over his target of 500 points.  And he did this while recovering from dental surgery.  I suspect that the drugs might help put one in a VSF mood personally. Neither snow, nor lack of mammoths nor surgery will stop the Monday crew.
Well done Pat!  I believe Curt normally asks if you'd like to reap your target after such a milestone, but I'll jump the gun on him.  Care to up the target Pat? 

From AdamC: 25mm Orinoco's Paraguayan Infantry (100 Points)

I get the feeling Adam's not in Frostgrave any more Toto.....

I won these last year for participating in the challenge and when I decided to do the challenge again I felt I should paint up at least some of these fine miniatures from Orinoco Miniatures  I knew nothing about the Chaco Wars  and I suspect many of you don't know much about them either. All I had to go on was some pictures I found on the web and a couple of shots form Osprey (which I don't own). 
These are Paraguayan Infantry, I don't know that I got the uniform right it looked blue gray a bit like the french uniforms of World War II so that is what I went with (though later images I have seen since getting started make it look more gray green)
I like the look of these the uniform is practical and looks comfortable (as uniforms go)
 The hat looks like something I see fishermen wearing in old pictures (as a Nova Scotian I know that these are called Sou'westers and I own a traditional old cloth one)
I don't have any specific plans on how to use these guys. 
I don't see a Chaco Wars game being too popular here but I may find some other use for these guys. 
I've thought form the beginning they would make great guerrillas troops. 
They might work as soldiers or sailors in any pulp game
These are great sculpts and I really wish I had a project I could get excited about using them in..
I did these because I feel if you offer us free stuff to for painting figures you ought to get your figures painted and shown off in the challenge 

 I am going to wrap up here, I hop you like them and I hope the team at Orinoco likes what I did with them  there are 20 infantrymen here of the 25mm scale for another 100 points.

Well Adam, I know very little about the Chaco War except that it was very bloody.  I like the Orinoco sculpts with subtle variants in the poses and equipment.  Great job and your idea of using them as guerrillas seems like a winner.

Can I have a fact check here Curt.   I think that these are the first ever Paraguayans posted on the Challenge.  Am I right?