Wednesday, 8 January 2020

From SimonM: "Lucid Eye Publications" King Victor's Royal Guard (30 Points)

These five "cartoon scale" white metal figures of King Victor's Royal Guard are produced by “Lucid Eye Publications” and can be bought from the company's "Toon Realms" range as a pack of four miniatures. Sculpted by Steve Saleh, I have painted the warriors in the colours of the Guards of the Tower of Gondor so as to field a six-figure strong unit of (Elite Foot) Guards of the Citadel for “Dragon Rampant” by "Osprey Games".

Initially primed with two coats of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, these personal bodyguards to the twenty-sixth ruling Steward of Gondor were dry-brushed using some "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal and subsequently washed in "Citadel" Nuln Oil. They then had their boots and spear shafts layered with "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna, and their belt buckles, spears and helmets delicately dabbed in Gold. All of these areas were later washed with "The Army Painter" Strong Tone Quickshade to dampen down their pigment's vigour.

The Tower Guards' helmets, armours, chain-mail, shield emblems and spear-tips were treated to a combination of "Citadel" Ironbreaker and Nuln Oil. These parts were later delicately dry-brushed with (more) Ironbreaker. Finally, each knight’s linen surcoat and feathers were ‘picked out’ in “Vallejo” White and ‘shaded’ with a tiny amount of Pale Grey.

In addition to these five fine fellows, I have also managed to paint up another of the manufacturer's characterful sculpts, in the shape of Sterling The Wandering Knight. This miniature was completed using a similar palette to that of King Victor's Royal Guard, and will represent Denethor's eldest son, Boromir in my forthcoming 'Lord Of The Toons' campaign...

From DaveD - Blax you continue to taunt (or is it educate) me with your figures from the nether regions of your lead pile. Cartoon scale - thats a new one! Good to see you are back on the Nuln Oil too i was getting worried -pretty sure you used to be able to get that on prescription in the UK.. 30 points it is!

From GrahameH : Started at last. My first entry. 15mm ECW - 69 points

Having to work through Christmas and New Year seriously hinder any opportunity in getting some painting done. However I did manage to get this unit completed.

32 x 15mm Essex figures representing Newcastle’s regiment during the English Civil War. I actually painted 42 figures but couldn’t get them to fit on the bases so they will be transferred to my Scots army when I re-base them.

Right, now I’ve started I have got to try and catch up with Mike W, who is from the same club as me. Can’t have him thinking he hasn’t got a real challenge on his hands can we. Just joking.

Front view

Rear view the view my opponent usually sees as my troops bravely runaway

Think that’s 64 points only another 1936 to go.

From DaveD. We now how another challenger over the start line -,the Snowlord will be pleased . That looks line a fine start . I have given you a bonus 5 for flags and pikes and for crossing the start line.

from RayR - For Joshua - 10mm Romano-British Warriors - 40 points

A few months ago back in September fellow Challenger James, very sadly lost his
unborn son Joshua. 
James is trying to raise money for the local hospital where his wife stayed.
In memory of his son he had an amazing idea....

"My current idea is a 10mm project - fantasy undead and orcs versus the 'free people'. The free people would be eclectic - a mix of whatever anyone wanted to contribute or paint that fitted the 'fantasy' setting. Arthurian knights, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans of any variety, Lizardmen, etc, etc - anything and everything from medieval or late medieval model ranges or fantasy ranges.

The baddies would be in black with a little red.

The set would then do some of the wargames shows in the UK, as a display or demo game.

The whole project would then be raffled (or auctioned) off - The proceeds would then go towards an appropriate charity in honour of my little boy whom I will never get a chance to share my hobby with."

James M will be completing the basing on these - honest!

I spoke to Rejects Lee and Postie and explained what had happened, they both agreed that they'd like to help out and would paint some figures up. So at Warfare in Reading we all bought some figures.
These are Hordes and Heroes from Kallista Romano British Warriors.
So if any of you guys n gals would like to help out please do so.

It's my first ever time painting up 10mm figures, I think I need new glasses????
There are 32 x 10mm figures giving me 32 points - with a good charitable cause top up .

From DaveD. Welcome to the 10mm club. I share your pain on seeing the little blighters.Though I do think you have done a really nice colourful job on these well done. Perhaps your basing could be thinner? Haha... mind let’s not give Miles any ideas about counting the cubic inches of the base as terrain!  James will be very pleased to have you guys helping out . We have a game booked in with the contributions received at Hammerhead in Newark in March, to help publicise it - thanks again . 

From ByronM - More Star Wars: Legion (100 points)

This entry I continue on with my Star Wars: Legion force, trying to get enough done so that I can actually get some games in with my own figures, rather than just watching games or playing with other peoples figures.

This entry is made up of two different types of troopers: Scout Troopers and Shore Troopers.

First up are the scout troopers.  In game these allow you to bring a sniper (although he was still trained at an Imperial training facility, so can not hit the broad side of a barn), and let you reposition slightly before the game starts.

Next up are the shore troopers, which are from Rogue One.  They bring in a mortar as well, which unfortunately doesn't work like real life, so close enough doesn't really count.

Once again I tried to keep the troopers looking a bit rough and dirty as they are supposed to be out in the dessert.

Overall there are 14 figures here plus the gun, all of which count as 40mm figures, so 14 x 7 = 98 points plus maybe something for the gun, but not sure as it is nothing big or fancy... Maybe call it a round 100 points?

Next up for my Star Wars force will be some jet bikes and a few characters, watch for them coming soon.

From DaveD . I always love to see your smooth clean painting Byron- lovely job. That also pits you ahead of the run rate for your target so well done!

From PeterD 28mm Stonework for Cooks' Crevasse (50 points)

I'm a little nervous about this as I've taken a geology course before and I know that Dr. Cook is pretty hard-a**ed (From DaveD - yes but weirdly he seems to allergic to sand - some geologist!- don’t ask ). I have two pieces of terrain made from stone for my Italian Wars project.  These are 28mm and made by TTCombat.

First up is a house.  Wikipedia tells me that period buildings in Tuscany use a mix of sandstone and limestone, which in this case have been covered over with some stucco work.  I like the details that TTC puts into its products, the curved porch, louvered windows and the tiled roofing.  One of the louvers fell out of one window set during construction.  I could have ruled it back but left the window blank to give the impression of a Medici, Borgia or Sforza plotting in the shadows out of sight.  

Next we have a stepped bridge.  I like that the steps have been left wide enough to hold stands of figures and once again the detailing is nice.  I tried to give the compass rose in the middle span the impression of inlaid marbles in white, black and blue/grey.  On table we'll have to figure out how vehicles and gun crews navigate the steps.  

As with my first TTC house, I used a basic wash technique mostly using raw sienna, raw umber and burnt umber, all of which are based on the earth pigments used in Renaissance Italy for a further geological link.

There's also an economics lesson in this post.  I picked all three of the TTC pieces in Meeplemart in Toronto along with some stuff for Curt.  My three buildings came to less than the two sets of GW dice that Curt asked me to pick up.  I like to tease Curt that I don't require that my dice pass though the intestines of a civet cat.

These two pieces pretty much fill a 6" cubic unit so that's 20 points for the models and 30 for Cook's Crevasse, assuming Dr Cook gives me passing grade.  My progress across Challenge Island is plotted on the map below.  Next up I'll likely be taking a balloon ride across to the western coast.

Also when Curt first posted about the Island, I commented that the stops looks like merit badges from my boy scout days.  I've decided that I'll note my progress in terms of badges earned too.

Me circa 1976.  My gaming activities included first edition D&D, Avalon Hill board games and badly painted Airfix Nappys in Humbrol enamels. 
From DaveD - Badges!!! fine badges Peter. Lovely terrain items , 50 points it is. I do like the finish on your buildings - it does just look right to me - I look forward to seeing them being fought over.

From PaulSS - Confederate Infantry Regiment - 100 points

This weeks regiment of Confederates are a little more rag-tag than those I posted last week. All the figures are Perry Miniatures plastics from the American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 set.

With the exception of the command group, all the figures were assembled using the "right shoulder shift" arms, I don't like these as much as the charging arms but it does give a good mix on the battlefield.

 Paint wise, I went for a mix of browns and greys, the greys are from a base coat of either Basalt Grey, Neutral Grey or Luftwaffe Uniform, while the butternuts are from a base-coat of a mix of approx 2/3 Flat Earth and 1/3 German Camo Beige.

The hat-less heads on the drummer and standard bearer come from the Union infantry frame.

Painting output has been rather slower this week, mainly back to work, but I did manage to play three games since Christmas, rather a feat, I usually manage one a month at the moment!

That's it for Confederates for now, I have a box of Union that I plan to make a start on this week.

From DaveD. - more ACW sweetness here . They are another fine addition to your collection. Not toorag tag at all . Excellent. This also puts you almost half way to your target - your going to need to up that at this rate!

Iain W Hit the beach and prize giving (85 points)

Finally a first post! Joining just about everyone else at Sanders's Sand dune ,I have painted a  metal 28mm figure from a  little known company called  Games Workshop. He's from a game called Necromudia or something similar and I got him about 20 years ago I guess.  He's a member of the redemtionist gang which seems to mean going around setting fire to things in the name of the emperor.  I was going to use him as a padre for an Imperial guard army that I will be surprised if I ever finish! Still he's painted and is my first sci fi/fantasy figure in about 15 years and was quite fun to do, he's also predominantly red which I understood to be the criteria for this beach and the reason he was chosen!
Next up is a champion of Nurgle riding on his palaquin borne aloft by nurglings, I thought someone might like this as a prize? I came across it in the loft, primed ( in white of course, de rigueur in the 1980s) and although its missing some banners it's a fun characterful piece.

So as to points  5 for a  28mm figure and 30 for painting him red.
5 for a 28mm figure, 25 for him being a prize and then, a 28mm vehicle? Seems excessive, let's call him a mounted figure instead giving us a total of 70.
Next up something eldritch and historical!

All the best Iain

From DaveD, that’s another challenger across the starting line, welcome Ian. That’s a cool piece of work .. so lets make it 85 points

from JohnP: Necron Overlord (10 Points)

For my first official post as part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Contest, I'd like to introduce Phaeron Ozymandias, my Necron Overlord. I started a new Necrons army just before the start of the new year, but a combination of the holidays and sick kids prevented me from getting a lot done. I've kicked it into gear now, though. Expect more in the near future!

From DaveD, - Welcome along to the challenge John. Its a little beauty of a first entry . Love the work on greens. So its 5 points for the basic , with a an opening gamibit bonus of another 5 for the fine effort - just cause i can! 

From DaveD - It’s that day again .

Ok , it’s hump day again, and yours truly is back in the driving seat of the spreadsheet o doom. So do what you can to tickle my fancy ... now if you can post a camel on hump day there may even be a “bonus” ...

For now I will leave you with a little conundrum .

Oh and remember  the clock is ticking for getting your challenge entry fee in... the Snowlord will be getting tetchy - before you know we will be a month in... aaargh!c

Catch you all later ..