Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Its a social thing - "Painting Alone Together"

Over the years the Challenge has become a a real community event linking people around the globe. The creation of painted armies is by its nature a solitary activity with us beavering away at our paint desk. This year we have decided to try something new to enable challengers to interact together more.

A few of us challenge old hands have been piloting running some online "Paint and Chat" sessions where we have audio, and visual contact direct from our painting desks. These are run via the "Google Hangouts" facility. We talk through a range of hobby related topics while wielding our brushes - times just flies.

These are co-ordinated either via the AHPC - Challengers Google+ page and via the AHPC Facebook page. Just stick a request in to join one or both groups and one of the old sweats will sort your membership out. The groups are closed and moderated. We publish on the community pages when someone is on (or plans to be) the  chat link so people know and can jump on as well. These sites are also a place for further interaction and "banter".

Video chat screen shot.

You can join the Google Hangout via a mobile or tablet device by installing the app.For a PC you will need to install the appropriate plug in. You need around a minimum 2.5-3Mb speed for your connection to work well - but it does run on less. The video chat can host up to 10 people at once. The system requirements can be found HERE

With a range of timezones around the world the video link is set up for 24/7 working to allow for different areas to use it - but you can of course drop in to any that are running.

So if you would like to "see and hear" from your fellow challengers - maybe even spy on their paint desk  - yes that's yours we want to see Sir Michael. Ask those hints and tips questions , or simply just chew the fat , then pop along.

DaveD says hi! - you will find me on the chats regularly

Yes the desk is full of preparation projects
and of course more camels!

And even more camels! Why do I detect the hand of Millsy in this  picture!!

We will  "Paint Alone Together" - Why not give it a try if you are able.

Any other questions just let the crew know at "socialahpc@gmail.com"

Cheers Dave D