Monday, 9 January 2017

Star Wars Armada Rebel Freighters - JohnSe (12 points)

The space battle in the recent Rogue One flick has inflamed my enthusiasm for Star Wars Armada, and reminded me that I have some tiny spaceships that still need to be painted up. I love Fantasy Flight's game pitting Evil Imperial Space Triangles against the noble Fish People Pickles, but the vessels come already painted save for the miniscule starfighters. Still getting the colors and markings on such tiny subjects is a different sort of challenge which is pretty fun.

Han Solo's Millenium Falcon will be recognizable to even casual fans of the Star Wars movies, but the other bugger in the picture is the off-brand knockoff Outrider, created for a story set between "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi"

Just as obscure are the freighters and patrol craft from the animated "Rebels" series. They may not look like much, but the hexagonal ships are able to manipulate the various objective points (sensor buoys, targeting beacons, etc.) within the game while the disc-like vessels are fearsome interceptor bombers.

These were quick paints, and being flying garbage scows they hide mistakes easily. I'm sure these are worth only a pittance in points, but  I was happy to get them painted up in preparation for our upcoming Corellian Campaign Armada battles.

MilesR: You just made it in under the wire John, but these are some mighty fine Star Wars Armada paint ups.  I think there about the same size as a 6mm vehicle so thats will net you a total of 12 points for your six ships.  We need to get together for a game seeing how you live in the great state of Maryland!

And with this final entry from a galaxy far, far away Momentous Monday has drawn to a conclusion, let the other days of the week tremble as they gaze upon the Magnificence of Monday.  

From DaveD- We are sailing. (111 points)

The final elements missing for the Mahdist forces were something to use on the river Nile. So here I have the fledging Navy. The boat I had picked up a few years ago (I have no idea who made it as picked it up of small stand at a show)  , and while not 100% accurate I think its servicable enough for a river boat. The mast has been made detachable and is fixed with magnets. The sail is made from a 120gms paper cut and formed.

There are two crew again fixed in place with magnets so it can be used by other forces if need be. Its also carrying a raiding party of 17 other Mahdists.

So 19 28mm figures plus the large vehicle . All figures are from the Perry plastics range. This completes all the foot figures in the plastics pile - and yes i now do have over 1000 Mahdist foot. Time to boost the mounted arm next. Camels may make an appearance

MilesR: Three - THREE posts for one day Mr D.  Are you trying to make me work hard?  Yet another wonderful colonial themed entry with a boat, so you know that's a winner in my book.  The sail looks to be a cross between a square rigger and Laneen (or Latin-Rig) sail but I like the fact that the mast can be removed.  I've found out the hard way that fixed masts can prove challenging to transport.  I think this entry will get you 111 points - I awarded another point for the crafty sail design.  Now please no more entries today, I'm exhausted keeping up with you.

Very nicely done!

From RodF: Cause this is Thriller (45 points)

And whosoever shall be found

Without the soul for getting down...

Thriller, thriller night!

So, at least one of you reading this post will probably have Michael Jackson's Thriller stuck in your head for part of the day.  You're welcome.  My work here is done.  Muahahahahaha...

So many moons ago couple of my buddies wanted to get into zombie gaming.  Naturally, I was the one stuck buying and painting all the miniatures.  I'm not sure how this works, but it always seems to happen to me.  In the rush I just based them all, threw on some gravel and primed them gray.  We played lots of games, but I never got around to painting the zombies.  It's always bugged me, but we quit playing so I just boxed them up and forgot about them.  Recently though, a new set of buddies have mentioned they wanted to do some zombie game.  I knew the AHPC would be the place to knock these out.

These are all from ZombieSmith I believe.  There's one really skinny one [2nd picture, far right] that came from some company I forgot.  I'm not even sure they exist anymore for that matter.  Did I mention these have been sitting in a box for a long time?  Eh...

So that's 9 28mm zombies.


P.S.  I still looking for a partner/partners for the CurtGeld.  If you need one as well please let me know.  I'm located in the Dallas, Texas (US).

MilesR: As the the first track on the Thriller album goes "So you wanna be starting something, you got to be starting something?..." These are inspired Zombie figs from the worlds number one selling album.  Of course IMDB list the cast size at 30, so you have a few more to go...  Perhaps you can throw in a fig for Vincent Price.  One interesting fact about the video is that Jackson stiffed Vincent Price on the royalties from the video and they never spoke to one another again.  

These figures will net you a cool 45 points and lots of nostalgia karma.

From AdamC - Gray Regiment, Civilians and Gnolls (130 Points)

My 5th Entry of the challenge (including the bonus round) is a bit of an eclectic mix of 25/28mm figures. 
 First up is the Gray Regiment the partner and/or possible opponent for the Blue Regiment.  I did Six Pikemen for this regiment, since the set from Warlord has some extra Pikemen.
 Again I did 8 musketeers because I assumed the Pikeman's Lament would have mixed units of pike and shot I have since learned that they operate as separate units.  So you may see some more men for the Blue and Gray regiments.
 Top down view of the pike men.
 Ditto for the muskets
 And a couple of side views to give the full view of the regiment
 I think they men mix and match well and Think they will work well with their brothers in blue.
 The commander of the gray regiment in close up he looks like he might need a couple of minor touch ups.
 Those flowing yellow locks suggest he's ready to be on the cover of a bodice ripper historical romance.
 I did feathers for both regiments in red and Yellow to tie them together.
 A very fancy and drummer, no drummer boy for this regiment this man is clearly a veteran.
I am very happy with the way the lace came out on this fellow.
  The long hair is clearly trying to make up for his balding top but at least he doesn't comb over.
 Warlord Games give you one more body than you have weapons for but I was able to kit bash this guy together.  The knife and one arm is from Northstar(Frostgrave) the rest of him is Warlord
 I wanted him to look unique a volunteer Gent among the troops.
 He'll also work nicely for En Garde and Frostgrave.
 The last figure form the Warlord Clubmen set, the Squire.  I love this figure it just exudes "suave"
 I when with Purple and red since they seemed to convey his upper class status he will really pop when compared to the more soberly dressed soldiers I typically field.
 I added a band of lace to his hat and the basing is intended to convey a cobble stone street you may recognise it from Christmas displays.
  Another wench with a cleaver.   This one is from Brigade Games.
 She's not actively seeking trouble like Bess I suspect she's hiding around a corner for trouble to come to her.
 Her colors and out fit are again inspired by searching period paintings for real out fits form the period.
 I think this fellow goes well the woman above, and they are from the same set from Brigade Games
 He has a good simple out fit, he looks like an honest working man an Inn Keeper perhaps. 
 Clearly he's no more aggressive than his wife(?) since holing a pistol like that mean your only chance to hit some one is if they are jumping on top of you. They will be good additions to my Civilian collection.
 Now we are shifting gears a group of six Gnoll Bowmen.  These are Plastics form Northstar I'm planning to use these in Frostgrave and as a unit for Dragon Rampant.
 I did the bases as mostly bare dirt with some sparse vegetation as Frostgrave Gnolls live under ground but I didn't want to limit their use.
 I tried to mix up the colors to imply they were stealing clothing form various sources. This shot may in fact show what I was doing with the bases better than the top down one.
 Second set of three Gnolls
 I plan to use these guys as an unit of Elite foot with the missile weapons upgrade.
 I really like how these guys came together and more are on the way.  Their hunched over pose really does give them a hyena or dog like quality.
There are a total of 26 figures here for a total of 130, respectable work for a week though nothing compared to some people's point bombs. Still I am pleased with my results.  If its OK to mention this here my friend Dave is hosting a 24 hour Game-a-thon to raise money for Extra Life a wonderful charity that provides support to children with serious illnesses.  We would be honoured to accept any donations you can make.

MilesR: Great job Adam - I especially like the civvies and Gnolls.  This group will, indeed, net you 130 points!

From PeterM: A Few Austrians (170pts)

Hello everyone!
So I finally painted a something.
 (All of this - Perry Miniatures)

I painted the last 8 bases for my regiment Tyrolean Jägers!
This process is very pleased with me, because I have a little rest from the white uniforms everywhere!

Тwo base cuirassier regiment № 3 Crown Prince Ferdinand.
Then I got a good idea to make the land at the bases flecked traces of hoofs - it's heavy cavalry! A bit heavy horses (500-700 kg) on the gallop !!! Necessarily have to be deep tracks.

Here I especially like the combination of colors, red, yellow, black and green...

Аnd a base of Austrian line (German) infantry regiment 11 Archduke Rainer.
This is my new next regiment, here on the Challenge, I painted the whole thing (and even hope that there will be 2 regiments).

It's all.

Well, I hope not to take the pace!  
Next will be more line infantry, the second part of the regiment of cuirassiers, 6-pound cannon, combat losses and more line infantry!
According to my calculations, I think he will pull at 170 points!

Peter - great yo have you on the scoreboard with some wonderfully painted Napoleonics - They're all really nicely painted and based.  I'm a big fan of the Parry plastic Naps and you've done them proud.  My count is 22 infantry a 5 points each and six can at 10 points each for a grand total of 170 points so you math is, indeed, correct.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some more Austrians.