Tuesday, 6 February 2018

From: MartinC - Loads of ACW and Other Stuff (475 points)

I'm playing ACW in 28mm shortly so I needed to paint up by remaining figures. I have tried with a couple of regiments but they are awful figs and a bugger to paint so I stopped them and may return to them later. I did have loads of others though

These are a mix of Perry plastics and Dixons that I bought in a junk shop for about 25p each. 

There are 3 full regiments and 1 regiment missing a command stand - 76 figures

Next up another of the Hasslefree hot chicks in fur figures

The ice is a sheet of mica and nearly works

Finally some Picts. These are Newline, cheap but basic.

The command figures are better

Damage done

83 28mm infantry - 415 pts
6 28mm cavalry - 60 pts

That's 475 pts. Off to paint some more ACW

Hoi Martin, what a fabulous collection of figures! All equally brilliant, if I was asked to name a favourite it would be the ACW figures. You have really managed to capture the atmosphere of the conflict with these figures. Using mica as ice-sheeting is an inspired trick I have not heard of before and I will look into for sure. The lady does look the part on it if a tad cold with just that fur-coat to protect her from the elements. The Picts are great with some nice plaids to finish this post. All in all some brilliant stuff!

From: KentG - 28mm Napoleonic French Dragoons & Aide-de-camps (Points 140)

Once again here we have more Dragoons only three boxes left to go.
I started these a few weeks ago, lucky for me or there wouldn't 
have been an entry this week, hardly had a chance to get near the paint brushes.

I have to say there is just something beautiful about the style of  the 
dragoon uniform and its a pleasure to paint. 

The figure below is an Aide-de-camp to Murat.

A few weeks back you might remember that I made a rather silly mistake, 
I glued half of the officers horse to half a normal horse. These to Aid-de-camps, thanks to somegreen stuff,  are what I managed to create with them.

 The figure below isAide-de-camp to a full Marshal, full dress 1807.

So a total of 14 x 28mm Cavalry is 140 points.

You know Kent, I really agree with you that the dragoon uniform is one of the nicest of the French cavalry  of the period. For me it comes 3rd after Hussars on 1st and lancers on 2nd place. While your dragoons are every bit as brilliant as your earlier regiments, I am so glad that you "botched" those horses because those ADC's are absolutely stunning.  So another well earned 140 points to try and keep you at the head of our score sumary will be added tonight.

From: EricM-WWII Americans and Soviets, Pirates and Border Reivers ( 555 points)

This week is a catch up post for the last few weeks. Over the last few weeks I have focused primarily on World War II.  However Pirates and Border Reivers were able to creep on to the panting table. Just to be clear this is not one weeks work I have been working on them overt the last 2 or so weeks.  Well anyway here is what I have been up to

I was able to get a start on my Warlord Plastic US Infantry.   I am not a fan of plastic figures normally but these were pretty good.   Really the only issue was in assembly.  Of course I did NOT read the instructions.  I am sure most of you know this, but, what I didn't know is  there are specific arms for specific weapons.   After some time trying to get things done my way rather than the right way I consulted the instructions which very clearly lay out which arms work with which weapons.  Luckily I had not cut all the arms off the sprues.

Here is the full class picture. 1 Captain, 4-10 man squads, a 4-man HMG and 2-3man MMG's (one disassembled for movement),  a 2- man bazooka team and a 2 man medic team

My only problem with the Warlord figures (aside from self inflicted issues) is that the weapons are very thin and prone to breaking.   I was also able to complete a medium and heavy machine gun to support the rifle platoon. The support weapons are also Warlord but cast in metal.

Having exhausted my supply of GI's I moved on to some 28mm West Wind WWII Russians I purchased eons ago. On the whole I think they look rough unpainted but I think they paint up nicely. I picked them up from Old Glory 25's so the price is hard to beat.

I completed 2-10 man rifle squads and 1-12 man sub machine gun squad with an attached light machine gun.

Speaking of Old Glory the my next bit of work was on some 28mm Old Glory Pirates for a friend.   Its a mix of servants, pirates and various. This is a really fun range of figures. In my opinion they are some of the best sculpts Old Glory has done.Putting my bias out there,   I love Old Gory, they were really my introduction to wargaming. Back in the day, as a poor college student, the choice between food and figures was made much easier by the pricing of Old Glory.  They tend to look pretty rough before painting but seem to paint up pretty well.

I painted 13 pirates this week.  I am not sure how I ended up doing 13 but I have a few more to go to finish the whole batch, I included a close up of the guys I liked the best.

As part of a group project I painted 10 Border Reivers last week.  We had agreed to put together small contingents for an upcoming game and this represents my contribution.  The figures are 28mm, I picked them up from Sgt Major Miniatures but I am not sure who the actual manufacturer is .

By my count I have a total of 109-28mm foot and 1-mounted

BANG! POINTSBOMB! Wow, Eric you sure are back with a vengeance, eat that Bruce Willis. Anyway there is sooo much to love in your entry, while you say to dislike plastics you sure know your way with them those GI's are great. The Soviets are top notch too, because you've made an otherwise very drab uniform work very nicely. Jumping on to  the Reivers they are a very characterful bunch for sure and well executed. But I must admit that the Old Glory pirates are my favourites, I own some of these and they are very detailed and lovely to paint up and you did them justice. All this sweetness is resulting  in a whopping 555 points.

I told you so!

See everyone? I did tell you the Tuesday crew would get cracking soon enough, while you were taking it easy Kent, Eric and Martin came through like the troopers they are! Enjoy their work it's totally worth it.

Cheers Sander

From: NoelW - 15mm for a change (320 points)

This week I decided I'd do something different, to give a bit of variety to the painting and the posts. I find having lots of projects on the go keeps me much more motivated than sticking to one single project all the time, although it does mean that every project takes much longer to complete.

In January was lucky enough to buy part of a second hand collection of 15mm figures. Quite a few were painted, many of which I can't really use, but there were also the remnants of an unpainted lead pile, too. Excitingly, they're going to allow me to work on a project I've wanted to do for a while, but didn't think I'd be able to get to, because I'm basically a 28mm gamer yet it would be too expensive to carry out in 28mm. 

I also fancied a rest from lots of 28mm ECW and zulus. So I decided to paint some of the unpainted part of this 15mm collection. Already painted are much of an Indian army and a useful eighteenth century British army. But no sepoys. So that's what I decided to work on. I also fancy the idea of a massive siege, such as Seringapatam, though this would have to be SYW rather than the early Napoleonic period. For such a game I'll need guns, guns, guns. And, luckily this lead pile has quite a few - though, less luckily, not many gunners. 

The figures are all early Minifigs. I've a catalogue dated 1983 which lists them all, though they also seem still to be available from Caliver Books, who cast them to order I think. They may be getting an order from me. 

So that's what I've been doing this week. And here's the first results. 

There are 19 guns, some for the sepoys, some for the fortress. (I'll probably have to make a fortress, too, so that might take a while!) There are more guns to be painted, too, so they might appear next week.

One feature of developing from an existing collection is the need to paint in a similar style to the figures you've bought. In this case, almost all the figures are painted in a relatively simple style, generally a clean, wargaming block-painted approach with no shading or highlighting, and rarely any detail. So there's not much room for sophistication, which is exactly what I needed for most this week, in contrast with the detail I tried to put into my Bonus post. 

As well as the sepoys, there's a battalion of "Tippoo Sahib's Regulars", who would be part of the defending forces against Wellington at Seringapatam. I decided to paint these because they sounded interesting and colourful - red turbans, purple robes, black equipment. These will have to act as generic Indian troops for the SYW for the time being.

I like the idea of Seringapatam and Assaye - which is what these sepoys are intended for - but I don't have an early Napoleonic British in 15mm. Maybe this is an area for future expansion...

For my next post I'll probably return to the ECW, though I'm enjoying the productivity of these very simple 15mm figures, so maybe it's going to be a bit of both. 

There are 4 sepoy battalions of 20 figures, 12 gun crew and 30 of Tippoo Sahib's men, making a total of 122 15mm infantry.

That's 19 * 15mm guns @ 4 pts and 122 infantry at 2 points: total 320 points.

Hoi Noel, that is a nice surprise indeed! What a colourful lot you bring us today and so well  painted as well. I too have a small Wellington in India project (in 1:72) but nothing as nice as these. I do like your Sepoys and the guns are cool too.  320 well deserved points will be awarded this evening! 

From: Jez Todd - Biblical Hittite Allies - 25mm Warlord Games (95 Points)

Dear All,

A project I want to complete this challenge is a new Basic Impetus army - Hittites. The part one submission is six bases of the allied troops, slingers, javelin light foot and one light chariot. The figures are all Warlord games. It is the first time I have used these figures, I like the company, who have an excellent website and mail order is very efficient. The figures are well proportioned and seem very historically accurate.

Perhaps as these are really true 25mm it is taking a bit of time to get used to, they are smaller then other figure manufacturers. As I will mainly be playing against my brothers New kingdom Egyptians also from warlord this is not such an issue.

Anyway first shot is of the light chariot. The back shot terrain piece is my brothers. Just a desert mix base and trying out the yellow border on the base - still a bit undecided about this.

Next up two units of javelin men - 8 figures in total.

Finally three bases of skirmish slingers - six figures in total. Sorry picture bit out of focus ...

This should be 15 foot figures plus a chariot (two figures plus two horses and cart - was not sure if this counted as 20 points for chariot).

Part 2 will be the Hittites themselves .......

Cheers Jez

Hoi there Jezz, well that's a very nice load of Ancient goodies you've shared with us today! They are really nice looking figures, but the chariot of course is the créme de la créme for me. Great stuff to roll in the Tuesday of Challenge week 7! 95 points will be added tonight.

From IainW: 28mm WW 2 soviet M3A1 and female tank commander (43 points)

Here is a M3A1 supplied under lend lease from Warlord Games with a female tank commander, also from Warlord Games.

Next up are two medics one from Warlord Games and a plastic soldier company figure.

Next up is a forward observer from Warlord Games.

And finally here is a sniper and spotter from Bad Squiddo Games.

Here they are all together!

More soviets to come but of course the plan went out of the window after the BFG round and instead of painting soviets I found myself prepping landsknechts and starting a massive terrain project, oh well! 

All the best

uuuUUUURRRRAAAAAHHHH, Iain! These lovely miniatures snuck in just under the radar late on Monday evening (it being, by watch, still just about Monday in Regina, Saskatchewan - the only time-zone which matters!).  And they're a fantastic addition to any Soviet army.  I love the snowy bases and the way the bright reds (the perfect colour for a Soviet army) contrast with the khaki uniforms.  I have no doubt that these brave Daughters of the Motherland will strike utter terror into the minds and hearts of any invader on the tabletop, and guarantee that their menfolk remain in good order after the battle's over!

With 15 points for the M3A1,  then 25 points for the foot soldiers and 3 points for the tank commanders, this haul will boost your total by a mighty 43 proletarian points, Comrade!!  Well done - the Motherland thanks you!

GOOOOOOD MORning...oooh who am I kidding?!

Hoi there Challengers,

It's Tuesday again and well I must agree with the minions below...

To me it feels like a second Monday and seeing that, as I type this, there are only a few contributions ready for you to appreciate but things will hot up soon I am sure!

Noel and Jezz will be the first to lighten your day with some lovely work with Jezz going down with the Hitititites and Noel scaling down to only 15mm hum hum...

Be sure to keep watching this space and I will call in back later for more!

Cheers Sander