Monday, 27 February 2017

AdamC- Imagi-Nation Regiment Johns and Grenadiers (48 Points)

 The second regiment of the Draconian Army is named for my friendly foe Micheal Johns of Creepy Hollow- Restored (formally know as Sleepy Hollow Restored).  Micheal is a very good painter and gamer and he shines as builder of terrain.  He came up with a interesting Uniform pairing red and pink.
 The combination wasn't used in the 18th century as for as I know but several prominent regiment did have pink cuffs and facings.  I think it came out looking very sharp and I look forward to getting them on the table.
 The flags are from Ray's collection John like Catholic images in his war gaming so the St. George iconography seemed like the way to go.
 I had some extra grenadiers so I painted them up 4 in the colors of Regiment von Sheppard and 4 in the colors of Regiment Johns
 The flags are form Michas Figuren who has a stunning selection of flag and heraldry images that is ever growing. I modified these to look a bit less Medieval and I might possibly switch them out for something more 18th century.
There are a total of 24 15mm figures mostly Old Glory 15s (there might a few Bluemoon mixed in there too).  I believe that should be another 48 points for me both for the challenge and for the "Seven Years War" side duel.

MilesR: - Nicely done!

From TamsinP: Some More 15mm SYW Russians (111 points)

A smaller entry than I'd hoped to submit this week, due to a combination of an annoying cold and nearing-the-end fatigue I think.

Anyway, on with the post. As the title suggests I've got some more 15mm Seven Years War Russians for you this week:

Prinz Fedorovich (or Altesse Imperiale) Cuirassier Regiment:

This is the 5th and final Russian cuirassier regiment that fought in the Seven Years War, and also the last of the regular cavalry for my army - Cossacks only from now on!

Pic of the box of regular cavalry:

So, that's five regiments of cuirassiers, five of horse grenadiers, three of dragoons and 10 of hussars. the Cossacks are in another box.

Kazanskiy Infantry Regiment:

I had a few unfortunate bayonet breakages with this batch of infantry - maybe the blades got left in some Prussian cavalry horses after a charge?

Lazodskiy Infantry Regiment:

As I was putting these away I spotted a bit of a booboo I'd made - I'd used the wrong flock! Oh well, maybe there in a slightly lusher part of the battlefield!

All the figures are from Essex and the flags are hand-painted in my usual impressionistic style.

Onto the scoring:
9 cavalry @ 4 points = 36
36 infantry @ 2 points = 72
3 flags @ 1 point = 3
Total = 111 points

I'm already past my total points from AHPC6 and this entry leaves me within spitting distance of my totals from AHPC3 and AHPC4 - my next submission will take me past them.

MilesR: I swear your 15's look better than my 28's - these are wonderfully painted, despite the horror of the wrong flock - lets blame Steve Harvey for that too.  First Miss USA, then last night's Oscars and now your very own flock-gate - that man is a terror.  Just tell your opponent you modeled these guys marching over a septic tank...

DaveD - Sudan - Royal Engineers (120 points)

Engineers are always a good source of scenario fodder I think . Build a bridge, fort, be escorted to some place or other, so I have taken the opportunity to utilise and convert some spare figures. These were Perry gunners left over from the last gun battery. I have added a range of tools into hands (tools from Thormarillion in Germany) having removed the rammers. I also completed two waggons & 4 lots of non scoring stores (bits by Ainsty) sections . The mules for the waggon are by Tiger Miniatures , again left overs from the battery limber teams - all good recycling. The two waggons and loads are by Warbases. I have left them without drivers etc for now as they will do service in other conflicts I think - likewise I will probably revisit the missing traces etc at some point this year.

The Officer of Engineers is an old Connoisseur figure who has gone native , having taken a shine to his tarboosh!

So 10 foot, 8 mules and 2 vehicles = 120 points

This I think is likely to be my last entry , unless I can squeeze something under the bar at the very  end. The man cave is now out of production due to building works on going (hence the less than posed photos) . I have painted everything I set out to - and a bit more... so good luck and bon chance to those chasing me - I fully expect to be caught and passed by a number of you.

Oh and if you are in the UK  next week I am running a decent sized game at the Hammerhead show in Newark. Pop by and chuck some dice.

I will be watching til the end!


MilesR: Another cracking colonial submission from Dave never ending supply of Sudan Campaign material.  The wagons and teams are just superb and will make great objectives for a scenario or two. Good luck at the Hammerhead show and please takes lots of pictures.  What you've put together with your Sudan collection over the years in nothing short of awe inspiring.  Best of luck with the house move also.

Adamc- Curtgeld the Philosopher and the King (with JohnM) 25 points

 When I saw that the Curt Geld was intended to be a partnership effort I knew JohnM would be the right man to team up with.  We live close by and see each other often for  games.   When I found a number of Eureka miniatures for sale at one of my local stores it just made sense to pick them up.  The set depicting Voltaire and Fredrick the Great in conversation seemed like the perfect Curt Geld
 John has already presented Voltaire so here present the philosopher king Fredrick II.  The King's typical costume was the undress uniform of the 1st Battalion of the 15th Regiment of which he was "Chef."  The Sulfur yellow of the "small cloths" makes a nice contrast to the Prussian Blue and Red of the coat.
 Lace on both hat and coats was silver.  This figures wears gaiters and shoes, Fredrick would probably have worn riding boots.  Still the sculptor did a fine job on those you can count the buttons.
Fredrick was know as a shabby dresser, his clothing was often worn and covered with snuff.  This was probably part personal inclination (or lack of inclination if you prefer) and part calculated move to win the esteem of the common soldier by dressing in much the same fashion they did.  I chose to portray him "spruced up" for a meeting with is friend Voltaire
Finally we have the two together having some deep philosophical discussion on the meaning of life, what constitutes good government or maybe what sort of beer to order with lunch.
 My share of this is one 25mm miniatures for 5 points plus the extra 20 point for Curt Geld.  That would make 25 Points if I am correct in the calculations. John has already gotten his points for Voltaire.

MilesR: wow what a really nice figure - well done

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

This week's flurry of painting saw the "completion" of my 10mm Warband project and a few extra figures.  I put completion in quotes because you all know we tend to add more units here and there, and I'm sure that will be the case for both my Dwarf and Undead Armies.  Anyway, enough blabbing and on to the pictures.

I painted up 3 units of skeleton warriors.  I really wanted these 3 units to look like a horde so I opted to put 26 figures on each stand.  One of which is the Necromancer in charge.  You don't think these skeletons would just form up in rank and file on their own do ya?   I had determined with my first units that this army's colors would be purple and yellow and the coat of arms would be a 1/4 yellow moon and a star.  So all the shields with enough space has either stars or the moon and star combination.

And the group shot...

So what are those big bones back there you ask?  Catapults!

I still had some time left for painting, but nothing in my ready to paint queue seemed to fit this theme.  So I pulled some Reaper Bones skeletons out of my lead pile that I plan to use for Dragon Rampant or Open Combat.  This was my first time painting any of the Reaper plastics, as I generally buy the metals.  There were 6 total, but I honestly just didn't like the soft bendy plastic so I stopped at three.  I'll get some more skeletons, but I'll shoot for metal for now on.

No matter what they try to tell you.  Size matters...

I believe your catapults were some friends of mine...

So that comes out to...
3 skeletons @ 28mm
88 skeletons @ 10mm
2 catapults @ 10mm


More Colonial Types MartinC (325 pts)

This year most of my posts have been colonial based. So I will  continue in  an unexpected fashion,
In 449 AD, according to the Venerable Bede the Angles and Saxons invaded Britain in a colonial expansion. This colonisation was so successful that we are ever to to known as Anglo-Saxons.

Essex Miniatures Saxon Infantry - I've had these in the lead mountain since 1986 - 31 years. Time I painted them

Archers - Northstar Lucky bag figs and not strictly all Saxons but close enough

Saxon Spearmen. I won these in a raffle carried out by the extremely generous RayR or this parish. Very old school but really interesting

More Northstar lucky bag types

More of Ray's interesting pressie

Yet more Northstar lucky bag figs

The Saxons just about held off the colonial expansion of the Vikings but come 1066 the new rising power in the Europe came and stomped all over them

These are Foundry Normans and are fabulous figures. They were sent in error and Foundry didn't want them back.

Overall that is 64 figures - 310 points (MilesR: actually its 320)

MilesR Hmmm Colonial Saxons - yeah I guess I can wrap my head around that.  Wonderfully painted figured and I threw in 5 bonus points for the shields for a grand total of 325 pointeroonies.

From LeeH - British Cruiser Tank Company - (58 points)

Today I am submitting a company of British Cruiser tanks to face off against the Italian tanks I painted last week. I have largely opted for a squadron of A9 Cruisers accompanied by a selection of other vehicles. So there is also a platoon of Mk IVIb Light Tanks, some Rolls Royce Armoured Cars that probably saw service in the last war and some 2pdr AT Guns mounted as Portees on the backs of trucks.

The A9 or Cruiser, Mk I was an interwar period design that was already on the verge of obsolescence by the time the war started. It was the first of the cruiser tanks, a concept that favoured speed of movement and gunnery on the move to outpace the enemy. The 2pdr gun in the A9 was a very effective weapon against the thin armour of the Italian tanks but at just 12 tons it was soon to be outclassed by heavier better armed German tanks that would soon arrive in theatre. 

The Mk VIb was another interwar design built to provide armoured reconnaissance and for use in a colonial policing role. Several hundred of these tiny vehicles were used in Operation Compass, not altogether successfully. Their main value seems to have been in helping to round up thousands of Italian prisoners of war. 

I have a soft spot for the Rolls Royce Armoured Car. I have seen a couple of these up close and they are a beast of a machine weighing in at nearly 5 tons and in earlier versions saw service in WWI. At the start of WWII there were about 70 vehicles still in service and in 1940 thirty four were in Egypt with the 11th Hussars regiment. Those that survived were withdrawn from service in 1941 as more modern armoured car designs became available.

Last but no least I have some 2pdr AT guns mounted Portee on the backs of trucks. Many different guns were mounted like this but for Operation Compass the gun of choice was the Ordnance QF 2-pounder (QF denoting "quick firing").

So in total today I'm submitting 20 Tanks, 3 armoured cars and 4 Portee's. I'm now getting very close to completing everything I originally set out to paint during the Challenge and my Lead Mountain is now looking more like a hillock!

MilesR: A very good opponent for your Italian tank company and this will net you 54 points fro the vehicles and 4 points for the 8 crew figures - 62 points in total!