Thursday, 24 December 2015

MartinC - Can you Hear a Train? (120 Points)

My 3rd Impi, the IziNoyzi (aka The Bees - which is quite apt). These 24 warriors mean I have 3 Impis left to paint plus a few with rifles. I picked these 'cos it's the most distinctive shield.

The shield designs are taken from a defunct website for a wargaming club. The shield design page is still functional.

Have a good Christmas and I'll be back after Christmas.

Fast work Martin, well done and another 120 points in the bag.

From SamuliS - Regiment Prinz Friedrich August (82 points)

For my second entry I have something will be one of my major projects for the Painting Challenge and for this winter and next spring as well. The next Napoleonic campaign at my club will be 1813-14 for which we are sorely lacking in smaller nations still. So bravely enough I volunteered to paint the Saxon Corps commanded by General Reynier. It might have been a good idea to actually check how many troops I need to do before picking my subject, but then again I've never been known for being too cautious. So at the moment I'm looking at roughly 700 minis needing painting and with our campaign start moved up from late next year to late spring, this might  prove to be quite a momentous task. Luckily for the first few battles only a minority of the Saxons were ever present.

The first completed regiment from my assembly line is the Regiment Prinz Friedrich August. I can only claim points for the 1st Battalion though as I had finished the second a bit before the challenge. I had been planning to do both before Sunday, but figured I wouldn't have enough time and left the other one for my second entry. Still I guess showing the complete Regiment at the same time doesn't hurt even if I only did the basing for the second one during the challenge.

The miniatures are from AB and are amazing quality wise. Too bad there's only 4 different poses so bases can end up looking a bit monotone. I tried to vary the trouser colours a bit to make them a bit more interesting. Surprisingly time consuming to paint even though most of it is only white, but there is tons of small details that can be picked out and the white just needs so many layers to cover properly. With these I'm working from a white basecoat blocking out all the colours before applying a black wash to provide some shading and pick out all the straps etc. Then a few highlight layers and all done. Finally I added some GMB flags to bring them to life.

With these done I'll take about a week off from painting as we're heading of to visit relatives and then stay at our cottage for a few days before New Years. To finish off here's a few Christmas decorations that I did as it's the first time we have a Christmas tree at home and I felt it needed some appropriate decoration. Both are from Scibor and are resin. The dwarf is about 28mm scale while the zombified Santa is quite a bit larger. The dwarf in his diving ball was actually bit of a test mini for Mig's chipping fluids before I use them on something more important. Worked out as advertised, but the effect was maybe a bit too severe as the "Heavy Chipping Effects" really does take huge chunks of paint away. Might have to stick to the normal one in the future.

Finally I wish happy holidays to each and everyone of you guys! Hopefully you have been nice and Santa has been generous to you! Keep the brushes swinging and see you next year!

Oh wow, gorgeous stuff Samuli. Though I have not painted any for a long time, the Napoleonic period is my all-time favourite and these Saxons do not disappoint. Absolutely marvelous stuff (and I agree, the AB castings are top-shelf material to work from). 
Those 'Holiday Ornaments' are rather 'out-there', but fantastic nonetheless. The weathering effect on the dwarf diving bell looks great and the skin on the Zombie Santa is perfectly ghoulish. I'm going to give a few more points for these. Wonderful work Samuli and Happy Christmas!

Edit by Minion Tamsin - points adjusted as AB figures are being scored as 20mm

From TamsinP - Another Six Civvies (30 points)

The trouble with being back at work is that you don't get as much time for painting. So, this entry has taken me more days than the previous ones to complete.

So, for my third entry, here are the other six collateral damage civilians for Salutesville. The figures are 28mm from Blue Moon again.

Some close-up pics:

I think I've managed to sort out the lighting issues for my pics. Now I've just got to do something about my crap camera skills!

Six 28mm foot figures will be another 30 points.

I was joking with Tamsin when she submitted these, saying, 'I think that Mum is carting a bomb in her pram' (or perhaps a 'Chicago Typewriter'!) What a characterful lot. I particularly like the girl i the green dress hailing a cab, and also the one in the red dress with the wrap, but I think she needs a poodle at her feet!
Lovely work Tamsin! 

From AlanD - 6mm Scots Covenanter Cavalry (50 points)

For my opening salvo of the Challenge I've started small (geddit??) with fifty Covenanter cavalry in 6mm. Figures are from Baccus, and very nice, although I'd prefer to have some in helmets rather than all in the distinctive bonnets.

One of my goals for the challenge is to improve my 6mm painting, inspired by the likes of Ian and Tamsin. I'm also keen to make progress on the 6mm ECW project I have going with Paul O'G.

50 mounted 6mm figures should net me 50 points.

First, welcome aboard Alan! It's great to see you amongst this group of frantic brush-jockeys. 
Those are some bonnie wee lads, mate! I like that you've included a few sensible boys who have decided to wear helmets to the party, but the mass of blue bonnets make it unmistakable to who these fellows are. Well done.

From GregB - Epic 30k Sons of Horus Space Marines (45 points)

Horus for hope! XVI Legion marines, the Sons of Horus

Building on the theme from my first entry, here are some more Epic Space Marines, 6mm figures for GW's "Horus Heresy" setting.  These troops are from the XVIth Legion, the "Sons of Horus", and as you might quickly surmise, they sided with (surprise!) Horus during the Horus Heresy wars.  Given that it was their own boss launching the challenge to the Emperor, these fellows played a pretty central role in the fighting.

A "talon" of dreadnoughts - equipped with an assortment of heavy weapons
As with my first entry, this one includes a selection of figures scored on Ebay and some models which are not available commercially.

Legion tactical marines with their Rhino APCs
There are two 20-man tactical squads and a pair of 10-man heavy weapon squads in this submission.  Also three dreadnoughts (armoured walkers which provide support in firefights and close assaults, depending on what they are equipped with), four Rhino APCs, and two Land Raiders.

Forward for the Warmaster!
Land Raider, ready to roll
While painting the yellow on the Imperial Fists took a bit a figuring out, I've already painted quite a few Sons of Horus in 28mm, so painting these fellows goes really, really fast - there are number of other troops and tanks not included here because they were painted prior to the start of the Challenge this year - I'll put a group photo over on the blog a little later on.

Heavy weapon marines - missile launchers and heavy bolters
There is still a LOT of Epic 30k stuff sitting in the painting queue, but we have the basics in place for a game of Epic 30k sometime in the New Year with the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts - I will be looking forward to that.

An old-school, original version, plastic Space Marine Land Raider - fun models to paint
With 60 infantry, six vehicles and the three dreadnoughts (which I will suggest be counted, in this scale, as artillery pieces, points-wise) this submission should net me 45 points. 

Merry Christmas everyone - may the warmth of the Warmaster's all-encompassing glow and deep commitment to positive change for the galaxy fill your homes with joy, mirth and extra ammunition...Horus for Hope!

Gorgeous work Greg! I love the Legion iconography on the Land Raiders, just fabulous. What will be the next contingent for this project?

From KyleC - USMC Reinforcements Have Arrived! (170 Points)

So the Marines have called in some reinforcements to fill out their platoon.

First up is a foreign commander, straight from Eastern London from a place called ExCel.. Complete with his British Puppy.. oh and some lacky sidekick soldier with a rifle who is laying down on the job once more.

Thankfully not just a foreign commander showed up, but also some proper reinforcements.

2 full squads of 13 Marines complete just like the rest; 3SMGs, 3 Bars, 3 Shotguns, and the 4 rifles.

Heck we even received the Bazookas Headquarters promised!

So it is quite a force now and ready for their first game in the new year.. in the meantime I suspect some more reinforcements might appear thanks to a guy in a red suit sometime this week ;)

Overall a nice addition of 33 models to the army.. 34 if you count the puppy.. :D

Meanwhile we can see what the force looks like at the moment.. 95 models strong at the moment :)

I think my Imperial Japanese forces have some trenches to dig into now with all these Americans landing on their beaches ;) Might have to show them all together at some point in a proper set up...

A substantial reinforcement Kyle! I love the British officer with his Pug - brilliant figure, that.