Wednesday, 3 January 2018

From AdamC Footsore Irish Axemen (20 Points)

So my production is way down this year as expected but thanks to some great great cooperation from my daughter I was able to get in a good amount of brush time over the weekend.  Not enough to finish a points bomb but at least enough to get something ready for today. 
I decided that rather than trying to finish all my Irish I would concentrate on what Footsore calls its "Irish Fianna with Axes" because I only had 4 of them (just under 10% or so of the planned Irish horde). 
 I think the term Finna is anachronistic but the idea is that these are the more experience (and better equipped) class of Irish warriors. Dane Axes (as they are called in Saga) are fearsome weapons but they come at a price. 
 That price is lower armor and the Irish don't have much armor to begin with.  Further more the current battle board for the Irish doesn't really boost their effectiveness.  That Said these will make great Norse-Gaels warriors who do get a lot of Boosts when using Dane Axes (Ask JohnM ­čśÇ)  
 I'm using a great color pallet that first appeared on the Model Dads website that can now be found at 1000 foot general as my inspiration.  I'm using one color to tie the army together that's dark grey.  Almost all the figures have an element in this color.  
 My logic is this while there were no uniforms men in any given war band are probably from the same general area.  A town, cluster of villages etc. as such most of the common every day items are probably form the same source. 
 Of course higher class warriors will have a little bit to make it their own as with the purple edging on this fellow. 
This fellow isn't in grey because I felt need a few guy who don't quite match but you will note his clothing are a similar color to one of the other guys cloaks and he also uses green edging material as seen on one of the other men.  I'm using the Warlord "heather tufts" on all this army's bases to further tie them together.  I tried to give each figure a bit of a individual quality form the shaggy ginger who clearly has a good bit of Norse blood at the top to the two helmeted professionals in their prime to the ageing warrior with streaks of gray in his long hair.  I believe I have avoided all of the minions forbidden words so this should net me 20 points for 4 28mm figures. 

From Ray

Yes you did well not to mention any of those words, it would have been such a shame to get my first points in the Challenge due to you being naughty Adam!
Love the subdued colour palette, lots of painters give Dark Age figures far too much colour, myself included when they should be lots of greys and browns. 
So well done you.
And as you have already suggested the points total is 20 points!

From RobH : Leonardo Da Vinci Tank/Turtle Car (Vehicle 7 Points)

My first entry for this year's challenge is the Da Vinci tank by Alternative Armies. Not much to add. I was thinking about using it as an element in a HOTT army, but IMO it doesn't properly fit on a 40 mm element so I mounted it on a 50 mm square. It now appears more appropriate to be a camp (Renaissance Tank Park) as opposed to an actual combat element.

From Ray

Nice one Rob, a great start to this years Challenge. I remember try to draw this bugger for my Art O'level back in the 80's. I failed miserable unlike you my good man!
What ever you use it for be it a tank, or camp its a great looking model.
And not a badger in sight!
Da Vinci's tank shall earn you 6 points but I'll add a bonus point for posterity, making a 7 points!

From ScottM: 28mm Greek Slingers & French Partisans (100 points)

For my first post in this year's challenge I went for a combination of two very separate periods. First up is a group of 12 Greek slingers. These are Victrix plastics and were dead easy to assemble and paint. I have them based up for Impetus/Sword & Spear/Hey Seize Her (Hail Caesar). They are part of an ongoing Carthaginian army that I started a year ago.

The second part of my submission is a small group of 8 World War 2 French partisans. These metal figures are the Group Franc pack from Crusader Miniatures. I can't say enough good things about Crusader figs. Just the right amount of detail and they're nice and hefty.

That should 20 28mm infantry for 100 points.

From Ray

A great start to 2018 and your Challenge Scott, the Victrix slingers really look the part and I'm sure they'll give the Roman Velites a run for their money! I do like the splash of colour you've used on them too, it makes the figures pop!
Crusader do make some great figures that almost seem to paint themselves, these included. What I like about these is the complete opposite of the slingers, the absence of to much colour, making a very attractive drab appearance, only highlighted by the clever inclusion of the brick red bricks on the base.
Top work ol' chap!

As you've suggested I too make that a clean round 100 points!

From JamesM : 15mm Battlefront German Luftwaffe 3.7cm AA (44 points)

Hi Folks,

My first entry for this years challenge, despite having started earlier than I did last year (and actually having prepped!). In fact, I think the prep I did actually held me back as the sheer number of models on the shelf acted as a bit of a demotivator. In the end I decided just to focus on one unit at a time, and not worry about the newly excavated cliff of the lead mountain I had built for myself. It's always much easier when the lead mountain is out of sight...

Anyway, as the challenge falls over my own 'Gunuary' project, for this challenge I will mostly be painting 15mm WW2 German guns. I've Nebelwerfers, 88's, artillery, AA and more 88's in the queue.

I'm breaking my duck with a unit of three 3.7cm Flak43 models from Battlefront (product code GE548). These guns should have been painted with SS crews, but I decided to go with Luftwaffe crews. Mainly because my overall project is to have FoW forces representing all the various elements that took part in Operation Totalize (7-8th August 1944 - Normandy). III Flak Corps were present in the area of the battle, so I've a plan for a load of 'reluctant trained' Luftwaffe 88's supported by poor quality security platoons and lighter AA batteries. I had also painted my 2nd and 3rd RAF Typhoon's earlier this year, so my Germans need some AA cover!

Initially, the Germans had planned to have lighter AA guns provide AA support, mainly their 2cm guns in single, double and quad mounts. However, as the war progressed they realised they needed heavier 'medium' guns. The Flak43 used the same ammo as the 3.7cm Anti-Tank gun the German army used, but had a higher rate of fire (around 250 RPM). In many ways, this weapon would be similar to the 40mm Bofors gun.

Gun barrels have been angled to indicate fire at either a distant aircraft or perhaps a slightly closer ground target.

I've gone with my usual basing style, which helps fit everything in together. I also, after some indecision, eventually went with a camo painted gun shield, although with my usual edge highlighting style over the top. Some branches of vegetation 'camo' my be added at a later date, along with some spent casings (although I think these guns had a method for catching the ejected casings, to be re-used) but for now I'm calling them done!

Despite my switch to 4th Edition Flames of War, I'm also still painting up command stands - mainly because they come as part of the pack! I also went with large bases, despite some inconsistencies in the FoW website about whether these guns should be on medium or large bases. The large bases allow for the limber.

Just to prove there is a gunner in the gun!

Total for this lot is 3 x 15mm scale AA guns and limbers plus 15 (there is a chap sitting on the gun, although you can only see the helmet in these pics!) 15mm figures all from Battlefront.

From Ray

Wow! These look terrific James! The painting is crisp and clean and I love the added camo effect. I for one hadn't a clue about Luftwaffe personnel manning artillery during the war, and they sure look cool in their blue trousers.
The basing is certainly up to your usual standard and really adds to the whole effect of the end product. Nice one!

I've given you an extra 2 points each for the limbers James, which I think is only fair, giving you a total of 44 points! 

I still can't see the helmeted figure?

From LeeH : Bromhead (5 points)

Today's entry is both a departure from and dedication to my big winter project, the Anglo Zulu War. This figure by Black Scorpion Miniatures is most definitely not 6mm in scale and has been sitting in my lead mountain since I bought it at Salute in 2012. I initially base coated it for use during my first foray in the Painting Challenge (AHPC IV back in 2013/14) but never got round to starting it. It was again rolled out as part of my to-do list when I entered Challenge VI and again for Challenge VII so its high time I finally put some paint on this figure!!

Lieutenant (later, Major) Gonville Bromhead was second in command at Rorke's Drift in January 1879 when a small garrison of just 139 soldiers repulsed repeated assaults by over 4000 Zulu warriors. Bromhead was immortalised by the actor Micheal Cain in the 1964 film Zulu and this figure is based on that theatrical version.

The figure was originally produced in a limited edition Resin casting for the 2009 Salute show and was initially a limited edition of just 100 castings. Fortunately Black Scorpion decided to produce the model in white metal and I'm really glad I snapped up my copy.

From Ray

You're only supposed to blow the bloody... Sorry wrong film!
Well well Mr Hadley, are we going to see more 25mm figures from this period??? I do hope so, skirmish Zulu's sounds like a plan?
Bloody good show on Bromhead ol' boy, a very cool looking figure that I've not seen before.
A very well earned 5 points to your total!

From Barks: The beatings will continue until morale improves (20 points)

I like finished stormtroopers; but it is a bit of a grind getting there- and there's only four this submission! Over a white basecoat I pick out details in Panzer Grey, then give a strong black wash. I then pick out all the white bits. It takes about 40 minutes per figure for the final stage.

"Stop rebelling!"

I like these guys- they've got great dynamic poses. I do need to tidy up the bases.

4 x 28mm riot troopers

From Ray

Short and sweet, that's what I like Barks!
I did enjoy your foray into Star WarS during the last Challenge, and shall look forward to seeing more from this great film.
I think you've done a great job on these, I always find white a hard colour to get to look right and these 4 sure do!

4 Stormtroopers = 20 points!

From RoyW: 28mm EMP Games Assortment (31 points)

My first offering to the Challenge takes the form of six 28mm miniatures from EMP Games, though painted up for the Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot trade stand (apologies, for the shameless plug!)

First off we have three 28mm Jungle Goblins

Apologies for the "Roy@Col.Bills", its there to help should my photos be published on another forum and the person doing the redistributing fails to credit me ownership. 

I never got around to painting any of Games Workshop's Forest Goblins, so I quite enjoyed painting these 'Green-skinned' miniatures. Plenty of character to the sculpts, which made them a pleasure to paint. 

Next up are three 28mm Toadstool men.

I did go to the lengths of researching actual toadstools for the colours, but I've since gone and deleted the files with my research so I can't label the correct identities of each painted miniature - Doh!

To be honest, I wished I'd painted the markings on the 'red cap' as stylised white circles as I'm not keen on how the paint job has turned out. But you live and learn, as they say.

The finished six miniatures, all shown together.

And a bonus photo showing two, additional, EMP Games miniatures that I painted before the Challenge commenced.

Next up for me will be my contribution to the 'Flight' bonus round, then some more EMP Games miniatures - four 28mm Pineapple Tribes miniatures.


From Ray

Welcome to the Madhouse Roy, you're in for 3 months of craziness, I hope you know what you've volunteered for? 
I'm sure Stuart will be impressed to add these little devils to his stock cabinets. While not the most colourful, I do like the grey mushroom, reminds me of my old pal Fran!
Your 6 EMP figures will give you 30 points but I'm going to add an extra point for the grey muzzy!

From PeterD - 28mm SYW Chasseurs du Fischer (60 points)

12 figures for the Challenge plus 2 on the right painted in 2016 for contrast.  Note the darker more monotone uniform.
Here's my first post for this year's challenge.  I've been participating since Challenge number 4.  This year I'm dealing back my target due to having to take on extra duties under one of the two hats that I wear.

These are 12 light infantrymen from of the Chasseurs du Fischer, an irregular unit from the French Army that served in the War of Austrian Succession and Seven Years War.  Fischer's unit was one of the better irregular units and grew to a 8 companies each of foot and mounted chasseurs.  They were heavily engaged in the Kleine Krieg throughout the war.

The figures are from Front Rank, who deserve a shout out for good service.  I had a small group of 6 chasseurs painted a year or so back and ordered 6 more to make a larger unit.  My package seemed late arriving, and after another Front Rank package arrived (which I ordered later) I contacted them to see if they could track it.  The next morning I got a note back saying that they'd sent out a duplicate package to replace the missing one.  Sure enough both packages arrived safely in the end, but Front Rank said to keep them both.

The right hand file are from the lot painted in 2016.   Need to fix the collar on the chasseur in the centre!

The figures are very nice and painted up nicely.  I like the droopy moustaches and the mix of loading/firing poses.  Front Rank figures tend to be stouter than Perry's for example, but with this period the bulkier clothing styles hides a lot of the extra bulk.  The mirliton (or flugelmutze to use the lovely German term) adds to the irregular feel.  Nothing better for skulking in the underbrush than a tall stiff felt hat with a long fabric tail on it!

From the rear

For the first set I'd painted, I found that the solid green I'd used was a little flat and so opted for a wash technique to bring out more details,  This was an old technique that I'd used for my 15mm Austerlitz armies 35 years ago, and can give the impression of an aqua colour print, which I like for Lace Wars armies.  I'm not sure that this was the best decision, but that bridge is crossed now.  Perhaps I'll go back and touch them up or add a deep wash over top.

Uniform information on even regular units can be sketchy for the SYW, and there were conflicting opinions on this unit to be sure.   While my fist six have white belts, black cartridge boxes and brass buttons, I opted for buff belts, brown cartridge box and pewter buttons for this lot.  I found this print to use as a guide, which also illustrates the problems inherent with keeping up with current hat fashions.

A (non-baker's) dozen foot chasseurs in 28mm at 5 points a pop gives me a starting volley for 60 points.  At least I've broken my duck.

Ok it's most of the new group.
From Ray

A fantastic first entry into this year Challenge Peter. The SYW was my first love in wargaming, although mine was in 15mm. I do like the shade of green you used, its a great match to the picture above. Its good to hear that Front Rank were so willing to help and let you keep the extra figures, perhaps I need to do an order or two with them???

Just as you said 12 of Monsieur Fischer's finest  will earn you a very respectable 60 points!
I'll leave the new meta label in, I wonder if Curt will delete it??? (I have no idea what you're talking about... ed)

From TomM: Ostermark Noble (10 points)

The first entry of the new year, and it is a bit of a small one though, as well, the first Wednesday came early to get stuff painted.  Family visits and such you know...

But to continue the steady drizzle of grabbing points left and right in the challenge, I am going to try and upload painted figures every week, and work to my target in that way.

The Province of Ostermark, in The Empire, is home to perhaps the most infamous city of the land, Mordheim.  Ever since it's destruction, the rural province has been plagued by bands of marauding Chaos followers, skittering Skaven and unlawfull highway men.

The standing army of Ostermark as such has it's hands full of keeping the province more or less safe, and the local Nobles often ride out with small parties to scour the land of any unwanted tourists.  Ostermark is also home to perhaps the most dashing uniform colours in the Empire, sporting a purple and yellow scheme (God, I hate painting yellows).

This noble as such has the barding and his clothing in the infamous eyecatcher colours, stoically observing the lands, lance at the ready.

The model is one of the older metal GW generals from the Empire, I believe he was from the era of the 6th edition somewhere early 2000s, and has been, well, lingering about 20 years in my boxes as such.  With me boosting up the Empire for a huge Age of Sigmar multi-player event at the club in august, I`m trying to put some units out and the Challenge is excellent to get of my easily distracted behind and actually work on the force while rotating with the other projects.

That is it for this first time in 2018, a simple 10 points for an 28mm cavalry figure to get the year going...

From Ray
Congratulations Tom, you are my first victim in this years Challenge, and a hearty welcome as this is your first Challenge, although not your first entry of course!
I've got to admit I know absolutely nothing about the Age of Sigmar or Empire armies, but I have painted a few figures before to flesh out my long gone 25mm Landsknecht army.
I do like the purple shading on barding of the horse. That's a colour you just don't see enough of in gaming. As you said this badboy will net you 10 points!
Do you still own that dodgy Pikachu hat?

Wednesday Minion Ray

That dreaded time is hear..
Yes its me at the helm, Wednesday Minion RayR!!!

The use of the words Badger's, Budgie Smugglers or Sandbags are
strictly prohibited!

Any such use will result in a swift kick in the crackers, that is one day if ever we meet.

Miles, I shall endeavour not to muck up your wonderful Stats file...
but I can't promise anything!

Here we go!