Tuesday, 16 February 2016

From TeemuL - 28mm Some hobbits (10 points)

Lately my painting time has been decreasing, but as I had more painting time at the beginning of the Challenge, I'm still on target. It also helps that I thought to participate on 3-4 bonus rounds, but now it seems, that I will join all six of them.

These are from the same box as Tom and Goldberry, The Fog on the Barrow-downs and sculpted by the Perry twins. There are total of four of them, and I think there are two different sculpts. They won't see much of playing activity, I think...

In the box art they are quite white, but I wanted them to look a bit dirtier and tried a browner tone. A the moment I'm using Coat d'Arms Ink Wash Flesh as replacement of Flesh Wash. It's not the same, but much closer than Reikland Flesh Shade.

So there's Ushbati Bone, Ink Wash Flesh, drybrushed Ushbati Bone and a hint of drybrushed white to show that they are actually white and not brown. The basing is my usual LotR basing, not striking, but should go quite nice with my future board.

4 paralyzed hobbits, I think they are 10 points, because they are laying down.

P.S. I will paint the Barrow-wights from the box as well, but I don't think I can do that for the next week. I need to focus on my next bonus round entry and finish something easy and fast for the regular round.

Typical 'obbits. If they're not eating, they're sleeping!
Nice work on these Teemu :)

From LeeH - 6mm Punic Citizen Infantry (108 points)

These 6mm Carthaginian Citizen Infantry are the latest addition to my Punic War project and have been a serious test of my ability and stamina. In short a real Challenge. This is double the number of infantry I normally paint in a single session and have really tested my ability to keep focused.

Six units of Punic Citizen Infantry

The hardest part of painting these (aside from going wobbly eyed from tiredness) was getting the shields to look right. In the end I gave them a white base coat and painted the shield bosses with Bronze. Then I inked the shield to show up the raised details before returning with pure white to re-establish the highlights. This took a long time, but I'm really happy with the finished effect.

Close-up of one units an its commander

Changing formation... say cheese for the camera!

These models are by Baccus and are listed as Citizen Infantry. These are basically un-armoured apart from bronze helmets and large oval shields. They all carried short swords but their main weapon was a short stabbing spear. 

In column, marching to the next battle. 
I'm not sure what I'll be painting next but it won't be infantry that's for sure! Two hundred and sixteen 6mm infantry should net me 108 points and will take me significantly closer to my target score of 300.

What is it with the Rejects and their arithmetic? First we had Ray trying to blag points for a 7th, non-existent figure and here we have Lee who doesn't seem to be able to count how many figures he has painted. Mind you, he has tried to diddle himself out of points, so not as bad as the Badger.
6 bases @ 36 figures per base is 216 figures, not 162 you silly boy!
That will be 108 points then.

Edit: the sneaky so-and-so came back and edited his post while I was checking with him! 

From FranL - 28mm Aliens Vs Predators Boxset Painted.........almost! (110 points)

I blogged that my mate Vinnie sent me an extra boxset from the game AVP he had received. Now Vinnie has the passion for certain wargames genres but not much time (or sometimes the inclination), I have painted some pieces for him over the years so I decided I would paint the boxset figures for him so he could start playing straight away....and it's his birthday!

 5 Colonial marines, not too bad, one of the figures (middle one) has a ridiculous pose with his leg up in the air so I sculpted some greenstuff to at least make him stable!

3 Predators, nice sculpts........

14 Aliens where there should be 15 but the new rescue dog the missus brought home is the main suspect in the dead alien...........

So 22 28mm figures, dodgy pictures and a need to up my points total as well.......

Nice painting Fran. But really, blaming the dog for the missing Alien? "The dog ate my homework Miss!".That will be 110 points for you, and 100 lines of "I must not blame the dog for missing Aliens"

From ClintB - Ju 52 (6 points)

A rather small post today just a single vehicle in 1/200th scale. As some of you may know I have a couple of 10mm Spanish Civil War armies. While I have a few land vehicles, I could do with a bit more variety, but numbers wise I have plenty. After all there were not so many in the war. But what I am desperately short of is 10mm Aircraft.

In fact this is my first (and only). This is a commercial airliner of the time and later saw action in ww2 as a transport plane supplying supplies to the front line at times but mostly for just moving supplies from one are to another.

 It is painted in civil colours and is in fact a Zvezda 1/200th scale model kit. While I would like a Polikarpov, alas, I am unable at this time to source one in the right scale. It is of course a JU52 and in civilian livery. But it will be part of the SCW armies.

I could buy a Stuka or two, and probably will eventually, but aircraft for this conflict and at this scale are about as rare as hens teeth. So I will just have to hold on for a while longer. Oh well never mind.

That is a very nice plane for the first post of the day. Given the size of the plane, it feels a bit mean to score it as a 10mm vehicle, so I'm going to score it as 15mm. Or as two 10mm vehicles. The points work out the same.

Totally Tamsin Tuesday

"Good morning campers. Hi-de-hi!"

Oh dear, Something's not right. Ahh, I was channeling Ruth Madoc's character. Let's change back...

Ahh, that's better!

Good morning ladies, gentlemen and Ray.

Oh, come on, you don't expect me to call him a gentlemen after that theme round entry do you? *harrumph*

We are currently cruising at 38,462 points; our target altitude is 72,650. We are expecting a calm flight today after frenetic activity from many of the Tuesday Troupe to get their theme round entries done.

We do have three entries, from three Rejects lined up and another trooper seems to have reserved a slot for later on. Of course, there may be more hanging on to the bitter end (no poncey lager in these parts!) before posting their drafts.