Friday, 2 March 2018

From DebD: Lorus Hightower (6 pts)

This guy has been sitting on my desk for three weeks now, just waiting to be blogged.

Scale: 28mm
Mfg: Reaper Miniatures
Product: 02771: Lorus Hightower
Material: Metal

I think the dragon head on the staff is a bit weird and thought maybe he should have been wood color, but my imagination got the better of me and he became the color of an icy sea creature. 

Since I was in the icy sea creature mood, the base became icy as well.. but the icy blue color looks kind of magical.

His cloak had to have the galaxy pattern on it.

I am not sure what spell he is invoking with his sea creature staff and scroll, but it seems dangerous to be on this side of it...

1 x 28mm = 5 points



Beautiful work once again Deb. 

I really like how his wooden staff transitions to the mythical creature's head - lovely effect that. I also very much admire the starfield on the back of his cloak. With his hirsute face, arcane shopping list and trippy staff, he definitely looks the image of a heavy-hitting magician.

6 points, with a pip added for the great basework. Thanks for sharing Lorus with us Deb!


From DaveX: Some Winter Terrain and a Base for my Trees (50 Points)

Its been a busy couple of weeks for me however I have managed to get a fair bit of Hobby done, especially for the next bonus round but you will have to wait and see that.

I have been meaning to get more of my winter stuff done for Frostgrave plus WW2.  I had the Warlord Games ruined Hamlet Set that came with the Band of Brothers starter box set.  I thought it would be ideal for Frostgrave plus somewhere in either Eastern or Western Europe.

I used a variety of winter weathering products on it.  Citadel technical paint, Wilder Snow Effects and Woodlands scenics snow flock.  They produce a very nice result.

These are about 8 inches by 5 inches each so I am not sure what that converts to points, (sorry Curt!) I am guessing around 20 points each based on the 6 inch cube guideline but as the ruins are small maybe 15 points?

Next up is a stand for some trees.  Sick and tired of my trees being knocked over,  and wanting to create a terrain feature that can block line of sight, I grabbed some left over plasticard and cut out a rough shape.  I designed and 3D printed some circlets about 61mm in diameter to fit my 60mm diameter trees.  I probably need to adjust this to 62mm as once painted and flocked its a tight squeeze.  The trees can be replaced by team weapons that I use the same bases for and looks pretty sweet.

A PAK 26 Looks rather nice
This tree base is about 6 inches across on all angles extremities so again I am not sure of points. Maybe only 10 points as it does not fill a whole 6 inch cube.

Till next time...
Dave X


Ah, some more excellent terrain for us to enjoy, wonderful work Dave! I've seen several renditions of this Warlord building set and am now convinced that I need to get one for myself. I really like your inclusion of tufts with the patchy snowfall as it lends a very natural look to the scene. Also, well done on using the 3D printer to make rings for your tree base. It looks great and I like how it harmonizes with the base of your PAK gun. Ace!

Your estimate on scoring seems sensible to me, so let's go with 50 points for the lot. Again, great work Dave!

From ArthurS and SanderS - King Arthur! and Thief (37 points and 5 Points)

Hoi There!

At the Crisis last year Arthur and myself were standing at the Wargames Foundry Stand, he had brought some of his pocket money to buy some figures to paint for this Challenge. So I asked him what kind of figure he wanted to paint. So he says "Knights!" and so we walked over to the rack displaying all kinds of medieval figures. Arthur went in and looked at all the blisters very carefully and took out this one. 3 mounted Dark Age knights, the label read: "King Arthur".

Coincidence or what?

Anyway here are the painted figures.

The Poldercon goodie bag contained a Mantic sprue of Elves. Arthur wanted to paint one for his mum. Now his mum does not approve of war, weapons and rough playing with sticks and the like. So getting her a figure she'd like would be hard. Arthur thought long and hard and came up with an answer: give the man a banner or a music instrument. In the end he opted for the banner because it could take more different colours being larger. And here it is.

I myself have only finished one figure this week because I am hard at work on the camel challenge side duel with Dave D.

It's a North Star Frostgrave thief which I painted as an assassin for one of the kids in the School club.

So that will make 35 points for the lad and 5 for me ;-)

Cheers Sander


Arthur, you've done excellent work on all of these figures. King Arthur's scarlet cloak and golden sword really mark him out as the monarch in this group, while his banner bearer with the red draco is very majestic as well. I also really your choice of figure for your mum, especially the red, blue and grey shield. Bravo! Great brushwork Arthur. Now you need to do something for your dad, perhaps help him out with something Napoleonic. :)

Sander, I would be the last to cast stones at anyone who submits one figure in a week - you are in very good company here. :)  It may be one chap, but he's very nicely painted. His flashing, gold-hilted dagger and red mask provide wonderful juxtapositions to the grey and black of his garb. Great work.

So that makes it 37 points for Arthur (with a few extra added for the banners and hand painted shields) and 5 for dad, who plods resolutely behind. Well done lads!


We Call It... 'Friday'

Enjoy your Friday everyone! :)