Saturday, 10 January 2015

From TamsinP - The Four Musketeers (150 Points)

No, not these guys...

Or these...

***hands Anne a fan***

Or even these...

***sets Anne's air con to full blast***

And sadly not even these:

*Just replaced the original vid with this one!

(showing my age)

No, for my ninth entry, I present you with a bit of a points bomb in the form of the last four musketeer regiments for my (initial) Seven Years War Russian army. It was a stretch to get all four done by this week, but I was spurred on by:

a) Curt's challenge to get them all done for this week; and
b) the desire to regain my lead over Alan and Ian

I wasn't sure that I'd manage it, but I have done so and put myself over half-way to my target in just over 5 weeks. I would consider slowing down, but I've still got my side-bet with Alan to win, and he has the advantage of bonus points from the theme rounds (which I'm skipping this year)...

As before, all figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures and the flags have been hand-painted after the impressionist school.

Arkhangelovskiy Regiment

This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Paltzig and Kunersdorf.

Astrakhanskiy Regiment

This regiment fought at Paltzig

Chernigovskiy Regiment

This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Zorndorf, Paltzig and Kunersdorf and took part in the siege of Colsberg.

Novgoridskiy Regiment

This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Zorndorf, Paltzig and Kunersdorf and took part in the siege of Colsberg.

The Flags

Now that I've finished painting all of my starter army, I thought it would be good to show some pics of all the regiments assembled.

The Whole Army:

The Cavalry and Artillery (as seen previously):

Slobodskiy Hussars; 3rd Cuirassiers (f); Sankt-Petersburgskiy Horse Grenadiers (r); Kievskiy Cuirassiers (f); Tverskiy Dragoons (r); Zelity Hussars

The Infantry:

Chernigovskiy; Novgorodskiy; Apsheronskiy; 1st Grenadiers; 2nd Grenadiers; 2nd Moscowskiy; Astrakshanskiy; Arkhangelovskiy

They will be getting their debut run-out on the 22nd in my first game of King of the Battlefield. I'm hoping my opponent will be so dazzled by and admiring of the paintwork, that he will not want to attack them in case they disappear off the table!

From Curt:

Haha! I just KNEW that if I baited you to complete these units for weekend you'd rise to the challenge. You m'dear, are one competitive paint jockey - well done Tamsin! 

These regiments are wonderful additions to your existing force, and again, your work on conveying the essential elements of these otherwise complex banners is excellent. 

I'm giving you a couple extra points for the effort and for getting this starting force completed. Again, a great effort and a wonderful army for your match on the 22nd. Best of luck Tamsin!


  1. These final additions continue the high standard of the rest of the army, which looks fabulous in its entirety. Wonderful stuff all the way Tamsin - knock 'em dead on the 22nd!

  2. Great work Tamsin I am sure they shall do their Tsarina proud.

  3. Fabulous looking army. May they sweep all before them. Urah

  4. Another great entry Tamsin! You really do a great job on these and the flags are very well done.

    And THANK YOU for the beefcake!! I'm going to go take a cold shower now :0)

  5. Great stuff ...I shall look forward to seeing them in action

  6. Very impressive to see the whole army painted and together. These new units are worthy additions. Excellent work.

  7. Quality as well as quantity! Fantastic job Tamsin. You're still my inspiration.

  8. Lovely work as always Tamsin! And so many of them...!

  9. Holy crap - great stuff Tamsin. Every time I think I am picking up the pace, you drop another bomb - well done!

    I quite like how you quality this as the "initial" army...

  10. "the flags have been hand-painted after the impressionist school"
    That made me laugh out loud :-)

    Another cracking effort and a tribute to your perseverance. There's a real sense of satisfaction in achieving something like this in short order and without compromising quality isn't there mate? Good luck on the 22nd!

  11. GReat stuff as always Tamsin.

    And yes, Dogtanian shows my age too...

  12. Aaaarrgh! Well, I enjoyed my day of outscoring you. These look lovely Tamsin, and the army arrayed looks fantastic. What rules are you using for your game with these?

  13. Very nice Russians, Tamsin! They look really good arrayed together, Peter the Great would be envious! ;)
    Now flatten some opposition, and I'll wait for your reinforcements to arrive! ;)

  14. @ Curt - well, a challenge like that has to be answered, doesn't it? I'm glad you like my freehand work on the banners - the central emblems are pretty complicated. Thanks for the extra 2 points as well :)

    @ Peter - thank you. The trouble with having painted these so well is that when I add to the army later, I'll have to paint them to the same high standard!

    @ Adam - I certainly hope they will do me proud. Oh, you meant Elizabeth ;)

    @ Martin - thank you. I suppose I could add bristles to their muskets - that will help them with the sweeping ;)

    @ Anne - thank you m'dear. I thought you'd like the beefcake :)

    @ Dave - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - happy to please :)

    @ Sean - your inspiration? Oh my dog! Eeeks! :)
    ps - thanks!

    @ Evan - only 72 of them ;)

    @ Greg - I'll slow down when I'm confident of beating Alan to 1500 points :)

    @ Millsy - nah, you cracked up years ago (or so I'm told) ;)
    It is quite satisfying to have completed an army of this size and standard in just over 5 weeks (whilst also painting some other things)

    @ Seb - thanks :)

    @ Alan - I'm sure you'll overtake me again. I'm betting that you have some high-scoring entry or other in the Victorian theme round :)

    @ David - thanks. You'll be waiting a while for the reinforcements though.

  15. I understand that by what it seems very easy to do, but I know that is a very big and difficult job. my congratulations and admiration.

  16. Best of luck with them in the battle. They are really nice!

  17. Very nice work Tamsin! The army looks stunning in its entirety.

  18. Stroll on. It would take me the best part of a year (and a huge amount of self-discipline) to paint all that lot.
    Got to tip my hat to people like yourself, who can create such fine results in so short a time.

  19. Fantastic work on getting these finished this week! The whole army together looks great... fingers crossed that you do well in the game too

  20. Bam Bash Boom and Tamsin kicks me on the shins :-)

    These are even better than the ones before and yes you take back 6th place.

    I just have eight 28's finished that could see me draw back but I have a reasonable chance of dropping 264 more figures into the slot as well LOL


  21. Very well done! Amazing how fast you've been able to build up the whole army. Inspiring stuff!

  22. @ Alex - thank you. As these weren't getting "the dip" I had to be much neater with my painting, which meant they took longer than normal. Getting so many done so fast is something I didn't really believe I could do. :)

    @ Juan - thank you and thank you. I'm hoping their painting quality will compensate for my usual dice luck ;)

    @ Moiterei - cheers! :)

    @ Roy - well, all you need is to be single and have no social life to speak of ;)

    @ Paul - it was certainly tough to get them done and I only made it thanks to having to cancel the game I had planned for Thursday. I'm glad you like the look of them :)

    @ Ian - 264 points? That sounds like 10 or 11 battalions of 6mm coming up *eek*

    @ Samuli - thank you! It's been a hard slog, but worth it to have an army completed so fast. :)

  23. A really impressive looking force Tamsin!


  24. Wow. Breath-taking stuff Tamsin. More minis painted in that army than I do in a year!! Massive fan of these SYW guys. They'll be an absolute delight on the table I'm sure :-)

  25. @ Christopher - Thanks! :)

    @ Blax - but these are 15mm as opposed to your 28mm boys :)

  26. Rank after rank after rank... Great work getting through the grind. The end result was totally worth it, and what a beautiful and colorful army! Congrats!

    The SYW is one of my "one day..." projects. Thanks for the inspiration. :)