Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jeremy's Challenge - Jom, Jom, Jomsvikings

Here is me with my jomsviking warband and the viking ship.



RossM's Challenge

1. That would be me

2. The finished figures

3. The unfinished figures

Cheers, Ross

MartinC's Challenge - Finding Storage For All That Lot!

As I wasn't around for the end of the challenge I posted my group shots early. I'm back now and although I sent Curt some shots to add to the post but that was a little lazy. So I've updated my original post with a missing set of figs and a mug shot.

The challenge has been fab this year. I made the all time top 10, amazing, and got pipped at the post by Miles, may all his spreadsheets have circular errors. Miles' output has been truly astonishing. 

I won the Cetswayo Challenge against MichaelA, close run thing, and the Bronze to Steel Challenge, a proper beating (sorry guys) to the extent that everybody has sidelined it.
This year I have painted a lot of figures and an octopus


Republican Romans (2 units velites and 1 unit Triarii done last year)

Zulus (1 unit done before the Challenge), Colonial British, Carthaginians, Gauls, VBCW Germans, Parthian Camel Cataphracts and some other stuff

The octopus, not as cool as the Clocktopus but only 50p

I missed off some zombies

Finally me in a pub

This year has been a blast, thank you one and all, especially the Snow Lord and Dave my designated driver. The Challenge has helped me through a very challenging time at work. Hopefully all on the mend now and the Challenge meant I didn't kill anybody, yet.

Thank you all. As I can't go to Salute hopefully I'll see some of you at Partizan in May


From JohnSh - A Challenge Finished But Not Completed

Here is my final output from the Challenge (minus Curtgeld which is STILL on the painting desk). I am wearing my traditional painting fez and my lifesaving drop down watchmaker's visor magnifier thingie.

I learned a lot from the Challenge, mainly that I need to FINISH the hundreds of half painted miniatures that I have lying around. And never to trust Dux and Man Cave Paul to take pity on your freshly painted miniatures.

I managed to almost hit my halfway point but in my mind I really only thought that 250 points would be achievable for me. Nearly got there. I can't wait to do it all again!

KyleC's Challange - Race to WW2 it seems..

Ok.. so this was my first time in the event, and I have to say that it was a great experience.. right up until I had to move house and things came crashing down around my ears...

In the end although I had prepped a lot, and was well prepared for the event, I did come up quite short overall. I knew that there would be some slow days, and weeks, for work. But the move had shifted my entire ability to paint away for a good month period. Making it very difficult to get back up and running afterwards.

Thankfully I do believe I still got a good amount finished up. My USMC forces being the best part of it overall, and one that I am already sad that I am feared of playing down at the club. I had hopes that it would take a bit longer than a month to make that happen.. oh well.. onwards to another force I guess :)

I was not able to photograph everything. Especially the sci-fi models as they were all done on commission ( great motivation here! ) and have been given back to the client already. But of my own forces I was quite shocked to see that I had not painted any of the prepped models really, and had focused solely on my Bolt Action models instead! With a slight twist to some modern hasslefree pieces and cowboys due to other interests that came up suddenly.

As for a photo of myself.. this is what I pretty much looked like throughout the duration of this contest. Much spraying happening with the airbrush on those lovely tanks.. and many more of them to go now with my Canadians in full force these days.

Thanks again for running this competition, and hopefully I can join in the fun once more next year! Though maybe with a significantly lower target points value?

PeterD's Challenge - A Renaissance Man

So this year marked several milestone - first side duel (lost), first time my target was met (800pts), first time as Minion.  It was a great Challenge and I really enjoyed being the Monday Minion.  Go Team Monday, you were great!

So what did I do to get my 876 point total?  Let's start with the Renaissance Men side duel, which I narrowly lost to Curt with a Margin of victory of three 28mm infantrymen!

Sinister looking clergy
Codottierre Commander
Two light guns
Commanders poking fun at Sylvain and Curt
Italian Men At arms with Pole Arms.

Charles the Bold as Epic Fail
Curt Geld commander and standard

Swiss pike, probably my favourite unit.

Next up some add-ons for my War of 1812 project.
Cold refreshments
Half a marine unit.
And finally the none-of the-aboves for Bonus them rounds.

Nostalgia - I think the 40mm figures this year
Nautical round, 15 years on the stocks
Risk Taker Jock Campbell, fiurst 15s painted in 20 years
And finally me.

As my peers see me.
As my gaming crew sees me.
As my daughter still sees me, 20 years later!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

BrendonWs Challenge - Painting to Motorhead

What a trip! The Challenge experience I find is hugely motivating. This time round I think I had done an excellent amount of prep. However I still had to do a lot of builds during the challenge. It was definitely year of the horse for me with expansion of my Mongols and Light Horse for the Red and Black from the previous challenge. An Arabian style army was started and will have a few more additions. I had 3 horses painted but no riders completed by the end of the challenge so they missed out on adding to the point total. If you want to see how they end up go and see my Blog.

Might be a few missing in the photo above but you get the idea. In order to stay focused on my own goals I only entered one theme challenge and that was the very last one. But I really enjoyed seeing everyone's responses to them. You just never know what fellow painters will create.

During the challenge...
  • I was sad when I got the news that Lemmy had gone as Motorhead's music is a constant painting companion. I couldn't listen to them for a few weeks after that news. We also saw the departure of Bowie.
  • I managed to introduce Millsy to a bomb run on my first postings's Millsy and he loves hard work.
  • I had the Grandkids visit which was great fun. Another one due really soon.
  • Over the Challenge it's supposed to be the Wet Season here in Darwin, NT, Australia. Yep, Stay inside and paint. However Feb was our driest and hottest Feb since the long, long ago. Very suck!
  • I actually got some games played during the challenge as well.
Looking forward to seeing you all next time round.

This is me leaning over the horde in the shade of the Tiki Bar (backyard).
All photos of miniatures are taken here and cold beer is consumed and meat is Barbecued.

Just in case you do not have the correct attitude see video above to help you find it.

CHEERS! From BrendonW.

Barks' Challenge



Teemu's Challenge - Minus Paralyzed Hobbits(!)

Here’s a photo of me and my painting (I forgot the paralyzed hobbits).

And thank you once more for organizing this event and thanks to your helpers for helping you!


Nick's Challenge - I'm Still No Bavarian!

Wow, how time flies. It's end of march again, the challenge is over for just over a week and the trees outside are (sloooooowly) getting greener.

It was a great ride with our beloved Snowlord at the head again, the minions keeping everything (and everybody) right on track and my fellow participants arranging for the daily dose of eye candy.

Thank you all!

This year saw me only submitting to one of the bonus rounds. This was mostly due to a severe lack of time as well as the desire to get as much stuff done which would count in Chris' and my little Bavarian (Curt we still have to discuss that particular matter... Bavarian... pahh!) side duel. While Chris may have won that particular contest (and well deserved at that too), it proofed to be a much needed incentive to get up my sorry backside and get going. Thank you Chris, your price will be worked on in the (hopefully) not too distant future!

Schaeffers last Chancers

Late Roman Ballistae

US winter GI's...

...and the accompanying halftrack. Now in G'old Britain.

My only Bonus Round entry - Let it rip!

Curtgeld - Han Solo

82nd Airborne Division

Cold War gone hot

And last but not least the mug-shot as requested by our esteemed leader. I wasn't quite sure if I'd be able to convince my camera of taking a vaguely gracious picture of yours truly. So instead of taking chances I went for one where a little, but steely beauty would distract attention as much as possible. It was taken on the trip home from Tactica in February when the missus and I stopped by the German Tank Museum in Munster near Hamburg. If you, like me, should happen to have a soft spot for Tanks (for the most part German in this case) and be in the vicinity of Hamburg I do highly recommend you to pay a visit to that little gem of a museum.

Panzer 38(t) for scale reference only