Sunday, 1 February 2015

From TamsinP - 15mm NSL Panzer Grenadiers (284)

Following on from last week's NSL Power Armour company, this week I am presenting two companies of their less heavily armoured comrades, the Panzer Grenadiers.

Yes, two companies.

Drone-cam view

I've kept the base uniform and equipment colours the same, and the basing - if something works, why change it? As the Panzer Grenadiers have a wider range of weaponry, there are obviously some extra colours in play.

I haven't done the unit and rank markings yet as I'm still working out TOEs for them. They might be getting a few additions at some point.

But that's enough introductory blather, you want pics. Well, there are rather a lot of them.

The Grunts

18 bases of 4 figures (16 bases with 3 rifles, 1 SAW; 2 bases with 4 rifles)

The Company Commanders

Recon Squad

Heavy Support Weapons 

Auto Grenade Launchers


RAM Mortars

The Specialists

Forward Observers

Heavy Anti-Materiel Rifles

Missile Launchers

Plasma Rifles

High Energy Laser Rifles

The Squad Attachments

Each squad in Gruntz can have two support weapons attached. All of my squads will have 1 SAW and a second attached weapon, which may also be a SAW.

Missile Launchers

Plasma Rifles

Laser Rifles

Heavy Anti-Materiel Rifles

One thing I do like about painting combat troops like these is that it doesn't matter if you are a little bit messy when dry-brushing their bases - if anything gets on the figures, it's just the mud/dust they've picked up during their advance!

So, let's total this lot up.

128 figures = 256 points
6 crew served weapons - these are quite small, so let's say 2 points each = 12 points
4 small vehicles - these are probably equivalent to a crew-served weapon, so 4 points each = 16 points

Total = 284 points, which will leave me just shy of 1400 points. That will do nicely as a Dux-hammer, although I expect Alan has been beavering away this week to try to break 1500 points on Monday...

From Curt:

Wow, that is an impressive bunch of space dudes Tamsin - those recon hover-bikes are particularly brilliant. I really like the punchy orange, pink and purples you've used for their equipment and weapons as it adds nice contrast against the mil-spec green of their uniforms.  Well done!

Soon we will see what Alan has up his sleeve as a response...