Sunday, 9 December 2018

AHPC IX Paint Duels and Side Challenges!

Over the years, 'paint duels' and side-challenges have grown to be a time-honoured tradition of the Painting Challenge. These affairs of honour help motivate participants to keep up the steam and help create a fun atmosphere of smack-talk and brush-baiting.

For those who are new to this here's the essence: side-challenges, paint duels, etc. allow small groups of participants to test each other against any criteria they wish to dream up. Maybe it's to see who can produce the most age-of-sail ships over the entire 3 months of the Challenge, or who can paint the most figures within a particular historical period/genre. Other duels may be established to see who can get to a specific points threshold first. Some challenges may involve just two painters, while others have had well over ten participants in the scrum. Really, the sky's the limit - it's just up to your imagination.

From edition to edition, the side duels have become an important part of the event, with many of these clashes of brush and paint become part of Challenge lore.

We'll dedicate an area of the blog so we keep track of the fun all in one spot. You can find the link to the Duels page on the top navigation bar.

PaulOG has kindly offered to take on the mantle of 'Duels Wallah' this year, so he is the man in charge of keeping track of this madness. ALL updates on duels must be sent to him for tabulation and posting - he will manage the official scorecard of the duels. No other flim-flam spreadsheets, heretical documents or bogus scorecards will be recognized. So send him a note to get your duel registered and keep him appraised of your progress throughout the Challenge.

Paul will able to be reached at: (address to be established shortly!)

Again, when you finish an entry that's eligible for scoring in a duel please send Paul a quick note, giving the name of the duel and the points you wish to add. He in turn will update the blog. Simple!

In the meantime, please feel free to issue your challenges in the comments section below. 


To formally kick things off I'm going to issue a challenge to any participants who think they can best me at 'Squirrel!' 

This challenge is me embracing my hobby butterfly to see just how many periods/genres I can paint at least 25 points over the next three months. For example five figures of Swiss Renaissance infantry counts as one, seven 15mm Napoleonic cavalry would would score as well, while three 20mm vehicles would give me another pip, and so on. If anybody else wishes to set their unfocused self against me the buy-in is one painted 28mm figure, chosen by the vanquished, to be awarded to the winner. My personal target is to see if I can touch upon 10 different genres throughout the Challenge.


Okay, let's have some fun folks! I want to see brushes selected at dawn and paint pots spilled in wild melee.