Monday, 16 March 2015

Voting Results for the Final Theme Round: 'Antihero'

Well, here we are. The last theme round is complete and what a wonderful ride it's been. My entries fell off the wagon a few weeks ago amongst the flurry of work and administration, but I've keenly enjoyed each of the seven rounds and hope you all have as well.

Since the overarching theme of this year's Challenge was the antihero I thought it fitting to have it as the last theme. It's turned out to be a good choice as I think many of the participants put in some of their best work to date. I tip my hat to all those who submitted - superb work.

Not to dally any further, the runners-up for 'Antihero' are:

Iannick's 'Elrick of Melnibone'

SeanS' 'Campbell the Cannibal'

SanderS' 'Cobraaa!'

ScottB's 'Boromir, Son of Gondor'

Millsy's 'Ye will ne'er will take me alive constable!'

Burkhard's 'Tyrion Lannister'

In Third Place we have a tie with MichaelA's 'No Women No Kids' and PeterB's 'Burke & Hare'. Twenty-five points for each of you lads - well done!

BrianB's 'Uhtred of Bebbanburg' hacked his way into Second Place (and 50 additional bonus points). Very (anti)Heroic stuff Brian!

And in First Place, and just in time for his final rest in Leicester Cathedral, we have StefanK's wonderful 'King Richard III'. Stefan, you will receive 75 bonus points AND a gift certificate from the fine folks over at Deep Cut Studio. Congratulations Stefan!

From MichaelA - English Civil War Falconet and Crew (30 points)

This will undoubtedly be my last submission to this year’s challenge and I’ve chosen to go out with a ‘bang’ in the shape of this Redoubt Enterprises English Civil War Falconet gun and crew.  Those familiar with Redoubt’s miniatures will hopefully understand what I mean about them being reassuringly chunky.  Certainly not the most anatomically correct sculpts by today’s standard, but for some reason I thoroughly enjoy painting them.  I have often wondered if it has something to do with the lack of extraneous detail that allows the painter to put their own stamp of the miniature that appeals to me, but whatever the reason I can honestly say that I am a great fan of them.

The addition of the officer with his sighting quadrant should, if my remedial mathematical ability is up to the job, take me through my one thousand point target score (once the latest bonus round scores are in) – albeit by the skin of my teeth.  If truth be told this accomplishment has more to do with the very generous votes my entries to the bonus rounds have secured rather than the number of miniature actually painted, but nonetheless I thank you all.  The Challenge has proved to be a much needed escape in what has been a difficult year so far, it has been my absolute pleasure to be involved and my congratulations to all of my fellow challengers for the sheer scale, variety and often extraordinary talent that has been on show.  Of course none of this would be possible without the Herculaneum effort of our Captain, Curt Campbell Esq. – you Sir, are a legend! 

From Curt:

Wow, what a great run-up to the finale Michael. What you've given us over the past few months is simply fantastic - a feast for the eyes. 

Like you, I have a tremendous fondness of the Redoubt ECW range. They may be a bit oversized, yes, a tad gawky at times, sure, but there is such tremendous character and verve in the collection and this Falconet base of yours is a perfect example of the range at its best. My favourite figure has to be the master gunner with his sighting quadrant, who with his great skill, and the technology of the day, would assure all involved that the cannon's round would indeed land somewhere in that field yonder, perhaps close to the enemy if God wills it. 

It's been wonderful to have you with us in Challenge Michael. I hope the rest of your year finds calmer water and that we see you with us again next autumn.

From MartinC - So this is it then (60 Points)

This is my final post of the Challenge and what a journey I have been on. I've painted 374 foot, 22 mounted, 4 cannon, 1 chariot, 1 Grizzly Walker, 11 flying carpets and a head with legs.

These are another unit of 10 Republican Roman Velites with wolfskins with hand painted shields.

I have also done a final shot of all my completed figs

Although the ACW make up the bulk of the figs and I'm really pleased with them and that I finished them, my favourite is the Rolls Royce armoured car.

I've had a blast and will be eternally grateful to Curt and the rest of you. I plan to be back next year, although my lead mountain now looks like Lincolnshire, like the plains but without the historical interest. I'll have to go shopping, planning on some Carthaginians to fight the rest of my Republican Romans and about a thousand other things.

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of my Curtgeld, Snake Plisken. 



From Curt:

A excellent unit of Velites to end your dash to the finish, well done sir (and nice shields btw). 

AND what a stonking final shot of your Challenge Collection - a wonderfully varied passel of fantastic miniatures, make no mistake (Snake Plisken, in far off Canada, endorses this collection) A brilliant sign-off - bravo!! 

Martin, it has been a pleasure having you along with us and I sincerely hope we can do it again. Take care.

From MichaelA - Adèle Blanc-Sec and mount with a couple of ghouls! (30 points)

More self-indulgent nonsense, but something that I have been thinking about for some time now and, as I have discovered with this hobby, if you have an itch then scratch it!  Inspired, once again, by the work of Luc Besson, this bizarre assemblage is my homage to the unlikely gem that is ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec’.  Based on the French comics by artist Jacques Tardi, I had completely missed the original theatrical release of this ridiculous adventure only discovering it by chance by scanning the television schedule prior to the Christmas break.  Billed as Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones I can safely say that my curiosity was piqued!  

Consigned to the flawed masterpiece drum of any celluloid collection, ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec’ is a triumph of style over content, but I have to confess that I enjoy Monsieur Besson’s style, pure escapism rarely looked so good.   Of course the highlight for me is when our eponymous heroine flies over the streets of Paris on the back of a Pterodactyl – I kid you not!

For the record then, the composite parts are as follows: Pterodactyl – The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit’s Pteranodon.  Adèle is made up from a Wargames Foundry Victorian Lady, a plastic Rider of Rohan from Games Workshop and an arm from the Perry Miniatures ACW Zouave command sprue all held together with superglue and lashings of Greenstuff.  As for the base this was a combination of bits and pieces from the ever reliable Fenris Games. 

Finally, just because I didn’t know where else to post them, a couple of Hersey Miniatures in the shape of a Ghoul Hag and Child.  Wonderfully sculpted, but wonderfully disturbing at the same time! 

From Curt:

Awesome! I'm a huge fan of Tardi's work and I had not heard of this film - Sarah and I just watched the trailer and I know what we're doing this weekend!

That was a fantastic bit of modeling there Mr. Awdry. The melding of the Rider of Rohan,  the Victorian lady and the pterodactyl was pure genius. And the use of the ornate gate really helped set the scene of where she was flying. Brilliant!

I've seen these Heresy ghouls online and have always wanted a set for my Pulp gaming. How deliciously disturbing (now, that's my idea of a 'kids meal'). After seeing these I'm definitely getting out the credit card to seal the deal. 

You're on a roll Michael!

AdamC- Confederate Command Stands (45 Points)

 These are some extra command stands for my Confederate Army for Longstreet.

Regiments come and go in Longstreet but you always get troops back but I like to have new regiments so I don't recycle the same regiments.

This is a Flag of the 21st Mississippi and a Mississippi state flag I the commander sort of reminds me on an illustration  (probably highly imaginative) of Barksdale who commanded a Mississippi Brigade.

Here we have the 37th Alabama I like having higher numbered regiments as the campaign progresses give the sense that they are newly raised.

I thought the flag was quite sharp looking and I like having Confederate flags that are not the traditional St. Andrews cross most people imagine.

A South Carolina regiment the flag struck my fancy but I have not information regarding the regiment.

The Flags are all from an Issue 31 of Charge! its available at the War Gamer's vault.

Finally the 16th Tennessee Regiment. Tennessee contributed some 50 regiments to the Confederacy probably because it lay right in the path of invasion. 

Since I didn't have any Tennessee regiments I figured I should add one to my mix.   There are a total of 15 Blue Moon figures (18mm) which should be good for another 45 points putting me over my 2000 Point goal even without my Anit-hero bonus points.  I might get in another entry this week but if I do not I would like to express my thanks to Curt and every one on the Challenge for all your kind words and constructive feedback.

From Curt:

Great work Adam! It's good that you're adding some lads from Tennessee to your collection - as you say they were heavily committed and should have a place on the tabletop.

You're right Adam, that Mississippi command figure is reminiscent of Troiani's furious 'Barksdale's Charge' (even though in the painting he's mounted). A terrific scene indeed.

A wonderful set of command stands! I won't say farewell Adam, as I have a sneaking suspicion that you'll be back with another entry before I call it curtains. ;)

From MartinN - Final Submission (15 Points)

With some stressful days behind and still a few more ahead I call it a day and present to you my final entry for this years challenge.


Again these are survivors from the Zombicide board game. As the previous figures they were fun to paint and I'd wish more companies would produce their figures to such a standard.

Angry Mary

My heart felt thanks go out to our dear Mr. Snowman... err, pardon me, Snowlord of course... for organizing this fantastic event (again). I'm pretty sure Mrs. Campbell will be more than happy having your undivided attention again, my friend. Thank you both for making the annual Painting Challenge to my annual hobby highlight. 

Also I want to thank the sponsors and the other participants for making the Challenge to what it actually is: A chummily contest with lots of banter, fun and mutual encouragement.

I really loved to gaze at some great figures, well... in some cases I should probably say armies, over the last few months and I'm pretty sure I'll join in next year again, if possible.

Red Cap Ben

And finally the mandatory group shot:

With 91 painted figures I painted almost half as much over the curse of the last three months than I did during the whole of 2014. So I'm quite satisfied with my progress and hope the remainder of the year will be equally productive.

Over and out!

From Curt:

Fantastic work Nick! Those three survivors really look the part. The tattoo on Mitch's elbow, Mary's camo and the great textures on Ben's clothes are just brilliant. So smooth - it's quite astonishing.

I also LOVE the final 'Nick's Challenge' image. I think it would be brilliant if other participants could do the same as we come into our closing days with this year's event as it really defines what they got done over the past three months. Wonderful. 

As before and as I'm sure it will be again: it's been a pleasure Nick.

From MichaelA - 10 clockwork chimps (50 points)

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys – well the only nuts these chaps are interested in are the ones holding their rather splendid Fez hats on!  On the face of it the idea of a set of 28mm clockwork chimps sounds, and is, ridiculous and yet from the moment that I saw them I knew that I had to have them!  Falling for another Kickstarter campaign, I was happy to pledge for a couple of packs of steampunk monkeys, not least because the company behind them, Westfalia Miniatures, is synonymous with quality.

I had cause to contact Kawe of Westfalia to redeem a very generous gift voucher for coming out on top in the ‘Myth’ bonus round.  I was hoping to add this to my current pledge, putting it towards a Clocktopus – best not to ask!  

Being a splendid fellow Kawe suggested that this was no problem at all and added that he was happy to dispatch my pledge of chimps early as they had just safely passed quality control.  A couple of days later, ten mischievous monkeys and a zoologist landed on the mat here at ‘Awdry Towers’.  How they managed to achieve such clean casting on these amazingly detailed sculpts is beyond me, but they really were a joy to assemble and paint. 

Their use or purpose may still elude me, but I can safely say that I am absolutely thrilled to have them bringing, as they do, some much need levity, that and they are so wonderfully shiny!

From Curt:

Me WANT!! Brilliant work Michael - I'm so jealous of you for getting these (but bravo all the same). I'll have to put the screws to Kawe to see if I can pry some from him. I can clearly envision a Strange Aeons scenario featuring these little rascals. 

Your brass paintwork is flawless (I have a hard time thinking of any other colour-scheme for these) and I like the minimalist arid groundwork. Just lovely.