Tuesday, 1 January 2019

From Millsy: AHPC Snow and Surf Report (0 points)

G'day Mates!

Even though I am currently approximately 1,400kms from my painting desk I reckon I can still make a useful contribution to the Challenge. We all know Curt lives in the Frozen North, but some of us live in more pleasant climes.

So here for your edumacation is the first ever AHPC Snow and Surf Report...

Current weather in Regina, Lair of the Snowlord

  • -8C (-16C with wind chill)

Current weather at Bundaberg, GIMP Temporary HQ

  • 27.8C (air temp)
  • 26C (water temp)
  • 3C (beer temp)

Frankly I can't be bothered to do the math to work out the difference as this has gone on long enough and it's cutting into my drinking time. Miles, that's your cue matey to get your abacus out and do something statistical. I'm ready to be bamboozled.

Happy New Year peeps!


From PeterA: 28mm Reds, Sons and SEALS (110 Points)

My second entry is all about giving free reign to my inner squirrel!

First up are 10 Copplestone Castings Bolshevik infantry. I have always been attracted to the Back of Beyond setting but have never actually taken the plunge into the period. This has changed with the release of the Dunsterforce scenario book for 'Setting The East Ablaze' and so I am starting a small Bolshevik force; these are first off the rank and some command and support figures are not too far behind.

These were a joy (and relatively quick) to paint; their allegiance is signaled by the red tops to their fur hats (red stars on those wearing caps).

Next we have 10 foul traitors from the Thousand Sons Legion for WH30K. Ever since the days of Epic Space Marine, I have been a sucker for the Horus Heresy setting, so when GW released the Burning of Prospero and Betrayal at Calth boxed sets, I jumped at them. These 10 Marines are in Mark IV armour from the Betrayal at Calth set; I like the heavier, more brutal looking Mark III armour for the Vlka Fenryka. The black bases have been drybrushed grey (doesn't show up in the photos) to represent the ashen ruins of Prospero after it has been razed to the ground by the Emperor's Executioners.

Finally, the first two members of SEAL Bravo Team. They are from Spectre Miniatures and are amazing sculpts - really crisp and detailed. I had planned to do the whole team in one go but doing all that Multicam camo was too much to face. Hopefully the rest of the team will be along before the end of the Challenge! The first SEAL is a scout armed with a suppressed MP7:

Whilst the second has an FN Scar-H marksman rifle with a suppressor made from 3mm brass rod:

That should make 110 points and two more notches in the Squirrel Challenge.

Happy New Year All!

A last minute entry (considering its past my bedtime here in the UK) and an eclectic mix if ever there was one. You have been a busy lad Peter. I have a soft spot for space marines, but only when they are wearing red armour! Very nicely done sir, that's 110 points in the bag. 

From TamsinP: 28mm Pulp Selection (65 points)

Four entries, five themes...squirrel, squirrel, squirrel!

Yes, yet another different theme from me today. Having completed the wolves at the end of the "free fire" period and with my first schedule posting day rapidly approaching, I decided to get a few small groups of pulp figures painted up.

Oh, and there are rather a lot of photos for you to wade through. I'm not sorry!

"Dancers At The End Of Time"*

I think I might have nailed highlighting black! I suspect that the chap with the 'tache keeps a bottle of Madeira near his collection of (unperforated) stamps [bonus point for anyone who understands that].

The silvery dress was a bit of a pig to paint. Possibly because it was getting quite late when I was doing it.

These figures are from Eureka Miniatures - the sculpting is superb, especially the faces on the chaps.

* Yes, I am a Michael Moorcock fan

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

These figures are also from Eureka Miniatures. I reckon that the pair of lights should count as a single figure for scoring.

"Return of Diablo"

Some of you might think that there is something familiar about these figures. Well, you're right. For my final entry in AHPC7, I did a quick and dirty "chiaroscuro" effect paintjob on them. That was never going to be the final look, so before this Challenge I airbrushed them back to black.

These cultists are from Pulp Figures.

And a photo of everything in this submission:

For scoring:

13 x 28mm foot = 65 points...

...and another notch on my Squirrel duel tally. Also an entry for Sarah's Choice.

Wow, what an eclectic mix. Love the dancers, these made me laugh out loud. Looks like they had a great New Years Eve party and are now too drunk to realise its over! These figures have a wonderful movement in them and your painting has brought that out wonderfully. 

I really love the film crew. No idea how I could use them but I gotta get me some of these figures. I'm a huge fan of early cinema and these guys hark back to a simpler age of celluloid and a more innocent age that I find hugely attractive. 

It takes a certain type of dedication (or maybe that should be insanity?) to repaint old figures, but you have done a great job with these. The figures are full of character so I can see why you'd want to revisit these and give them a second paint job. Well worth the extra effort bringing the combined total for this entry up to a tidy 65 points. Well done Tamsin.