Saturday, 20 October 2018

Happy ORC-tober

Training and overtime are slowly winding down, but I haven't noticed as my kids are still keeping me busy with after school sports and scholar pursuits. Two are even scouting colleges!  :-0  !!!!
I am slowly assembling and gathering stuff from the pit-o-doom( the Mountain-of-neglect is now in the basement and entirely dishevelled in boxes from the move a few years back.)
While sourcing new brushes and paints and trying to get spray paint for primering, I saw this cheery fellow( I was actually looking for the soon to be released Speed Freaks game, but it is still unavailable*)
my main focus of the summer

feeling orcish but more infantry shenanigans yet to come

this was a lonely Orc with great weapon from Reaper

He was primered yesterday**painted today

just a fast bit of brushwork to make sure I still got it and a small celebration of Orctober!

Roger approves this message.***

Get them brushes ready....Winter Comes!

*if i DID buy the new Speedfreak game, my wife assured me I would've gotten an earful!

**it was a balmy 70ish with now humidity, hopefully I get one more day to primer what I've built today and tomorrow!

*** Roger also approves mud, rain, wrestling, dog biscuits, and more mud....I've also been told by Household-6 that HE will be washed tonite, or WE(Roger and I, not Hh-6 and I) will be sleeping in the garage