Monday, 9 March 2015

The Antihero Theme Round is Now UP!

Thanks for your patience while I was away everyone, I really needed those few days out of the cockpit to refresh for the run-in to the conclusion of the Challenge.

Well, we are finally here. The last theme round of our series, and also the overarching theme of this year's Challenge: the Antihero, is now up in the Bonus Theme Gallery.

I think that this round may be one of our best to-date, with a wide assortment of excellent illustrations and personal interpretations of the theme. From Elric of Melnibone to Three (!) Richard IIIs; from Leon the Hitman to Tyrion the Dwarf, we have a rich vein of personalities and characters to delight you. Enjoy the show and remember to vote for all your favourite entires (Yes, you can vote for more than one!).

For myself I am saving my last antihero submission as the rearguard of the Challenge, but in it's stead I present to you this wonderful series of figures gifted to me from a very talented friend of mine, BrianH.  Here is one of the iconic antiheroes of history - a man who's last battle, fought nearly 200 years ago near a small Belgian village, is now synonymous to having gained your comeuppance.

'You, sire, have met your Waterloo...'

Ok, Let's Roll...

Enough with the chillaxin' - It's time to get the wheels rolling for our mad sprint to the finish.

Coming up soon: 

The Final Theme Round: