Friday, 11 January 2019

From MattK: An Eclectic Mix - What a Tanker! (90 Points)

This third entry from me is a pretty grab bag of stuff. You may notice the photos are in a variety of locations this week. I scrambled to get everything ready for this weeks entry so it was a little fly by night. Let's dive right in.

First up is the second to last batch of Blood and Plunder Natives.
All that's left in this force is the commander and when I post him next week I'll show off the whole batch. These have been a nice grounding for me while I experimented on some crazier stuff. Stuff like...
A mangler squig (spoiled by the above photo)
This is one of the old finecast ones I plucked out of the used bin at a (now no longer in business) Local game store. I've been sitting on it long enough that theres a new plastic one coming but I figured with the new release, this was as good a time as any.
Speaking of local things, Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be running a huge game of What A Tanker with a bit of a twist. Instead of your standard 28mm vehicles, we're using kits from Meng Model's Toon Tanks Range. My contribution to the project was a Sherman and a Pershing for a fictitious "Wreck at Remagen" game.

Pictured for scale next to a Warlord Games 28mm German (painted previously by someone else)
So there you have this weeks entries. Once this local show is out of the way, in theory my schedule clears up and I'll begin working in earnest on the epic 40k stuff.

I almost titled this weeks entry "I have no concept of how many points I painted" because I'm really not sure what this stuff is worth.
20 Points for the Natives + whatever you think the others are worth


Cardinal Fang, *Amongst* our weapons . . . Amongst our weaponry . . . are such elements  . . . I'll come in again.

Now, what what? Those Toon Tanks are right cute, almost a Looney Tunes vibe. Very nice olive drab paint on them. Based on their size, and photos showing the tracks coming about waist height on a man, I adjudicated them as 54mm vehicles. So mote it be, Biggles! Record it in the Holy Spreadsheet. And the Squig, in a vibrant, snazzy red. Might do as underlings . . . .

Now,  you are accused of heresy on three counts -- heresy by thought, heresy by word, heresy by deed, and heresy by action -- *four* counts. Do you confess?

Ha! Then we'll make you understand! Biggles! Fetch...NINETY POINTS!

From AdamC: Crusader Infantry and the Crocodile man (67 Points)

 Another 12 infantry men for Saga and Lion Rampant.  These are more from the Sargent's Box from Fire Forge miniatures.  Its a great box of miniatures, easy to assemble int a variety of dynamic poses.
For Lion Rampant I would designate these as unit of Foot Sargents with the "Expert" upgrade.(I actually think the Dragon Rampant term "Offencive" hits nearer the mark) They are infantry that is intended to close with the enemy rather than fellows who form a fortress of spear points to defend other troops.  This gets me another 6 points for the Rampant Duel.
 The box has a variety of shields and three weapon choices, sword, axe, and mace/morning-star.
 I wish they gave you some belt pouches, molded some daggers in the belts... seriously everyone in this period would have carried a knife of some kind in their belt.
 I gave one fellow a hammer left over from one of my Frostgrave collections (probably the barbarians)
I wish there had be more weapon options, the box has one, type of sword, two types of axe and one type of mace. there should be more variation.  At least they provide lot of helmet and shield options.
 even so I decided to add some round shield to the mix because the more variation the better for armies an period before standardisation of equipment became common.
Sticking with my Kingdom of Heaven inspired livery for "uniforms"
 Another great miniature form Reaper the "Werecrocodile"  he's a great looking miniature and should make a nice addition to some Dragon Rampant army.
 I loved playing with the greens and blacks to try and create the look that he had emerged form the river and was wet with sunlight playing off his scales.
 I believe that the underside of real Crocodiles are whitish but I went with yellow green.  The belly button is a nice touch... and a feature a real crocodile would not have.
I wanted to suggest this follow was standing on bit of earth sticking out of a river or other body of water.

Points the the 12 infantry are 60 Points
In past years Bones Were Creatures have been scored at 7 points because of their size so I will assume this is the case again but leave it up to the judge for a final decision.


Ah, yes, the red and yellow of Spain, which we honor with our most powerful weapon, nice red uniforms. Which nobody expects. In fact, those who do expect . . . Now, how do you plead?

The yellow-green is a very nice touch on the werecroc, and the mix of yellow-green and blue-green used for his scales is a quite good. I like how you feathered it in. Very nice touch there.

Sixty-seven points. Ha! Right! Cardinal, give the rack a turn. 

From DavidB: Scifi, 40k, and history (60 points)

The Adjunct entered the Commanders office with crisp strides and snapped to attention.
Colonel Stuart kept his gaze on the documents before him, "Report." He commanded briskly.
Eyes fixed forward upon the austere canvas behind the Col, the Adjunct took a brief breath.
" All has proceeded as you planned, Col.
Lieutenant Campbell was quite pleased to be given command of the artifact we covered a few cycles ago. He insists on being referred to as Flight-Lieutenant Campbell now, and he attached a purple band to his flak amour to signify his status as"Lord-of-the-Sky". He changed his call sign to Maverick."
Still gazing at the documents before him, the Colonel gave a small sigh. " Did we have any issues with the Ad-Mech Priests?"
"Negative, Sir." The Adjunct reported" Sgt Tamsin kept them distracted by blaring her music from the vox on various Chimeras. The Priests have been busy with oils, incense and prayers trying to stop the music."
"How is Lieutenant Miles faring as the gunner?" the Colonel asked, finally looking up from the papers and data slates before him.
"Lieutenant Miles is a bit uncomfortable in his new position, Sir." the Adjunct quickly continued.
"It didn't help to much when he became aware that the safety harness on the speeder was only a few Velcro straps. Lieutenant Campbell didn't help either when his first attempt to start the engines fired the melta gun and severed antennae from two Russes. Also Mr Campbell seems to favour jack-rabbit starts. I think I heard Mr Miles screaming as the land speeder left cantonment. That might have been just the whine of the speeder's engine though....
By the way, Sir. Mr Campbell changed Mr Miles call sign to Goose and seems delighted to constantly say 'Talk to me Goose' "
The Colonel carefully stacked the parchment and placed his data slate on top sliding the stack to the Adjunct.
" These are finished, see they are distributed. Bring back any reports that Lieutenants Campbell and- excuse me- Maverick and Goose send."
" Did we have any issues from the Lord Commissar?"
"No, Sir" the adjunct reported collecting the stack. " He was more than happy to help distract the Tech Priests from studying the speeder. He even sourced a few parts as he was excited about the prospects of having a few leadership meetings without Lieutenant Miles and his spreadsheets."

Another ancient model that was primed a long time ago with gesso. I found it while looking for other items and figured I could use it for the recon round. My first choice is taking a bit of time as I was really ambitious and it isn't nearly ready even now. This small craft seemed to be something I could finish quick, but military and work conspired against me. I did have a day, but I was assembling my son's tanks for his WW2 and modern tank games. Battlefront kits do take a bit of time to assemble and he got quite the motor pool of armour.

I plan on using this with my Cadian 7th Cav with my sentinel squadrons. Although long removed from the rules, My gaming group does allow house rules to address defunct models.

The 369th Infantry regiment, also known as Black Rattlers, and Men of Bronze. The Regiment prefers the name bestowed by the enemy...Harlem Hell fighters. The Hell fighters were a National Guard regiment from New York. The faced a lot of discrimination and trials. They didn't take a knee and didn't quit.Instead they served with Honor and great distinction. They served 191 straight days on the front and participated in many significant battles such as the Marne. They captured Sechault and outstripped the flanking French forces by 14 kilometres through fierce German resistance.

General Pershing wanted the American forces kept together and not pieced out to the French and English commands. Although Marine and National Guard units had no issues with them(other National Guard units fought the discrimination the 369th received from shop owners in South Carolina)
They were placed in the front with the French 16th division as First Army didn't want to patrol with them. The 369th were issued Adrian helmets and French weapons and were very welcomed by the French people.
Over 100 soldiers were given decorations including two Medals of Honor and several Distinguished Service Crosses. Pvt Henry Johnson was known as "Black Death and earned the Croix de Guerre before he was awarded the Medal of Honor.
These excellent troops are made by Gaddis Gaming from Detroit. Mr Gaddis is a devoted wargamer of many systems including 40k and X-wing. He is using his game company to employ people in Detroit and inspire the kids and teach them history.

Finally, I figured out how to paint the reaper bones. You prime the heck outta em!

I have this model in metal, so I can attest that the detail is a bit soft. Still the best thing about the bones line is the cost. I do have some of the grey bones which are supposed to take paint better. A new Kickstarter campaign for Bones Black will be starting soon which is supposed to take paint even better.

50 points!
six 28mm for 30
one vehicle for 20( I considered it a crew served weapon with two crew, but that is the same point value as a vehicle)


What what, Cardinal Biggles? A flying contraption? Rank heresy! And more French? Pssh, everybody expects the French Inquisition. Quite a bit of inventiveness from that relic. And a Miles disinterested in spreadsheets? That is not just heresy, that's outright blasphemy! 

Very nice work on the flying relic. The blue of the trousers adds a nice element, and I do like how you've added gaiters to their boots. The yellow visors are a nice touch as well.

Alas, your heresy has led you to neglect to count the pilots, and so, for your error, Cardinal Biggles will now give you sixty points. Now, how do you plead?

From GregB: Vostroyan Officer and Special Weapon Troopers (40 points)

Vostroyan Officer and Special Weapon troopers, metal 28mm figures from GW. 
My second entry for today include more metal goodness from days gone past.  The setting switches from Middle Earth to the grim darkness of the far future, GW's Warhammer 40k.  These figures are special weapon troopers for the "Vostroyan" Astra Militarum Imperial Guard.  They are 28mm metal castings from GW. 

Vostroyan officer - power fist and laser pistol (and feathers!)

A view of the detail on the casting - love the buckles, the, these are cool and fun figures. 
The Vostroyans first appeared as a box set some time in...I want to say 2004? I can't recall exactly...but it was a while ago.  I fell in love with them at the time.  They have a bizarre, baroque look that, to me, meshes just so well with the dark artwork of folks like John Blanche. The Vostroyan troops look like some manner of 19th Century Grenadier, with a grim-dark-tech touch that is done very nicely, giving them an utterly dour and ominous appearance. The dystopian grenadier, I love it.  

Plasma gunners - blue feathers on this bunch to distinguish themselves. 
The look, of course, is not for everyone.  This style of sci-fi is a bit of a specific look, and I find people either love it or hate it. Certainly I love it. I started painting a few up "back in the day" when they were first released.  This initial painting output covered most of the force from one of the starter boxes - two 10-man squads and a command squad - not very many for a game. Over time GW's product lineup has "evolved", and the Vostroyan castings (and all other metal products) became harder to find.  Before they faded from view completely, I did use some Christmas money to assemble a final addition to round out the force into something useful for the tabletop. I even painted one of these squads back in the 2013-14 edition of the Painting Challenge

Some different colour for the feathers on these fellows. 

Rear view showing (probably very dangerous) power supply for the weapons. 
But since then...well, I haven't touched the fellows! The project went into hibernation - still something that "I'll get around to soon"...LOL!  Which is unfortunate - at 30 troops (plus a few commanders) strong, it is a small force (although they have seen a lot of action on the tabletop over the years). For years I have been meaning to dig out my precious little metal reserve and paint them up. Like...well, at least five years. I get distracted or what?

Troopers with "flamers" - squad-level flame-throwers. I would not have though a flamethrower could appear baroque, but here you are...
It is always fun during the Painting Challenge to see long-stalled efforts get some renewed energy, so I resolved to start with these fellows who had been waiting - base-coated and all - in the "pending" pile for quite some time now. Having found the will to get back to them, I did, however, encounter another Challenge...I could not remember the colour sequence I used back then...

Rear view of the flame troopers. 
So...well, I did my best to match the look of the figures I had painted...14 years ago.  I don't paint the same way I did in 2004 - or even 2014 for that matter. I like to think it is mostly for the better, as I have been able to improve with experience, as all of us do, but there are some aspects that are more about an evolution in style than a strict improvement.  As I said, I tried my best to match the look of the previously painted models, while allowing for a new touch here and there. 


Rear view of the trooper with the grenade launcher. 
There is one officer and seven troopers with special weapons - four with plasma guns, two with flamers and one with a grenade launcher.  These will give some variety to the regular squads, who otherwise come equipped with only flamers.  The plasma guns in particular are quite useful in the game, as they offer some hope of bringing down heavily armoured opponents (not much hope, but some).  

There are a total of 8 different 28mm figures here from the Evil Empire, which should be good for another 40 points.  Thanks folks - see you next Friday!


What, another post? Hm! clearly he is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang! Fetch . . . THE COMFY CHAIR! 

THAT will teach you to forget your color scheme!

Looking at them and their colpacks (very nice highlighting, by the way), I was thinking less grenadier and more hussar or Cossack. The officer's tunic almost looks like a caftan, or an Atilla. White is an inspired touch, and works well for these.

Forty points? I suppose we make it worse by shouting a lot, do we? Confess! Confess! Confess! Confess! 

Duels Update

Ahoy Challengers!

Apologies for the lack of a comprehensive Duels update thus far. A foolish person might suggest that there have been some computational errors but such a heretical statement would only result in their being burned at the stake in sacrifice to the dark Gods of The Shreadsheet. Mea maxima Culpa. Suffice it to say that this is in the process of being rectified and I will advertise here when the Side Duels page has been fully updated.

In the meantime its great to see all the fantastic entries and fierce competition is building (which is why I want to get it right).  A reminder to all that the best way to ensure your SD related entries stand up to be counted is by writing something to that effect near the end of your post. Your minion will then assign the entry to that SD when she or he inscribes it in their own blood into the Sacred Book of Submissions.

Happy Duelling!

Wallah 9 Actual

From GregB: Erkenbrand, Lord of the Westfold (17 Points)

Erkenbrand of Rohan, on foot and mounted, in 28mm - figures from GW.
My submissions today both involve some interesting "finds" among the pile of stuff-to-paint I have accumulated over the years.  The first one takes us to Middle Earth...

To find figures for the first theme round this past weekend I went rummaging around in my hoard-o-stuff and stumbled across some figures from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings range.  The Rohan Outriders went into the theme submissions - but I found another blister sitting on the shelf with them - Erkenbrand, Lord of the Westfold, hero of Rohan. Since I was painting some other Rohan figures anyway, I thought I might as well paint this fellow up too while I was at it. 

Beautiful metal casting from GW. Remember when they did metal?
Wanted the green on the cloak to jump out a bit. He is a hero of Rohan after all!
In "The Lord of the Rings" Erkenbrand was a hero of the Kingdom of Rohan, helping to defend the Westfold from invasion.  It was Erkenbrand who, together with Gandalf, led a relief force to help break up the assault on Helm's Deep.  Erkenband's character, however, was not in the 2001 movie trilogy (or if he was, I don't remember him at all) - in the film "The Two Towers" the relief force at Helm's Deep was led instead by Eomer and Gandalf.

The mounted pose is beautiful - you can imagine the other Rider of Rohan rallying behind his charge!
Nonetheless, the range of figures sculpted by GW was unbelievably comprehensive, and included several characters which appeared in the books but not the Peter Jackson films. I do not even recall purchasing this figure, but sitting as it was with the other little pile of LOTR stuff in my hoard, I must have just assumed it would be cool to have another hero-type for my Rohan force. 

I love the war horn he is carrying on his belt. Brings to mind the "Horn of Gondor" and poor Boromir...
And it is! This is a stunning casting.  While it retains the slimmer, more reasoned proportions of the other LOTR figures, he is still a good size - befitting a hero of Rohan! The figure is metal, but sadly the horse is plastic - and connected to the base by just one hoof. No doubt disaster awaits if we ever put this fellow on to the table while mounted...

I loved painting this figure. 
But it was just lovely to paint.  It has been a real treat to dive back into a figure range that I have not otherwise touched with a paint brush for more than 10 years. Hopefully we will find a game some time in 2019 where this fellow can run down some orcs!

In terms of points, a modest 15 for the tally here.  Up next, some more old metal castings from the Evil Empire...  


What, still not Spanish? Biggles! Have you got all the stuffing up one end? 

You've done a spectacular job on Erkenbrand. The green cloak definitely jumps out; you've done a fantastic job of shading the recesses so it billows. He certainly looks like he's leading a cavalry charge. The shield is also a very nice touch, Especially the two horses. You've done great justice to a very dynamic figure.

Now, how do you plead? Fifteen points? We'll soon change your mind about that! Fear, surprise, and a most ruthless application of two points for the shield! So hah, seventeen points! Now confess!

From EricM: Off to a Slow Start-Death Korps of Krieg (50 points)

I am off to a slow start in the challenge this year.  But its better late than never.   Lately I have been pulled into the "new" Warhammer 40,000.  They have done such a great job of reworking the game and there are just too many pretty miniatures to resist.   I have been working on a mix of 40k stuff but for the start of the challenge I went back to an old favorite, Death Korps of Krieg.   Forgeworld makes a great line of these grim guardsmen with a strong World War I flavor.

Here are the guys.  I tried for a french horizon blue look to try to keep them from being too dark.

Next are a few close ups of some of the guys

I was trying for a sense of trench warfare with the basing but I felt like it was too dark with just mud and barbed wire so I added some snow,  I am really not sure if I like it or not.

10-28mm Infantry should be 50 points

Now that we are through the holidays I hope to increase my painting time and hit my goal of 1500 points.  


What, more French again? Cardinal Biggles, give the rack another turn!

Death Korps of Krieg are usually Germanesque, so the use of horizon blue is a nice touch. It's well executed and not too dark at all. The strip atop the helmet does evoke the Adrian, so I think it works quite well. 

Cardinal Fang . . . fetch FIFTY POINTS!