Friday, 22 March 2019

Curt's Challenge IX Group Shot

Me, Oscar (on my left, with one eye peeking out), and Felix overseeing my Challenge IX output.

While I was caught up with a lot of boring real-life stuff this Challenge, I did manage to get a surprising amount completed. Well, 'a surprising amount' to my workmanlike standards, but nothing compared to the titans of the points roster.

Not bad. I'm particularly proud of that 1:1 scale half-filled wine glass...

Nonetheless, I was delighted to (barely) achieve my 1200 point target and to have stuck to my guns in being completely all over the place in topics. I think my 'Squirrel Tally' indicates around 15 different periods/genres/scales over my 21 entries, which I found to be satisfyingly schizophrenic.

The funny byproduct to this whackadoodle approach is that I currently have about a dozen entries at some level of completion, which should give me something to work on over the coming months.  Bonus! :)

It was a terrific Challenge, and while I'm happy to have a few months break, I look forward to putting my shoulder to the wheel for Challenge X next winter.

In the meantime, I'll catch up with you all on March 31st for our glitzy award show.

See you then!

- Curt -

Stats, The Teaser

As if the words "Stats" needs something so mundane as a teaser marketing campaign.  I still get a little tingle every time I type the word stats.  I suspect each and everyone of you have the same reaction or greater when you read that word....

But, sadly, there are a few unenlightened souls who live in the intellectual wilderness of the non-mathemagical world (gads could there ever be a worse place - I suspect not),  For those bedraggled souls, I shall offer a few hints as to the statistical glory that awaits all of you when the Challenge Stats post is unveiled this weekend.  You may all rest assured that, as you slumber in your paint splattered painting warrens, my statistical minions are making the appropriate sacrifices, chanting the needed incantations and carrying the two to provide you with mathematical enlightenment, however unworthy you are to receive it.

No need to thank me, it's what I do.  You're Welcome.

One note - as this is a family oriented channel (despite the attempts of a certain participant to get us a "adult content warning" from Google) I've rounded off the numbers.  Sometimes too many decimal places is just to "suggestive".  I think you know what I mean. (wink)

So without further ado, said teasers are below:




WOW - It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

And, before you ask, there will be charts and graphs for those of you who still need training wheels when playing with numbers.  I can not tell you how it pains me to stoop to this level of numerological communication but it's sadly needed.  Oh how I dream of a day when we all communicate only in binary. What a glorious day that will be.

Your Friendly 'very stable genius" Stats Wizard

For those of you with access to the glorious spreadsheet of divination - NO PEEKING!  I can track who looks at the spreadsheet and my wrath is as cruel as my memory is long......