Monday, 4 January 2016

From AdamC 28mm Zobies and Ghouls for Frostgrave (40 points)

But wait there's more.....

Eight Undead from North Start which I got as part of my Secret Santa Gift this year. These will work as Zombies or Ghouls in Frostgrave.
As with the Skeletons we have one bursting out of the ground.
All of these guys have interesting skin texture some with bones or organs protruding.
These two are armed so they will be my primary Ghouls who in Frostgrave are people driven mad and made undead because they had to eat zombie flesh. They retain some intelligence and some of them use weapons.
Note the spike in the arm and the grisly bag of rations, trophies or spare parts this guy is carrying (best not speculate too much on what they are for).
Three more zombies the middle one built from the cultist parts with a zombie head.
 I tried to go with a colourful plate for the undead rather than put them all in grays and blacks.
The gruesome duo on the left we have a zombie who is holding his own(?) head and the other shows a nice look at his intestines.
All in all this should be another 40 points for my total and a nice addition to my Frostgrave total I now have a nice collection of undead to terrorize war bands with or serve as zombie support if I run a Necromancer.
Wow, third posting for Adam today.  Great work at the paint desk.  I like the undead skin tones and the figure arising from the ground.    "shows a nice look at his intestines", not a phrase heard much out of anatomy class.  40 points for these undead

From AdamC 25mm Drunken Kung-Fu Master (5 points)

This is the first figure I have painted up form the Watchful Studios Kick starter He's the Drunken Kung-fu master.

After I figured out were everything went he went together really well. The staff here is the item I had an issue with; I put it in his other hand initially.

He's dirty but he's supposed to be a drunken sod (with great Kung-fu mastery but still a drunken sod).

He also happens to be a late Christmas gift for my old college roommate, (the Kickstarter was supposed to deliver in November but you know how these things go) who introduced me to 18th century war gaming and we ran a fun D&D campaign along the way too. I hope he'll like this figure that is so dynamic and full of character.  He's 25mm Scale so another 5 point (I'll be doing a size comparison entry on my blog latter this week with this figure and possibly some others if your curious). 
Drunken Kung-Fu master, aren't they all drunken?  Also he looks rather like an old roommate of mine....Anyway a nice figure and suitably grubby.  Loose weapons give me headaches too, but your approach here works with the pose.  I like the amphora (? don't know the Chinese equivalent).  Well done,hic!

From SimonM - 28mm Cyber-Reavers (40 Points)

These eight 28mm multi-part pewter robots are made by “Reaper Miniatures” and come from two blisters of their “Chronoscope” Code 50097 Cyber-Reavers (4). Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and released on September 7th 2009, these ‘Not-Terminators’ were actually rather fiddly to glue together, as the majority of their “futuristic laser pistols” come on a separate metal sprue and actually don’t attach all that well to the figures’ main torsos.

In addition, some of the joints such as the wrists, proved rather fragile and brittle, so I ended up assembling the automatons into some quite sedentary positions in order to ensure the limbs had more contact with the rest of the models. When I did try a more ‘outlandish’ pose I pinned the appropriate arm in place. But found this process so time-consuming and damaging to the sculpt that I only did it a couple of times for my own sanity’s sake.
All the models were painted the same way and initially given an undercoat of “Vallejo” Gunmetal Grey. Each robot was then washed with “Citadel” Nuln Oil before being dry-brushed with more “Vallejo” Gunmetal Grey. I then dabbed “The Army Painter” Strong Tone Quickshade into some of the joints in order to represent some wear and tear, and then dry-brushed the entire miniature with “Citadel” Ironbreaker.

As I wanted these machines to represent the berserk androids which roam the post-apocalyptic landscape of “Gamma World”, I thought they should look a bit battered and rusty, so ‘spotted’ each model with some watered-down “Vallejo” Copper. I then applied some more Strong Tone Quickshade to each of these areas and dry-brushed them with “Citadel” Ironbreaker so they blended in a bit better.
Finally, as I wanted to break up the all-metallic look to the wandering military machines, I painted their weapons pure “Citadel” Abaddon Black, and ‘picked out’ their eyes with a combination of “Vallejo” Heavy Red and “Citadel” Carroburg Crimson.

Ooh I like these bad boys Simon.  They are suitably menacing but still give a touch of 1950s bad sci-fi nostalgia.  I like your technique on the metal, it's a lot like what I do with my plate mail clad gendarmes but better looking!  And the red "eyes" are nicely sinister.  And it is me or is the dude in the middle in your last trio giving me the metal finger?  
 As a suggestion to help your minion, maybe provide a group shot so I can see all 8 robots and count them effectively.  I like the 3-in-1 photos (maybe you can school us on these), but adjudicating felt a bit like a spot the differences game! 

My Name is PeterD and I'll Be Your Minion Today....

My Minions. Now, remind me, who's who again? - Curt

The eagle eyed of you may note a change in commentary style today (or maybe not).  That's because Curt gets to to rest for a while (assuming the espresso buzz has worn off from Theme day) and passes the baton onto Minions for the week days.

I'll be the guinea pig minion, so if things go pear-shaped you know who to blame...
Anyway back to the show.

From AdamC 28mm Four more for Frostgrave (20 points)

First up we have this fine "sheildmaiden" from Bad Squiddo Games (or Dice Bag Lady if you preffer) its one of the first of a line of "belivable female miniatures." The scupts are excellent and Annie runs a first rate operation. I've named her Walpurgis in honor of the Swordwoman shown in the I.33 Manuscript.
I decided to do the tunic/dress in blue plaid it just seemed to work for her then the sash in red and the ride stipes on the under tunic set off the blue palate.
Another of my hand painted shields a varient of the raven I did last year.  She'll make a good "Man" at-arms for Frostgrave but please don't call her a Thug she is after all a lady and armed.
This fellow has a Frostgrave head and sword and a Wargames Factory body, arms and shield. He needs a good name probably with a Norse tone to it please feel free to suggest one.
The pieces work well together, though Frostrgrave arms would be a bit large with the body the same issue doesn't apear with the head.
I also adde the rope coil form the Frostgrave soldier set I got and I think it adds something to the figure.
This fellow has been in my dead lead box for a while, he's a bit under dressed for Frostgrave but his armerment makes him an excellent "Treasure Hunter" soldier type.  He's an old Ral Partha for those who are curious. I've Named him Peter Blood (as in the clasic swashbuckler movie Captain Blood).
The observent will see he doesn't have snow on his base this is so he can join the fray in En Garde as well.
Non-snow bases work for frostgrave but snow covered bases stand out sharply on other table.
Finaly the Tracker this is one of the official Frostgrave minatures Armed with a staff and bow.  He goes by the name Wolf but if its his real name no one knows.
I'm glad to add him to my stash of Warband figures having a "tracker" is great for flavor but at the moment they have no special abilities (and for a few coins more you can get a Ranger who is a better combatant) so I haven't added one to my war band but its nice to have him in reserve. That should be another most 20 point entry.
Starting out today, we have the first of three posts from AdamC who is nicely building up figures for Frostgrave.  I do like the snow bases on your figures Adam.  Nice work on the tartan and good to see mixing and matching body parts!  

Might I suggest Urs for the Norse type- he seems a bit of a bear.  Peter Blood looks like his blood runs hot enough to keep him warm.  I like the ARMA reference too.