Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From GregB: Warmaster Empire Handgunners (24 points)

A unit of Empire handgunners for "Warmaster"

I was away last week, so could not get very much painting done, but got home in time over the weekend to crank out one more unit for my Warmaster Empire forces.  This is a unit of handgunners, very useful "missile" troops in the game for the Empire player.  Their shooting is harder to stop, and any wounds you can stick to the charging units of your enemy will really come in handy.

Astonishing variety and character in these small sculpts - incredible stuff.
The colours are really loud as before, and they are from the province of Hochland, red and green.  Once again I went with brighter colours to really make them "pop" (I hope).  And although they are of course imaginary, these troops are clearly inspired by the forces of Renaissance Europe, and I believe some rather bright colours were often employed in that era.  So the province of Hochland may have to deal with dark, brooding forests and the scary Middle Mountains, but dammit, their army will look bright and fun when they march forth!

GW's Warmaster figures are a joy to paint, these were no exception.
In an ideal world I would include several of these units in my Empire force, as the stopping power of the handgunners is very useful, particularly when confronting cheese-bag overpowered forces such as those marshaled in the name of Chaos (*cough* Chaos Knights *cough*).  The Warmaster game, however, is long-cancelled, and the figures are found only in online aftermarkets.  These particular figures seldom appear on Ebay, so this unit will remain a little lonely for now...

The yellow feathers...maybe too yellow? Oh well.

Once again I must rave at just how awesome these sculpts are from GW.  Just frigging brilliant, a true joy to paint.  Man, I can't wait to get a game in again with this stuff...haven't played Warmaster in like eight years or something...

The handgunners take their place in the ranks...not to worry gents, I'm sure those Knights behind you will hold off and not trample you or anything like that.
Of course I have to include the obligatory progress shot of the overall force, which has grown from a neglected little smattering to a healthy-sized, full force ready for a game! I'm fortunate enough to have a few more units to add (included some nice recent Ebay scores, even if I can't find many handgunners) but I think, for now, this will bring my little Warmaster run to an end, although with my butterfly attention span, who knows what next week might bring?

The Empire forces for Warmaster! They even have  house to defend now! I wonder if Byron could be convinced to 3D print more of that village stuff...

I'll conclude with a photo from our visit to California last week.  We visited the Palm Springs area, and while much of the trip was taken up with important activities like relaxing by a pool, sipping drinks and shopping, we also went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, home to a surreal and mesmerizing landscape.  What an amazing place...can't wait to visit again next year.

The Barker Dam at Joshua Tree National Park in the USA...there had been some rain two weeks prior, so there was water behind the dam...it was a peaceful and beautiful place to visit, and a lovely hike...

There 24 castings 10mm in size for this submission, so this should get me 24 points.  Trudging toward the goal...see you next week! So long California :(

Alan and Paul: It has been a real pleasure seeing this army grow. The bright colours really suit those figures. I certainly hope you have some success finding some more on ebay to add to your army! Glad to hear you had a good holiday as well - the landscape looks stunning - but surely you should have waited until after the Challenge? :)

By the way - with this entry we are only 4 points away from cracking the 50,000. I am feeling the strange sort of statistical pleasure that must be similar to Miles' habitual state.


If Ron Burgundy doesn't add credibility to a statistical update then nothing will.  In fact as you read this and any future Stats update, please do so using Ron Burgundy's voice.  It would make both Baxter and I very happy.

I'm here with the AHPC VII Stats Update for Week 8, or the "Ocho" as it's known here in the numerology world.

I know most of you were dismayed, nay even  depressed, about a lack of an update for week 6.  My work travel just didn't afford me the time to prepare a proper update for week 6 and rather than sacrifice quality, I decided you should go without.  Statistical withdrawal is a harrowing experience and one that I didn't inflict on you lightly.  Your suffering makes the Statistical bar go even higher.  I think theres some solace in that statement.  I also was still a bit shaken up from "the culling".  Being forced into to being the Snow Lord's hit man and striking the "delete" key four times is not something that should be taken lightly.  I'm still having nightmares....

But now we're here at week 8, and only have 5 weeks to go in this year's Challenge.  To date we've had 540 submissions from 96 participants - both on record paces.  Lets take a look at the rolling Tally:

Note: Those of you reviewing these stats in an office setting should consider angling your screen so as many people as possible can see you.  Stats are well documented to increase the esteem with which your coworkers hold you in.  As an added bonus it kind of looks like work and you need all the help you can in that category, don't you?

Weeks Completed24681113
Weeks Remaining1197520
Participants w/ a Submission47819696
Total Submissions89239417540
Total Points7,71121,90636,63248,905
Participation Rate47%81%100%100%
Average per Submitter164270382509
Avg per Submission87928891
Submitter % of Target Completed16%32%48%65%
Projected Points
Remaining Bouns Rounds9,2616,7875,8514,255
Non Submitters @ 25%13,3581,65700
Projected Total Points72,74178,39484,68782,720
Figures Painted
Cav / Art69155305425
Cav / Art28178285361
Cav / Art1118108187
Score Distribution
Bonus Round "Bonus Points"0%11%13%9%
Other Scales4%9%17%15%

Our current point tally of 48,905 points compares very favorably to the 39,812 we had scored through the same period of time for last years Challenge.  

28mm continues to dominate the figures painted totals with close to 5,000 28mm infantry figures painted - that's like a third of DaveD's Sudan collection, so you know it's a lot.

So what about the Point-O-Projector and it's machinations?  Yes I fired that ole' monster up, fed it the required kittens to grease the cogs, chanted the unspeakable chants to the math gods and turned the crank.  After some sputtering and a sound that I can only describe as a cry for mercy, the machine spat out the forecast of 83K points - approximately the same amount as the last tow projections.  My gut (which is large and therefore very accurate) tells me the projection is a tad high and I think the right number is 80K-ish.  Never-the-less, these are record setting totals.

Now, lets answer some of your cards and letters.  It's really very rewarding to receive your adulation. I deserve it, of course, but still it's the polite thing to say "thank you"

RR from the UK writes: Dear Prof Maths: What's it like to be an International Miniature Painting Statistical Superstar?
Well RR, I'm just a normal person like yourself when you take away the celebrity status, the adoring fans, and the lucrative endorsement contracts.  By the way have tried Vallejo paints, they're simply the best.

P O'G from "Down-Under" writes: Dear Stats-God: what can I, as mere mortal, do to be more like you?
I get this question a lot and, I suppose that's only natural, but Mr P it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to the study of the dark arts of mathematics - becoming a world class mathamagician is an arduous calling and one not for the faint of heart but the rewards, ahh the rewards are worth it.  Oh you do need one more thing - an unfailing ability to ignore the obvious facts in front of you that indicate you might just be a middle aged wind bag who isn't as funny as he thinks.  Banish those unfortunate facts and make your own reality - just like Trump, what could go wrong?

CC from "the Great White North" writes: Hey you moron stop wasting blog space with your idiotic ramblings!
Well, umm, I see that the Snow Lord is grumpy and may not have taken his meds.   Discretion dictates that I must scurry away to the stat's lab and go into hiding for a few weeks.  Don't worry, "I'll be back".

That's all the time we have this week, but please keep those cards and letters coming.

From AledC - Spearmen, but not Arabs (60 points)

Another quick post everyone, am in a bit of a mid move madness. These figures were actually painted last week but the basing was not finished in time so I was able to get that sorted early in the week. No painting since then. :(

Photography has not improved yet :/
Here is the third unit for my burgeoning Dragon Rampant force, a unit of Spearmen. I'll use these as a unit of heavy foot much like the swordsman I did earlier in the challenge but without any upgrades.

Hiding in Ithilien....
I included in the unit the lovely banner bearer sculpt as I wanted to use him and some of my mass of GW LOTR models hadn't faired well in the years they were neglected.

Looking into the setting sun.
Twelve model to further add to the tally, and hopefully, I can get back to painting soon. I intend to try and get the last of the foot units done from my Arab army before the end of the challenge and an entry into the last bonus round which should put me near enough to 1000 points. We'll see how I go.

Close up on the bannerman.

Alan and Paul: Ahh - there are few things more frustrating than being unable to get paint on brush during the Challenge. I feel for you. Well done for getting these 12 finished. I'm not sure that photographing them in the long grass really works, but, this being Australia, if you can get a Huntsman spider into the photo with them it would look awesome. Hope you can get back into the painting soon.

From RusselG - Paying my Share (30 points)

Hello Painters and Readers,

A small post today with my progress on my half of the Curtgeld.

The following miniatures are the retainers of Penda, the last pagan warlord.

I took on the challenge of painting his standard bearer and bodyguard, which i will be sending on to RossM so he can complete the set.

The set is available from Gripping Beast.

They require some matt varnish to remove the gloss from some mild washes, but are otherwise finished, as they are to be based by RossM.

2 x 28mm miniatures.

Alan and Paul: The Gripping Beast vignette these are from is stunning, and I think you are going to make Curt a very happy Overlord. 2 x 28mm figures give you ten points, with another 20 for the Curtgeld. Being a sucker for hand painted shields I've given you an extra point for that and the embroidery on the standard bearer's tunic.

From AnthonyO - More Team Yankee, some Germans and a Rather Rare French Fighting Machine (135 Points)

This week has seen me power on with the Team Yankee Russians and take on a few King Tigers for my FoW Germans as well as paint up a rarely seen French Tank Hunter.

Team Yankee 15mm - Russians - 90 Points

When you are on a roll... 9 more T72's and 4 Shilka's along with 2 SU-25's all from Battlefront Miniatures. Once you work out the basic paint scheme it becomes a production line and you can achieve a lot in a small amount of time.

Next week I will tackle another 6 Hinds which should look great on the table.

King Tigers 15mm - 18 Points

These King Tigers are surprisingly heavy! Resin and metal combine to really put some weight in them and they are great little miniatures. I have no idea what they pay like however I was given these and being so iconic I had to paint them up.

French 1/56 Citroen-Kegresse Portee - 25 Points 

This great little tank destroyer comes from Mad Bob Miniatures (crew from JTFM) and is just a great model. The vehicle is a halftrack converted to carry a 25mm AT gun in the lead up to WW2 and it was clearly outclassed very early on. I will use it with my early war French for Bolt Action and revel in it terrible performance and take all that for that one occasion where it takes out the prized opponents tank!

Next week will see more Team Yankee and a return to 28mm with the brand new WW2 Dragon Portees from Crusader Miniatures.

Alan and Paul: Blimey Patch! Your production line has been churning out the models over the past few weeks. I really admire your vehicles - great, subtle camouflage, and very convincing looking weathering. That French Portee is a good looking piece of kit, although placing it just after the King Tigers is a reminder of how far tanks and armour developed during the war. Great stuff, and I hope your Portee will cover itself in unexpected glory. I've rounded your total up to 135 points for the crewmen in your 15mm vehicles.

From RusselG - 15mm Sci-Fi (90 points)

Hello again, painters and readers,

For my second post and to bump me up close to my personal goal of 400 points i present these little minions.

These miniatures are from Ground Zero Games 15mm range.They are the corporate Ashigaru from the Japanese. I had done a single pack of them before the painting challenge started to see how they would look as stand ins for stormtroopers. Unfortunately I have rather rushed these and they didn't turn out as well as my first batch, but this force is entirely whimsical so I am not terribly bothered about it.

And here they are with the previous 8 figures from the test batch and the Vader figure who started this entire project. He had sat on lead mountain for 5 years before i decided to press on with this.
Also at the back are 2 walkers that are sold as part of the titanium series of collectibles, they like Vader were painted before the challenge, but the challenge has given me the push to get these figures finished.

45 x 15mm infantry in total.

Alan and Paul: Interesting figures, Russel - I haven't seen these before. I reckon they work pretty well as Stormtroopers, but I like them a lot in their own right, especially the officer wielding a katana! What game are you planning to use these for? 45 x 15mm figures will earn you 90 points towards your total.

From Barks - Rebel Raiders (45 points)

Oh yes, Star Wars Tuesday is back! These are the latest releases of Rebels for Imperial Assault.

Vinto Hreeda, Onar Koma, and Shyla Vrashtu all sound like curries. Vinto is my new pet favourite, with his Starlord-esque appearance, running and gunning against the clock. Onar was great fun to paint with bright red, orange and yellow. Shyla is my least favourite, but I think she'll kick arse on the tabletop.

These Rangers are, if you look closely, all female. They painted up really quickly and my only complaint is the monopose.

Alan and Paul: 'Thanks, I'll have an Onar Koma with a Sith Biryani thanks.' Well, these lovely figures have certainly curried favour with us. Great paintjob Barks. Vinto is my favourite as well. He looks like a Rodian who would always fire first. I think you did a excellent job on the Rangers as well. They could easily look pretty flat with the drab colour scheme, but you have managed to get a lot of contrast to draw out the detail. The Force is with you.

Tuesday Minions Reporting For Duty

AlanD and Paul O'G are on the case.

You are in safe hands.

And a happy Valentine Day to all.