Tuesday, 21 January 2020

GuyB: Some characters for my D&Ders - Sander's Sandune

I'm currently working on a large batch of minis but suddenly realised I needed to post something! I finished these models about two weeks ago.

I hadn't thought about the challenges, but when I looked through them, I realised I'd completed Sander's Sandunes by accident. The one model is a Talisman plastic Druid from 1994. I'd picked him out to experiment with Citadel Contrast paints. The Ghoul is kitbashed from the plastic cultists.

I'd also done some dwarves using a mix of Tamiya Smoke on bare metal, combined with undercoating the non-metallic bits with a white primer and finishing with more Citadel Contrast to finish. The Dwarves are metal Oathmark ones.

Points? I think that's 25 for five 28mm models and 30 for the challenge?
By Paul: 
Some lovely miniatures there Guy, packed with character. 
Those Oathmark Dwarves really appeal to me but I am trying to resist my inner magpie...
That is indeed 55 points for your tally

From DarrellH: Reconquista at Partizan 2020, Yusuf ibn Tashfin Command Base (20 pts)

Yusef ibn Tashfin victor against Alfonso Vi of Leon and Castile was a very remarkable man. As leader of the Moroccan Almoravid dynasty and was one of the founders of the city of Marrakesh. On heading the call of the Taifa Kingdoms, the once mighty kingdom of Al Andalus in Southern Spain; pleading for military aid and intervention in order to block the encroachment of the resurgent Christian Kingdoms. Tashfin managed to unite the Taifa Kingdoms with his Almoravid invasion force and lead a very successful campaign, putting the Christian forces under immense pressure and devastating the ambitions of Alfoso

He faced Alfonso VI of Leon and Castile twice in open battle winning spectacular victories on both occasions at the Battle of Sagrajas 1086 and the Battle of Consuegra 1097 respectively.

This piece is the command base that will be attached to the Yusef ibn Tashfin's Black Guard. His personal guard and chosen mostly from Slav and Sudanese slaves. (Unfortunately I cannot post any pics of the Black Guard as they were finished before the painting challenge began- you can see pics of them on my Just Add Water wargames blog)

From Paul

The painting is superb and you get bonus points for the banners and shield work. Thats 3 figures and 5 bonus points for 20 points

From Richard P - 10mm Iraq 1941 Project IRAQI POLICE

Another of the 2020 projects is a 10mm WW2 project using the wonderful book by Alan Hamilton "A Wargamer's Guide to the Campaign in Iraq 1941"

The plan is to have the entire project finished by November this year ready to begin a series of campaign games as detailed in the book. The rules I will be using are Blitzkrieg Commander IV from Pendraken Miniatures.

First two units complete are both Iraqi Police using the 10mm Pendraken British from their Colonial Zulu War Range as a proxy as suggested in the Guide. A total of 18 bases (16 rifles and 2 HQ) giving a total of 54 miniatures.

By Paul
What a unique little project!  That region of the world has certainly seen its share of challenges, but yours will be quite a different take on it to what we usually associate with Iraq.

54 figs for points points Sir! 

From AlexS: Neanderthals for Cooke's Crevase (55 pts)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex, and I am the main producer of Neanderthal miniatures in Russia. I’m the main one because I’m the only one. I ordered master models and molds from a talented sculptor and I produce these miniatures at my dacha.

These miniatures did not go on sale, and now the important point is that they are painted for the first time. Moreover, they are painted not just like that, but as a tribute of respect and respect to MartinC. He is for me an example of how to work a lot and well in a hobby.

I thought that the unique figures of Neanderthals with stones in their hands is a good idea in order to be able to get out in this place. I specifically made them dirty (well, fine, I don't paint very clean at all, but I tried really hard) and a little doomed. They probably know that they will die out soon ...

You may ask what kind of stones they have in their hands? I don’t know, I’m not a geologist, but I think I got obsidian. May be. And then they can be used to play on the books of George Martin ... How do you like this idea?

28mm inf 5x5 = 25
bonus = 30
total - 55

By Paul
Not enough to bring down a fully grown Mammoth to feed the tribe, but this handy little gathering will make the sabertooths and terror birds think twice about attacking!

55 points for you Alex!

From BrettM: Entry model (30 points)

Here is the entry fee model for this years Challenge. Got this figure a while ago thinking about getting into frostgrave. 
Was a fun to paint. 
Assuming we still get points for this one. So a solid 5 to the add to the pile. Next up some Lizardmen!

By Paul

Now he would make a great Frostgrave enemy for sure - a Lich Lord in the making
5 points for the fig plus 25 for the Curtgeld so 30 points overall Brett!

From ByronM - General Veers and Greek casualty markers (37 points)

A small entry for today, while I work on a few larger submissions.

First up, continuing on with my Star Wars: Legion project I have another character model done.  This time it is General Veers.  For those unfamiliar with the name, he was the Imperial commander that lead the assault on the rebel base on Hoth in the Empire Strikes back.

This character was important for me to get completed as I have enough troops to play a game with, but only Vader as a character.  In game Vader is a HUGE points sink, coming out at about 200 points, so for my initial learning games at 500 points, he is kind of prohibitive to take in as he is 40% of your points.  General Veers is under a 100 points so far easier to fit into a list at the entry level games, and I can keep Vader for the normal 800 point games later on.  More importantly I have a 500 point game setup for tonight, so had to get him done.

I wanted to keep to his normal colour scheme so that he is recognizable, but I may have to dust him up or something to make him fit with the rest of my force.  However, being in a time crunch to complete him, he did not get weathered, he may later.

Next up is a return to my Greek project from the last two years. While I don't really need more Greeks right now, I do need more casualty / moral markers as I keep running out in game. All of the ones I painted up initially were generic Greeks, so mainly meant for the Allied Greek force.  So it was time to get some Spartan themed ones completed so that there are enough to go around during a game.

These are simple 50mm rounds with 3d printed die holders and some Wargames Foundry Greek casualty figures.  I use the dice to show the current moral / shock / casualty count on the attached unit. What the dice symbolizes really depends on what rule set we are playing with, but having these markers is useful no mater what it represents since it stops people from picking up dice from behind a unit and then 5 minutes later trying to remember what the die was and for which unit.

I believe the points for today should be 1 x 7 for the 40mm Veers and 6 x 5 for the 28mm Greeks for a total of 37 points, but it may be less due to only having to paint 1 side of the casualties, I leave that to the minion of the day.

That's it for today, hope you all like the submissions, back probably tomorrow with my Snow Lord's Peak tribute piece.

By Paul:

General Veers is very nice indeed, but its the Greek casualties that steal the show for me. Given the other work in generating those bases I'll score them overall as a full figure (and also because they look so nice!)

Good stuff Byron!

From PeteF: O'Grady's Gulch - Pict Javelinmen (65 points)

Last year I enthusiastically signed up for Challenge IX's Squirrel! duel. I asked one of my wargaming friends for different models to paint and one of the things he gave me was this unit of Pict javelinmen. Distraction prevented me from painting everything I had lined up for the Squirrel! duel and I did not get around to painting the Picts last year. They remained on my shelf of shame for Challenge X and exploring O'Grady's Gulch provided a perfect reason to get them done and returned to their rightful owner.

My friend often bases his troops 3 to a 40mm square base. There are enough to fill the area and they look suitably irregular - it looks great on the tabletop with any kind of not heavily drilled massed ranks and saves a little painting.

Since my last entry was a little light on the painting I promised plaid in a future entry - here it is, including full tartan on the cape. I'm not sure what century these Old Glory sculpts belong to and how anachronistic the textiles might be. They got a mainly green/yellow/brown colour palette. Highlighting the pattern seemed to work well, finally found a use for Amaranth Red which gives a nice orangey highlight to Hull Red (A dark blackish red).

The shields are all simple designs - a mixture of Pictish swirls and various animals. The purple flowers on the base are highland heather. It was an enjoyable project and excised some of the residual shame from the shelf. I'm hoping there won't be (m)any similar projects postponed to Challenge XI or beyond.

Six 28mm foot at five points each plus 30 points for exploring a new area.

By Paul, Lord of the Gulch
A Lordly gift to your friend indeed - he will be thrilled to receive them no doubt.
They look wonderfully irregular and spot on for wild picts charging their foe

And take a bonus 5 points for hand painted shields and plaid - good stuff!

From TomM: Fran's Fjord: The King of Monsters (40 points)

In this dastardly adventure on the Challenge Island, I visited Fran's Fjord.

Home of the Lord of All Things 15mm, the subject had to be sci-fi or imagi-nation, and I rummaged through my stack of unpainted figures to find one suitable.

Enter Khurassan Miniatures 15mm Godzilla, suitably wading through water as well as it makes it's way across the fjord to the other shore.

Even submerged, the King of Monsters still stands the size of a 28mm model, ready to rain nuclear flames on those that oppose it!

And this should allow me to scratch off Fran's Fjord of my places to visit list, granting me 30 bonus points but I honestly have no clue what to score the beast itself?  Is it 8 points for a vehicle or 2 for infantry?

From Paul:
Whats not to love about Kaiju? Seriously, I don't think Toho Films get enough credit for a fantastic franchise. I've been thrilled with its recent rebirth, so I'm very excited to see this entry.

I've scored this King of the Monsters as a 15mm vehicle plus I'm throwing in 2 bonus points for his atomic fire breath awesomeness for a total of 40 points.

From NoelW: The Ice Toad at Millsy's Millpond: (45 points)

So now we’re travelling northwest, exactly opposite to the direction we need. With luck maybe we can flag down a passing balloon. But no balloon appears. Instead, we stumble into a millpong (not a typo) which seems to be inhabited by a single white frog.

Now, we all know that the ways of the frogs are mysterious so it pays to be cautious. This may, after all, be a prince under some unwanted amphibial obligation - not that I’m that keen on kissing the slimy thing, obviously, but if I, as leader, am called upon to make sacrifices for the sake of my loyal followers, what choice do I have?

I purse my lips and reach down to the creature.

“Ribbit,” it says, rather rudely, and I’m so taken aback – rather, so taken a-forward – that I fall head first into the millpong. That name is actually something of an understatement.

I try again to find common ground – common mud – with the creature, in the hope he may be able to direct us to somewhere on this island it’s actually worth going to.

“Loffly plaaz you hav heer,” I say – not as easy as you'd think when your mouth's full of pond-weed, “I vonter iv you gan diregd us to a nearpie hoffel for the night?”

“Ribbit,” the frog smirks. Which seems to me distinctly uncalled for.

Taking the weed from between my incisors, I try once more: “We need somewhere to stay for the night. And perhaps a little something tasty to eat?”

“Rabbit,” says the frog.

“Well, perhaps not that little."

"Hobbit," the frog suggests.

"Well, I always find them rather chewy. Alternatively, if there's not a 4 star eatery nearby, perhaps you could give us some useful advice?”

“Hoppit,” says the frog, and with a wild flurry of magic - or perhaps it’s a splash of pondwater - disappears without trace.


My collection includes a fair number of ancient models, particularly Citadel fantasy and D&D models from their earliest releases and many GW from the 80s and early 90s, but most are painted, so I’ve settled for this simple frog. I couldn’t establish the exact date of release, but it’s from the pre-slotta days, so perhaps around 1984.

However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to treat Millsy’s challenge as an excuse to include the very first metal miniatures I ever bought, so the oldest painted figs in my collection. They are Miniature Figurines (Minifigs) Napoleonics, bought in 1968 when I made my first ever trip to London, to see Pink Floyd in Hyde Park. 

I thought they were worth showing to demonstrate that, despite all comments to the contrary, my painting skills have actually improved in 52 years. Look at all that yellowing gloss varnish! I thought about repainting them for Millsy's Challenge, in order to grub a few extra points, but, it turns out, I’m apparently not that scheming. 

The uniforms are imagined, mainly because my 15 year old self had no sense of what correct uniforms might look like, and at that time I couldn’t figure out how to access the Internet. (In fact, I read my first book on computing around then: “Teach Yourself Computers” – and didn’t understand a word of it!)

Anyway, back to the point: as with other Challengers, I’m repurposing D&D miniatures for Frostgrave, so this frog has become an Ice Toad. My family possessed a huge D&D and fantasy resource between the late 70s, when we first discovered D&D, and the mid 90s, as the children first appeared and then grew. I remember that I built our first actual model dungeon for my wife to play when she came home from the maternity ward with our first child. I peopled it with cheery “welcome home” encounters, such as the undead and kobolds (she hated kobolds – they always harassed her, and never had any decent treasure when eventually pounded into the dust). That fantasy collection is somewhat diminished now, and rarely played with, though armies of elves, dwarves, skeletons and so on remain, chafing at their box lids and we’ve still a fab collection of dragons.
But this frog never made it to the table so at last it has an opportunity.

I’m quite pleased with the “ice” effect surrounding the frog/toad. It’s made of fragments of a Christmas decoration which suffered an unfortunate accident this year. We generally invent a Christmas miniature game each year, so maybe the frog, now upgraded to toad, will feature in future.

Scoring: 28mm frog: 5 pts; pre-90s: 10 pts; Millsy's Millpond: 30 pts: Total 45 pts
By Paul:
There are some great D&D minis that need more love, especially were Frostgrave is involved
Loving the ice shards and snow effects too - great stuff

Of course, there could have been extra points involved had you painted said amphibian like the Hypnotoad from Futurama....

The Hypnotoad...

All glory to the Hypnotoad...

(Maybe I watch too much Futurama)

From SebastianR: Taking to the skies (60 points)

From the sandhill, the Snow Peak seemed so tantalizingly close, and yet...

Geezer had decided not to stick around and disappeared, muttering about tourists. I found myself at a camp near the base of the sandhill trying to hitch a ride. Eventually I managed to catch the attention of a passing balloon by discharging the phlebotimiser randomly into the air.

"Next time just call," the pilot told me disapprovingly, handing me her card. "Did you not get your orientation pack?"

"Oh. Is that what that was," I said sheepishly, "I might have used that as firelighters. It was very cold on the sandhill at night."


I here present what I thought was a miscellaneous sci-fi WRNS.

It was only after I googled the manufacturer (Savage Core/Ice Age?) that I found out she was some sort of time traveling space nazi, and by then it was too late, I'd already blocked coloured her with a rather fetching shade of sky blue. In hindsight, the big eagles on the folder and the cap should have been a give away.

Besides, this is my Curtgeld (as I believe it's called) and I suppose people might prefer an alt-history WRNS to a time travelling space nazi as a prize.

There's no flock on the base for boring technical reasons, but she will be flocked up soon enough.

The only thing that makes her sci-fi is the rather featureless weapon in her right had. It looks more like a drill than anything else. It reminds me rather strongly of a data interface tool I saw in a sci-fi. It might even have been a parody sci-fi like red dwarf. Answers on the back of postcard.

So that's 35 points, 5 for the model and 30 for the challenge

By Paul:
You had me at time travelling space Nazi :-)
Plus another 25 points for Curtgeld so thats 60 points!