Sunday, 27 November 2016

Paint Duels and Side Challenges!

Macabre yes, but perversely funny...
The the issuing of side challenges, paint duels and grudge matches extends back to the first Challenge and has become a tradition ever since. The duels help motivate participants in keeping their steam up and create a fun atmosphere of smack talk and brush baiting.

For those who are new to this silliness let us explain: the paint duels allow small groups of participants to test one another against a variety of criteria. Maybe it's to see who can paint the most vehicles over the entire Challenge, or to paint figures within a particular historical period/genre, other duels may be to see who can get to a specific points threshold first. The sky's the limit - it's really up to your imagination.

Over the years the side duels have become more formalized, with many of these clashes of brush and paint become part of Challenge lore.

I've already noticed that a few participants have already started to issue duels, so I thought I'd dedicate an area of the blog to it so we keep track all in one spot. You can now find the link to the Duels page on the top navigation bar.

The indomitable Millsy will be in charge of keeping track of the paint duels this year. ALL updates on duels must be sent to him for tabulation and posting - This will be the official scorecard of the duels. No other flim flam spreadsheets, heretical documents or bogus scorecards will be recognized. So send him a note to get your duel registered and keep him appraised of any progress.

Millsy can be reached at: 

Again, when you finish an entry that's eligible for scoring in a duel please send Millsy a quick note, giving the name of the duel and the points you wish to add. He in turn will update the sheet. Simple! 

Okay! Let's have some fun with this! I want to see gauntlets dropped and cards exchanged.