Tuesday, 12 March 2019

From TamsinP - Demons With Clean Faces (25 points)

Well, I couldn't let a week go by without letting you have some more pulpy goodness now, could I? I think there would have been a riot if I did!

This time I am presenting some of the younger residents of Salutesville, namely Ray "Badger Cub" Rousell Jr and his gang.

Ray Jr

Like father, like son, Ray Jr is always coming up with grand money-making ideas that never quite pan out. Such as entering a bear in the city's beauty pageant - the judges quite rightly didn't accept his argument that the rules didn't specify that the contestant had to be a human female...

Little Lee

Little Lee always wears a cap to cover up the fact that he is going bald very young. That could be down to tearing his hair out at Ray Jr's schemes. Given his luck with dice, it probably wasn't a good move to send Lee to play craps at Phil the Shark's back-room.

Frankie Li

The son of a Chinese father and Irish mother, Frankie dreams of becoming an opera singer. Or a chef. Even of going to work on his uncle's farm in the old country (Which one? Either will do!). Anything, just so long as it gets him a long, long way from that feckin' eedjit Ray Jr (I did mention that his mother was Irish didn't I?).

Billy "Biff" Banks

"Biff" acts as Ray's minder, extricating him from dangerous situations (normally the wrath of the others when he has lost their pocket money on another hair-brained scheme. Again.).

Tommy "Ginge" Parker

"Ginge" fancies himself as a boxer and Ray Jr has high hopes of managing him as he rises through the ranks to become world champion. If there was only some way to fix that glass jaw...

This is another set from Pulp Figures - "The Boys From The Bowery". As ever with Bob's sculpts, they are full of character and were fun to paint.

For scoring, five 28mm figures should give me 25 points.

I was wondering if we were going to get some more pulp figures this week. Good to see my namesake is as reliable with dice as I am. Some very interesting character backstories here, its almost as if they were based on real people...

Lovely work as always Tamsin and a great final hurrah for the Tuesday Crew.  Now we can all get our heads down to finish those last few entries in the last days of the Challenge. 

From KenR : 28mm Italian Wars Mounted Crossbow & Command (90 Points)

The final post for Team Tuesday has to be some more Italian Wars and to keep my personal challenge of a unit of Cavalry a week going here are some more Mounted Crossbow along with something you were all praying for another Cardinal Command Stand 😎

The six figures of the Mounted Crossbow are all from the plastic Light Cavalry box set with the ubiquitous addition of one of Petes Flags.

From the finery of the Gendarme to the "smart but casual" Squires we have reached the pit of Scum and Villany with these boys. There is no uniform here just a mix match of clothing and armour, most of it probably looted.

In addition to these the Command Stand features the remaining 2 Clergy figures from the Perry's range which didnt go on the first Papal Command Stand I did a few weeks ago plus the usual plastic Standard Bearer and ....... yep you guessed it a Pete's Flag.

Points wise this is a bit easier than my last post, there are 8 x 28mm Cavalry at 10pts plus a single 28mm foot figure at 5 pts and a couple of flags for a total of 87 points for both the main total and the Renaissance Side Duel.

They are designed to go with the other six mounted Crossbow that I painted at the start of the Challenge in the above unit of 12.

There will be at least one more Italian Wars entry before Challenge End but as this is the last IW post for Team Tuesday I just want to say thanks for all your kind comments during the course of the last 3 months, they have really spurred me on to get stuck into this Project, Thank You 👍

More wonderful cavalry and I'm not ashamed to declare that I am a big fan of this project. And as a body of work its been a beauty to see it develop and grow (I'm getting all emotional!). 

Thankfully the points are easier this time around but I'm throwing in some extras because once again I just think the quality deserves it. 

From KenR : 28mm WW2 Italian Motorcycle Squad (125 Points)

Everyone, I can only apologise I seem to have accidentally deleted my original post with Lee's comments on whilst trying to copy it. Sorry.

Original pictures below,

I must not be allowed near technology unsupervised 
I must not be allowed near technology unsupervised 
I must not be allowed near technology unsupervised 
I must not be allowed near technology unsupervised 

From RayR - Beneath the Lily Banners - 15mm Spanish Brigade (250 Points)

Back down to 15mm for my next Painting Challenge entry. I've been promising myself that I'd paint a Spanish brigade for my Beneath the  Lily Banners rules for a few years now. well 5 years to be exact, where'd that time go?? I bought a copy of The Spanish Armies of the League of Augsberg, here, after winning a competition which got the juices flowing.....

So here we are!

There are 4 units of infantry, 4 artillery pieces, a stand of Grenadiers and 3 commanders. All the figures are from Donnington, which are not my usual goto company for my NYW figures. I bought 98% of this on ebay for  a bargain price. Then had to top up a few bits and bobs. They are a little larger than Essex

A pic from the back

Tercio Sevilla or old Violet’s (Morados viejos)

Maestros de Campo : (1685) D. Thomas de los Cobos y Luna, (1695) D. Francisco Antonio Diaz Pimienta 

Tercio Cordova or old Green’s (Verdes viejos)

Maestros de Campo : (1682) D. Carlos de Eguia, (1691) D. Juan Vasquez de Acuña, (october 1694) D. Esteban de Olalla

Tercio Valladolid or old Yellow’s (Amarillos viejos)

Maestros de campo : (1677) D. Antonio Serrano, (1689) D. Pedro Tolesano y Velasco, (1695) D. Fernando Davila Bravo de Laguna.

Tercio de Aragon

Maestros de Campo : (1678-1691) Artal de Azlor, conde de Guara, (1692) Guillén Ramon de Moncada, marqués de Aytona, (1693) D. Geronimo Pérez de Nueros y Pueyo

1 Heavy, 2 Medium & 1 Light artillery piece

1 Base of Grenadiers

Governor General and Captain General of Flanders 03/01/1686-December 1691 D. Francisco Antonio de Agurto, Marqués de Gastañaga.

D. Juan Vasquez de Acuña

D. Pedro Tolesano y Velasco

Spanish flags are a right pain, there were a quite a number captured at various battles but we don't know which flag belongs to which regiment, with the exception of Tercio Aragon on the left. So I picked the ones I liked and added them to the regts. All flags are taken from the book previously mentioned, The Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsberg 1688-97 by Giancarlo Boeri, Josè Luis Mirecki and Josè Palau with Artwork by Robert Hall available from The Pike & Shot Society

So by my calculations, we have
4 x 21 figure units =  168
6 x Grenadiers = 12
12 x Artillerymen = 24
4 x Artillery pieces = 16
6 x Commanders = 24
For a total of 244 points!!

You have been a busy boy Ray. I don't know how you find the time?! It sounds like an interesting period, the big question is, when are the Rejects going to see this lot on the table in the shed-o-war? 

You're spot on with the points but there are also 4 flags which will get you some more points. And I'm throwing in a few more for impressing me with your output...I don't happen often folks, but now and again I am impressed! 

JamesM: 15mm Ward LaFrance Wrecker (9 points)

Hi folks,

Yet another wrecker truck for my collection completed during this challenge, this time a much larger vehicle in the form of a American Lend Lease Ward LaFrance Wrecker, which is shown here in British service. This one is decalled up to be from the 'Light' Aid Detachment of 33 Armoured Brigade.

The model is, I think, an MMM Models 15mm resin kit. It was an eBay purchase and had a lot of damage which was repaired with the use of plasticard. There are still a few bubbles and missing bits, but it will do!

It's also a pretty massive bit of kit, being longer than a Sherman tank - the base it's on is actually a longer than standard 'FoW Large' size. The model didn't come with any crew figures, so I've just left it driverless for want of any specific figure and the cabin being a tight squeeze.

A single 15mm vehicle = 8 points.

A very interesting vehicle. I've not seen one of these before so I had a look at my reference books but then I realised I had seen one, in the flesh so-to-speak, at a military vehicle rally several years ago. I feel your pain though at a less than satisfactory model bought from ebay. I've had a few purchases like that myself. Having said that I think you've done a good job of bringing it up to spec so I'm going to throw in another point for the 'conversion' work you have done. 

JamesM - LCA Passengers (part 2!) (90 points)

Hi folks,

A final push to get this lot done before the end of the challenge!

Another three LCA's worth of Canadian troops, which finishes off my flotilla of landing craft. Again, these are 15mm Battlefront miniatures which came with the LCA's. I've painted them up in Canadian uniform colours (or my approximation of them), to go with my Juno beach theme.

Just to prove that I have in fact painted the whole lot (practically a company worth of infantry figures):

A total of 72 figures in this lot, at one point per figure (they are cut off at the thigh, unfortunately, low enough to capture the webbing and water bottles!).

Oh these are wonderful. And they really do complete your LCA's from earlier in the Challenge. These will look spectacular as part of a D-Day / Juno game. 

Points wise I sort of agree with your reasoning for reducing the points, but as you said the majority of the detail is still on the figures, above the cut-off point. It's really only the lower legs and bases that are missing. Hmmm, tell you what, I'm going to treat them as whole models but take a 40% off so 72x2 equals 144 less 40% (rounded down, -57) gives you a total of 87. And then I'm going to throw in three more points because you've bothered with details that most people won't be able to see once they are in the LCA's! 90 points total sound fair to you? 

From SanderS - Tigerforce (42 points)


Some more GI Joe stuff for this entry today. The Snow Cat vehicle is just downright cool, so when the 3d design became available on Thingiverse I just had to have one. Sadly I have no plans to do a snowy battlefield at all, mostly due to the lack of arctic troops/ characters and the hassle of doing the terrain. However the Snow Cat was also repainted to be included in the Tigerforce off-spin called a Tiger Cat, since I also had an extra Devilfish I could paint that up as a Tiger Fish it was a no-brainer to go all Tigerforce.

I have no decals for these guys yet so those will have to wait but I am very happy with the colours and the stripes. Less happy I am with the eyes and teeth, but since they are my first attempt at freehand eyes and teeth I guess they are okay.

These two vehicles should net me 40 points right?

Cheers Sander

Bizzar, I was sure I'd already edited this post, added my comments and scheduled it to post...then it pops up in the draft lists again? Weirdsville. Well, I had said something very erudite about the future of 3D printing etc so you'll just have to take my word for it because I'm not as eloquent this morning! 

I'm adding a couple of points for the 'eyes' and the camo pattern so this lot will net you 42 points.