Sunday, 23 November 2014

'There will be Paint before Breakfast' - Painting Duels and Side Challenges for the Fifth AHPC

A fun element that has grown from the Challenge is the 'painting duels' and side wagers taken up between participants. These 'duels' run the gambit from seeing who can reach a defined points goal first, to being able to paint the most figures within a particular period or genre. They are great fun to watch unfold over the three months and provide a great source of goading and cheering for all concerned. 

Here are the first set of duels to kick off this year's Challenge:
- First, I'm calling out Sidney to see which of us will reach our 750 point target first - winner will claim a painted figure from the other. I aced Sid last year so I ask: Will I be hard-pressed this time out or will I get another limited edition Roundwood for my display cabinet?  ;P
- The Dutch Contingent (Jacco, Michael and Rob) have challenged one another to see which one of them will meet their 500 point target first. 
- Anne and Sander have challenged each other to painting the best Femme Fatale. The parameters of the duel are still being hammered-out but I hear murmurs that this clash will come off sometime in January. 
- Anne keeps busy with another duel, this one with Simon. They have challenged one another to see who can paint the most points in Pulp adventure figures over the three months of the event. The winner will get a painted figure from the vanquished. 
- I also have something in the works with Alan and Phil, but more on that once we've hammered out the details on the matches.
To the other participants, I challenge you all to comment below and issue your own call-outs for duels and cage-matches. Let's make this year's Challeng a paint-lashed scrum to the first day of Spring!