Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Thursday's Minion

Thursday's seem to be coming round at an ever decreasing interval! It feels like just yesterday I was last on deck but a quick glance at the calendar proves I've not been abducted by aliens and lost time after all.

So what have we got for you today? The queue already contains some cracking work from EvanH, Barks and JohnSh so hang onto your brushes and enjoy what's coming later today.

In the mean time I leave you to the lyrical stylings of Aussie 80s hard rock trio Spy vs. Spy. Anyone who's ever seen "The Spys" will know they sweat blood on stage. They're the single loudest band I've ever seen, easily kicking even Ministry and The Oils to the curb for sheer decibels. Amp it up folks and look into the eyes, not anywhere else, look right into those scary starey eyes...

Millsy the Minion

From KeithS - A Pair of Warlords (10 pts)

Most of my weekend was spent either gaming or working on my nautical entry, but I did pop out these two guys in a little spare time.  They are both 28mm from Gripping Beast, one a warlord for my Saxon army and one for the Vikings for games of Saga.  I had originally thought to do the Viking in red and the Saxon in blue.  However, in my usual gung-ho fashion, without thinking I started the Saxon in red.  Being lazy, I finished him thusly and did the Viking the same.  So, they do look pretty similar, which was not the intent.  Oh well, I do like the figures.  GB does some great stuff.  I wish I got their stuff for my armies!

The shields are leftovers from my previous Viking/Saxon efforts.  They looked nicer than the GB ones.

Reverse angle.  I did manage to make sure the hair color was different, though it led to my age-old question: which are more likely to be blond, Vikings or Saxons?

The Viking.  He will go with the Mithril fig I painted a week or so ago, giving me two warlords to choose from, one in red and one blue.  Options are good.

A small entry for me, but a little forward progress.  My fleets are almost done for the nautical entry -- just waiting on my good friend Amazon Prime to deliver a fine-point opaque marker!

And a fine pair they are indeed sir!The shields really do set them off , Its always good to have a choice.

From MartinC - Paint Bomb....Misfire (95 Points)

I had such grand plans, a >350 point bomb, but life got in the way. Specifically the 28th anniversary of my 21st birthday on Friday which left me sofa ridden all day Saturday, I am officially too old for 7 hours of power drinking.

I did manage to paint the 2nd unit of Principes, Aventine figures. This left me with only 1 more unit to paint to compete my Republican Roman army. However I bought 3 more units from 1st Corps on Sunday (only 90p per figure) to give me a full 10 cohorts. I do now have a definite plan for finishing the challenge with another completed army

Another 16 figs and 15 hand painted shields - 95 points I think. 
As for next week I suggest that everybody gets a hard hat and moves to the Anderson Shelter. 

Lovely stuff Martin - nice job on the shields they look consist as well.  Oh dear what is he planning next week - maybe someone can take him to the pub!

Wednesday's Minion

Hump day again people. Wednesday is a favorite day for many people. After Saturday, Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, or Hump Day, is probably most people's favourite day.

This weeks in flight entertainment by Freya - Its Wednesday already

some lyrics you might empathise with 
Now it's already Wednesday - half the week is gone
Yet another Wednesday of things I haven't done
The week flies by like an aeroplane, that's got no destination
And now it's already Wednesday - How'd three days get wasted?!?

So it looks a quiet day so far - but lets see!