Saturday, 18 March 2017

From DavidB: MERCS Recon (265 Points)

Some music as this is going to be a moment....

I wasn't entirely sure I was going to make it with these as there was quite a few and I hadn't even blocked in any colours while working on the other stuff. These ladies and gents are needed for Adepticon. I dove into the pile yesterday morning and and laid down my brushes around 0330.

Today has been errands and adult responsibilities, also checking on the kids' work. They still aren't ready, but assure me they will have something tomorrow night after I get home from work.

Above are the civilians from MERCS Recon. These particular ones are mission specific ones. They either give information or are the mission objective. I particularly like the executive with his smart pad, the leer of the prisoner, and the mid management fellow with his arms crossed. I can almost imagine the fellow telling the MERC team that the building is a gun-free zone, or they are making too much noise! ;)

8 models of  men and women acting as expected in a hostile action. These are the more common encounter and are more hindrance than aid. The security level climbs as workers escape, are killed, or the building is damaged.

An Engineer, executives, scientist, and an technician. These are also objectives or have intel the MERCS need

When the MERCS first enter the floor they have a scanner that reveals heat signatures and heartbeats, but they need the MK 1 eyeball to tell who is who. PEF tokens are moved on the board and revealed if in LOS to the MERC. Security force members are hidden in the bunch. These fellows have no armour and only carry pistols. I painted up six, but they don't last long once revealed.

Security Force 2 members are starting to appear, These folks have armour and shotguns and really start to slow down the MERCS. Three of them can take down a MERC.

Security force 3 start to arrive . They had to put on body armour and grab assault rifles so it took them a moment. When they appear it is a good indicator to the MERCS that it is time to go!

Security Force 4 are bad news for the MERCS. Employees have been killed, the building is on fire, and the MERCS are down a few members as the waves of security forces have been wearing them down. These fellows are wearing power armour and equipped similar to MERCS. Since the MERCS are down a few members when these fellows arrive, 5 is more than sufficient. These were kickstarter exclusive. in the game you just use MERC models from an opposing force to represent SEC 4 

Salsa and Pesos (Tango and Cash) they are another Kickstarter exclusive and can appear with Security Force 2. They are a nice device to increase the difficulty of the mission.

I've been looking for CoBs (civilians on the battlefield) for awhile with only a few robots and mechanics collected. These have greatly enhanced what I have and I can see the security force as good stand ins for law enforcement. I'm rather keen on the objectives and challenges that they can bring to enhance a small skirmish of two squads. They will also be a great campaign story device too.

Although my gaming group is huge into 40k and not so much into history or any non-40k skirmish. I think a Bladerunner/5th Element style skirmish may draw them in.

And just think of the fun with this guy! He was an extra from the kickstarter and is meant for the MYTH dungeon crawl. In MERCS he is the objective or a hindrance for the MERCS.

"OMG! It's Ginger ALE!!!"

My desk is a lot less busy now. I still have a lot that didn't get painted due to unexpected issues. I have Commissar Yarrick and some scifi troops started, but I didn't get home soon enough to complete them, so they will wait till later. I have to get some shut eye as I have a 12 hour shift starting in the early AM. 

It has been wonderful fun once again to get some hobby time in. I appreciate greatly the company that I was able to share with and all the great eyecandy the challenge provided. Thank you again, Curt for putting the Challenge together... and to Lady Sarah for allowing the time to play!

31 Sec-for, 19 Cobs, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, one irrational robot....265 points! ;)


...and parting paint grenade is nonchalantly tossed over his shoulder as he leaves the room... :) 

Fantastic work David. I love the various civilians you've gathered here. As you say, you really need lots of these types for any modern urban setting. I'd be the idiot in the suit, carrying a coffee, earbuds on, trying to ignore the disaster unfolding around him. The groovy green robot also gets a vote from me. In the dystopian future of MERC it's probably been designed as a dental assistant, with tools to suit the trade. Great stuff, all.

David, whenever I read about your life in the military, your very active family AND your expansive dedication to your hobby, I shake my head in wonder: How do you find the energy!? It's both amazing and wondrous. 

Thanks very much for joining us again this year, David, and thanks again for taking on the Thursday Minion mantle. You did a terrific job and even survived your tour of duty with the Challenge Spreadsheet. Bravo and see you for the next one.

From JamesM: 10mm Pendraken ACW (46 Points)

Hi folks,

Another painting first for me - some units that are neither 15mm nor WWII!

Through the Miniature Modelling Mayhem paint and chats I had the pleasure of meeting DaveD and 'Stig' - both of whom are local to my new abode in deepest darkest Teeside. Given that we are frequent paint and chatters, Stig established a club to bring us together - 'The Old Guard Wargames Club'. We meet roughly once or twice a month near Northallerton (central for most of us) and have also managed to rope Martin into attending - along with a few others!

As a club project, we decided to give 10mm ACW a bash. After much debate over basing and rules (anyone with experience of clubs trying to decide on basing and rules is probably someone who no longer goes to a club...) we settled on a compromise - something neither fish nor fowl - which should allow us to play various games.

A bulk order was placed with Pendraken. I stumped for fielding the CSA... mainly to make up the numbers.

Based on some discussion with a US based friend made via the Paint and Chats (Drums of War), who's wife's grandfather was a Reb (with a very interesting background - including having fathered a child while in his 80's!), my units will be for the South Carolina Brigade (part of, I think, A P Hills Division).

These are the first models of this scale I have painted. It took me a while to get going with them, but I'm happy enough with my first attempt. Hopefully to someone who is familiar with the period the paint job is acceptable. Unfortunately I have been painting in batches based around particular poses, which has meant I've painted more than I can currently base for the challenge - the remainder has to wait to be mixed in, else I will have a couple of very similar looking units...!

A total of 44 x 10mm figures (plus flags! - which were purchased and then cut out but the red had to be over painted as it looked too orange).

Basing was done first with sand and PVA, followed by a coat of mixed Green Ochre and Flat Earth. I then applied a rough covering of '2mm Dead Grass' purchased on Ebay. I left the edges patchy and dry brushed Green Ochre then Desert Sand to highlight. Tufts were then added, 3 of each type per base. I used Serious Play 2mm 'Yellow Brown' and ' Straw' mini grass tufts - again from Ebay. I wanted the ground to have a dry and parched look, representing hot summer campaigning.

Painting the models, I had originally wanted to go for a very rag tag appearance, but it just didn't work for me. In the end I went for a much more uniform approach, varying the shades of blue and gray slightly, mixing in the odd butternut trousers and hat colours. Bedding rolls and blankets were a mix of shades of brown, but I also went with reds and blues which would match the Confederate flag and (hopefully!) help tie the unit together. I tried to use 'warm' colours where possible, given the size of the models - the first time I have tried to apply colour theory to my minis and bases!



Great looking Rebs James - If I hadn't read the title first I would have sworn these were 15s - such nice, clean painting. 'Little Powell' Hill would be proud (though not as proud as being able to father children in one's 80s)! I also really like your basework. Just enough texture to keep it interesting without overpowering the figures. Lovely stuff.

46 points, including a few more for the Rebel colours. Well done James and have fun with creating the rest of the South Carolina brigade!

From PaulO'G: Last Submission - More 28mm Redcoats and Some War Puppies! (115 points)

To round out my AHPC VII submissions and add to last week's submission of Major Brinkworth and his redcoats, I present another 12 musketeers, a colour party and two sergeants.  I've continued with the green facings of the 24th Regiment and the relatively clear bases to reflect their role as Regular infantry in more open ground.

Unfortunately, the additional few figs I need to complete a full third unit under Sharp Practice 2 and the flags I bought for the colour party haven't yet arrived yet and are still a week or two away so will miss the challenge.

Sergeants Garside and Hanson reassure the lads in action and administer a good slap to those who need it maintain their resolve.  Plus those halberds tend to give any adversary pause for thought! 

My more usual view of the lads as they go into action.
I'm really pleased with how the coats came out, emphasising their "bloody back" nickname
Here are all the lads together (combined with last week's submission), ready to take on Dux's French this week - I trust their performance will justify the effort required to paint all that b%@$dy lace!  It really finishes off the figures though, and the unit as a whole.

Major Brinkworth leads from the front with his Impressive Weapon! 
Firing Line: What British regulars do best, right Dux?
"These smell tasty Daddy..."
Finally, here are 7 war hounds from the Gripping Beast Irish Warband boxed set but intended more immediately for my Fantasy army as lesser war beasts.  These were dropped into the paint queue at the last minute to get me past 1200 points (after my flags and extra redcoats didn't arrive in time).

Odin poses with his little lead cousins...
"These smell even tastier..."
...and thats why one of the war hound models looks a little more veteran than the other.
Inevitable really!
Thats 16 Redcoats, 7 warhounds and a small supply base (not worth points, but I needed another deployment point) to complete my AHPC VII adventures. My initial target was 850 so to get to 1200ish for a personal best result is very satisfying indeed! And while there can only ever be one GIMP, I achieved >2000% improvement on last year's results :-)

Thanks to everyone (especially Curt and my Tuesday co-minion Dux) for all the fun, comments and chats - I'm already looking forward to Season 8!


Ok, first thing, Odin is the clearly star of the show here. All else is merely window dressing. 

Now, with that established we can move on. 

Great looking redcoats Paul, especially all ranked-up with their mates, ready to send the French off in a cloud of of British powder. The wolfhounds are a lovely addition, though not as spiffingly cute as Odin - and even better, they passed the taste test!

It was excellent to have you with us for this Challenge Paul, your enthusiasm and good-will was wonderfully infectious. Also, it was great to have you and Dux blazing the way for the Tuesday crowd - I couldn't have done it without you.

115 Points for you Mr. O'G. Now, go see if you can run down that pesky light gun and those wearisome Jesuits. ;)

From Sander: The Big Push! (95 Points)


While the title suggests Great War figures, these will not feature in this post, no I iwll try to reach the last 160 points I need to reach my points target of 1500 set for this year's Challenge.

Normally I am not that obsessed with reaching the points target, in the last two Challenges I have managed to reach my primary goal rather effortlessly, not this time... Real life kept interfering and the fact I mainly chose 28mm figures not suited for batch painting did not help things along at all.

Anyway, today's subjects are the last of my Carolingians (for now at least), some WW2 troops and a Pulpy lady.

Carolingian Cavalry:

Carolingian mounted Hero:

Anglo-Saxon Hero and Skald or Bard:

The Lady, she's a Crooked Dice miniature and a truly lovely sculpt indeed.

WW2 Dutch troops, these are spanking new figures from a small Dutch firm called May40 miniatures. In the UK available through Sally 4th if I am not mistaken.

Now how much do these figures net me points-wise? 5 mounted figures are good for 50 points, added to these are 8 painted 28mm figures good for another 40 making it 90 points for this entry. Now my present score is 1411 and my target was 1500, so I was 90 points shy. These I should have now gained and thus I have reached my goal for this Challenge. Even so I hope Curt will allow me one more post showing two miniatures for another 10 points...

Cheers Sander 


What a wonderfully eclectic spread of miniatures, Sander.

Your Carolingian cavalry are excellent, and I especially like their clean-lined, hand-painted shields and the fine embroidery on the champion, Skald and Anglo-Saxon's cloaks. The espionage-themed lady is terrific in her pale blue dress - I'll make sure to mark her down for consideration for Sarah's Choice. I really like these Dutch WWII infantry as they're not something you often see (and I love the company's name). 

Your math is correct. 90 points for this lot but I'm giving you an additional 5 for the shields and cloaks which will pitch you nicely over your 1500 point target. Well done Sander! 

And besides, I see we have another one from you coming up... Even better.