Tuesday, 26 February 2019

From TamsinP: Boxers Revisited (15 points)

I said there might possibly be a third entry from me this week, and so there is. As you can see, I decided to complete the set that the two boxers of last week came from.

The Announcer

The Manager

The Corner Man

The figures are 28mm from Pulp Figures. I do love Bob Murch's sculpts - so much character that they are a joy to paint.

For scoring

3 x 28mm foot = 15 points

And that's it from me for this week. Tomorrow I'll be aiming to paint up the these figures for my "Fellowship" bonus round entry:

When they are done I'll be working to finish off the 15mm WW2 Soviets.

A nice little flourish to end the day with. I love these sculpts, they really are full of character, especially that Corner Man. A nice variety bag of entries from you today, hopefully, all in the right order! 

From KenR - Its The Final Gendarme...... (64 Points)

To me,
Do de do do, de de dum dum dum.... It's the Final Gendarme (cue keyboard hook and guitar solo !

To you.
The box marked Gendarme is empty, the 30 figures I had lined up for the Challenge are painted and based and ready to go scorching across the table on some impetuous Charge to Nowhere.

Once again it's 6 x 28mm Foundry Figures with Petes Flags tearing up the table.

6 x 10 points each plus a couple for the flags should give me 62 points for both the main total and the Renaissance Side Duel.

It was touch and go if these would be ready for today, being back at work, especially on shifts after a long break has caused havoc with my sleep but I really want to try and maintain my personal challenge of a unit of Cavalry a week. I even had these in front of a low heat fire this afternoon to dry the basing filler quicker.

Of course a group shot of the finished 5 units is obligatory.

Mind you now I have put them out as a group having odd numbers doesn't look quite right, maybe one more unit 🤔

I'll order the figures today, depending on how quick Foundry are, there is still a chance before March 21st. This week I am off work till Friday so I will try and get next week's unit done first so I'm not hairdrying bases on a Tuesday afternoon 😁

Next up for the Italian Wars will be some light Cavalry and I already have a couple of WW2 fun side projects on the go, now where's that box of Papal Guard gone.

And I have just noticed that I forgot to put grass tufts on the new unit 😭

More awesome Gendarme to add to your tally. I don't think anyone is getting tired of these so if you feel the need to add an extra unit, be our guest! That final shot just blows my mind. I can't imagine facing them across a games table...I'd be intimidated just by the quality alone.

I'm adding a couple of extra points for the quality and with the points for the flags, this brings the total up to 64 Points. 

From JamesM - 15mm Quad Tractors (32 points)

Hi folks,

My second entry for this week - a set of Battlefront 15mm Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) - commonly known as 'Quads'.

Yes, yet more trucks...

These are marked up as part of 128 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. This unit was one of the three 25 Pdr equipped artillery regiments of 51st Highland Division.

The guns for this unit were painted a while back, but the transport for the guns is lagging a bit behind!

A 4 wheel drive vehicle capable of towing the gun and it's ammo trailer over rough ground, although pretty underpowered and small for the equipment carried. These vehicles were in service in 1939 and served in the British army until 1959, were used in every theatre and widely exported.

4 x 15mm vehicles = 32 points!

Another nice batch of vehicles. I've painted quite a few of these myself over the years (albeit in 6mm) so I have a soft spot for these truck. Probably not the best of their class but they did the job and they did it for a long period making them an important vehicle, especially given their export value. 

From KenR - 1/2400 Italian Pre Dreadnoughts (72 Points)

Something a bit different this week, on the back of my "water feature" entry I caught the Naval Bug again and painted these up, they were lying around after a friend left them at my house just in case I felt like doing them.

The ships are from a Company called Tumbling Dice and are 1/2400 in scale, the Leeds club I belong to are having a bit of a club project on the pre WW1 period at the moment. Still under treatment following Project Jutland I am not taking part but was volunteered by my friend to paint these up.

The ships are metal and come in 2 or 3 pieces and have then been placed on MDF bases. I have then used filler to sculpt a sea scape around the model at which stage the model is primed and then painted. The flat tab is for my friend Ian to add a name tag.

The models are quite nicely detailed, not GHQ standards but still very nice, they work well with my painting style. They are painted in the colours of the Italian Navy from around 1905, black hull, white uppers with Ochre masts and stacks.

Size wise they are slightly bigger than a 28mm foot figure and about half the size of the Baden model I did for the bonus round. There are 18 ships in total so at a 28mm foot rate that would be 90 points but it's up to the Grand Minion to decide.

Hopefully there will be an Italian Wars Cavalry unit by the end of the day, I'm relying on basing material drying in time, if not it will have to be two next week 😉

Oh, a judging headache, goodie! I've gone back through the challenge to see how other Minions have scored 1/2400th scale ships and the general consensus seems to be 3 points each, with a point up or down depending on size, complexity and basing. It's not a precise science but it seems to be relatively consistent so I'm going with "what they said"! I'm going to score each ship as three points but with an extra point each for the excellent textured basing, bringing this lot to 72 Points. 

From JamesM - 15mm Crusader AA tanks (19 points)

Hi folks,

A couple of Crusader AA tanks for your perusal.

These are support for my 24th Polish Lancers, 10th Armoured Brigade, 1st Polish Armoured Division tanks. Some of which featured in previous AHPC entries.

As usual, these are decalled up for the unit, as correctly as I can. This includes the blue diamond tactical marking on the rear of the turret, marking these as belonging to the HQ Squadron of the unit. Each tank regiment would have had six of these tanks to provide AA cover.

Armed with twin 20mm cannon, these are 15mm Battlefront models. Each has a figure in the turret, with the command model having a radio aerial. Yellow panels on the rear deck are air recognition panels, something I replicated throughout my Polish unit as a nod to the many 'friendly fire' incidents they suffered from the RAF and USAAF. This also helps easily distinguish this unit from my other similar units.

Two 15mm models = 16 points, with 2 crew = 2 points, for a total of 18 points!

I love me some tank! Even if they are only fitted with AA guns. Actually, these sort of vehicles proved very effective, especially in fast-moving actions. The ability to bring air protection right to the leading edge of an assault could prove very useful indeed. In some ways, it's a natural development of the all-arms / blitzkrieg concept and shows that tactics were continuing to develop as the war progressed. 

I'm adding an extra point to acknowledge the attention to detail in the form of the correct decals for this unit and the use of an air recognition panel which was used quite a lot but isn't often seen on wargame vehicles. 

From RayR - Donnybrook - The Duke of Osuna Spanish Horse 1680 (70 Points)

My latest entry into the Challenge and its yet more Donnybrook, but this time we're heading over to Africa, well Tangier to be precise.

The Treaty of Windsor, signed on 10th June 1680 between England and Spain, gave rise to an offer by the King of Spain to provide a body of Horse to support the English at Tangier. The Duke of Osuna's Trozo of Horse was well placed being based 80 miles north of Tarifa to be that body of Horse. They were said to have worn an all-white uniform, including their hat! Which I'm sure you'll agree makes for a rather unusual looking unit of Horse.

In the field, they were commanded by Don Salvador de Monforte.

They fought in several skirmishes and battles in their time at Tangier.

The figures are from Warfare Miniatures and will be added to my Tangier collection, they may well find their way onto the fields of Flanders too!!!

 7 Mounted 25mm figures should give me 70 points.

White hats...don't let me use them, or those hats will come in useful when they surrender! I like the basing style you have adopted for your Tangiers stuff. I guess its a variation of your usual tried and trusted method, but it works just as well in a more arid setting. 

From ChristopherS - US Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Gun (33pts.)

Just finished a US Airborne 57mm gun to beef up their anti-tank capabilities. Bazookas are pretty effective but lack the punch at longer ranges so enter the 57mm which is both more powerful and gives a longer reach.

I really enjoy painting Artizan figures with the raised detail and characterful posing so I plan to add even more to my collection.

I painted them using mostly Vallejo paints and some Foundry with MIG pigments added to the undercarriage and gun shield. I had to create my own slots on the base for the crew which I think worked out well.

I plan on adding more forces for my Normandy collection which is filling out quite nicely and in fact, I've started to think of other theatres within Europe so looking to go to Italy next.

So that's 4 crew for 20pts and the gun another 10pts all in 28mm for 30pts total.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Artizan Designs

Wow, what a beautiful piece. It never fails to surprise me the effort wargamers will go to to make their armies look awesome, and this will certainly add to your existing force. I assume the Screaming Eagle arm patches are decals? Only a madman would try to do those freehand (Please be decals, please be decals...). 

I love the attention you have given to the base, it really turns this piece into a little diorama that would look spectacular in a display cabinet, let alone on the games table. 

I'm adding a point for the excellent base work and two more for the overall quality of this entry. Nicely done sir! 

From MartinC - Bolsheviks in the Jungle! (296 points)

I've been ploughing through my Russian Civil War Bolsheviks this week, Copplestone figures are truly my favourite figures, all are different and they are a joy to paint and cheap. I now have a significant force of infantry and cavalry with AC and artillery support, although the gunners are VBCW figures

Cossack type Cavalry - there will be some fancy cyrillic name

More Cavalry - not very verbose today

Infantry - see above for comment

Sailors, the guy in the hooped top was a bugger to paint

Hammerhead next weekend and I am putting my 1st show participation game. We had a try out this weekend to test to rules and speed of the game. It's a 1930's South Sea island game in the style of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" TV show from the 1980's - admit it you are all old enough to remember it and loved it.

Needed more jungle so got out the last of the clematis cuttings and the terrarium foliage and made more jungle

Finally a water buffalo

Scores on the doors

24 x 28mm inf = 120
15 x 28mm cavalry = 150
1 x 28mm water buffalo = 5
210 cubic inches of jungle = 20

Total 295


Very nicely done sir! I like the terrain...I've seen a lot of jungle terrain being built lately. It seems to be in fashion! 
There is an extra point for the flag bringing this up to a total of 296.