Thursday, 21 January 2016

From AlanD - More 6mm Covenanters (95 points)

I'm flip-flopping all over the place with this year's challenge - gladiators, French Indian Wars, ECW, Bug Hunts of the Future, and now back to ECW again. This week I have pretty much finished my 6mm Covenanter project with some command figures, artillery and dragoons.

This dour lot of little Calvinist Smurfs includes three bases of command figures, including the trademark Baccus general with massive nose...

The dragoons include both mounted figures and dismounted troops skirmishing, along with horse handlers. Inspired by Tamsin's lovely bases I tried to vary the appearance with some of the mounted troops advancing obliquely in twos. Tricky to pull off on such shallow bases, but I quite like the effect.

Finally, six bases of guns, including some teeny tiny frame guns.

As for the points, there are 46 mounted figures,79 on foot and 6 guns. If the 24 riderless horses are 0.5 points each, then the grand total should come to 93.5, and I think we can round it down to 93 in recognition of the less than challenging frame guns!

Ah... the heady feeling of a "completed" project. Who are you kidding mate? There is no "completed", only those who foolishly believe a project to be completed and those who do not. 
Regardless, a most impressive display of compressed Calvinists (hey, even Smurfs have feelings!). I especially like the frame guns which are recognisable even at this scale and really add a Scots flavour. 
93.5 points for the miniatures, another point for "completing" your wonderful army and what the hell, another 0.5 just cause I hate fractions. 95 points all up. Well done sir! Cheers, Millsy

From BrendonW - Git on ya Horses (161 points)

15 x 28mm Horse and Riders, 2 x 28mm foot (1 hand painted shield and all Plastic).

Still on leave but this week we have had the Grandkids visit so not as much time for painting and only one post for the slave to administrate. [SLAVE? Moi? Here's hoping you copped a dirty nappy!]

I did have a lot of horses without mounts ready so that helped a lot. The Arab Shields had also been mostly completed before this week so that was helpful as well.

First the 3 Perry Miniatures Light Horse riders. White and grey horses take me a little longer than brown or black so don't know why I chose this week to paint them.

Next is more Gripping Beast Arabs for the growing mostly mounted Army. I gave 2 of the riders shields that actually come in the infantry set. They are not in the mounted sets. All LBM decals except for the foot mounted horn blower.

Last Fireforge Plastic Mongols. There are some parts from the Arab Heavy Calvary set on these.

That's it until next week. Enjoy your painting everyone. Cheers

Another lovely entry and a great addition to a collection that must really be chewing up some shelf space now Brendon. Grey horses do take a little more effort depending on your technique but they always add something special I think. I've not seen the FFG Mongols assembled and painted til now and they're a most impressive sight.

This lot earns you another 161 points including 1 for the shield. It would have been more but I'm too busy slaving away to add them up. :-) Cheers, Millsy

From Barks - Halfling Blood Bowl Team (113 points)

This is my Halfling Blood Bowl team, The Wild Flings, from Willy Miniatures. They are so full of character, and the faces were such fun to paint! I based the colours on the Cleveland Browns, inspired by a variant logo by Daniel Gold.

(I just realised the colours are also AHPC blog themed!)
The Wild Flings!

(This guy was my Epic Fail entry, not to be scored for this round)
To give them a sliver of hope, I got them some treemen in support. You can only get two on the team, but are also entitled to a star player, and then I had a fourth tree floating around so I thought I'd paint him (her?) up whilst I was on a roll.

This model is a solid hunk of white metal. Great fun to paint.

Another Halfling team staple is their Master Chef.

I'm taking this team to CanCon for the 23-25th Jan tournament, wish me luck!

Mr Barks that is an absolute ripper of a submission! I'm kind of lost for superlatives as there are just so many things to like about them. I've never heard of Willy Miniatures but I suspect I'll be looking through their catalogue as a consequence of seeing these fine fellows. I've very much taken by your colour scheme and the wonderful job you've done on their faces. I hope I get to see them on the table this weekend as I suspect they are even more amazing in the flesh.

The raw score is 103 points but I'm awarding another 10 points for the, um... "projectile" and his mate peering out of the back of the Treemen.