Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Jamie's Challenge

Wow. What a challenge that was. I went for a 1000 target and was pretty much in awe at what I had to get done in only three months (1000 points in three months? Lunacy!). But I did it - and then some.

The main thrust of the challenge for me was to get my 30k salamander marines to a slightly larger scale, which I achieved quite early on, and start my 30k Wordbearers legion. You know, because one army for a period is never enough..... And this is what I managed

Really pleased with that as the Wordbearers are tabletop legal as an army and the salamanders have some new toys to play with.

I was surprised that along the way I managed to find time, amongst my often sporadic posting, to complete some side projects, including a shop, a ship and some pirates. I didn't manage to get them all out at the same time sadly as they're strewn across my study, garage and loft as storage is always an issue!

I also completed some flames of war figures (since sold) and a chaos dreadnought who I completely forgot about when taking pictures!

And a picture of me? Here I am, looming above my 30k figures (I do loom rather well, what with being 6'4" and all)

Thanks to Curt, the minions and my fellow challengers for showing me loads of interesting posts every single day for 3 months and making sure it was the first website I checked most mornings to see what was there. It's also been great forcing me to look at what I have in my lead/resin/plastic mountain and I'm really energized to get going on the things that I didn't get time for in the challenge.....just not quite yet as my brushes need a break!

Tamsin's Challenge - Lee, Fluffy and Me

What a fantastic Challenge this has been. So many participants, so many entries, so many points, so much lead (and plastic and resin), so many stats, so many email notifications to Curt of new comments...

I also had a very productive three months. Although my points total was my lowest since I first entered, as one of the 47 Ronin in AHPC 3, if you adjust for the slightly shorter duration it was my second highest score. Mind you, my highest score was last year when I didn't enter the bonus rounds. Could it be that we spend an inordinate amount of time painting our entries for those rounds that could be more productively spent on painting whole armies of figures?

Anyhoos, that's enough of the philosophical stuff, on with the pics.

Everything I painted

Half of my 6mm Rebs

...and the other half

15mm Korean Righteous Army and generals

Those Nasty Nokians, aka the 15mm Crusties

My theme round entries

28mm character figures

28mm civvies and "Bulls" for Salutesville

28mm cougars for Mexicagrave

28mm ghouls, Aztecs and wolves for Mexicagrave
That's rather a lot. Just imagine how many I would have painted if the Challenge had been as long as previous years.

Anyway, I'd taken all of those pics before Curt announced the twist for these round-up posts. As I didn't want to take the pics all over again and in any case don't have the facility to include myself in the pics, I've decided to post the following pics which were taken last October when our resident mathemagician, the Reverend Miles "Fluffy" Reidy was over here in London.

Me, Ray, Lee

Lee, Fluffy, me

My apologies for those collections of pixels. I always look crap in pics for some reason.

I hope to see you all (and many others) for AHPC7!

AaronH's Challenge

I've been on vacation since four days before the end of the Challenge, so I'm not in a position to do a group shot. We're currently in Christchurch NZ with one more day to explore this beautiful country.

I did participate in one bonus round but then decided to try to make my goal on painted points alone. This resulted in me putting up my last post, turning off the computer and walking out the door. Talk about pushing the deadline.

The first entry was six Uruk-Hai.

Entry 1.

Entry two was Celts.

Entry 2.
Entry three was 21 Imperial Guardsmen.

Entry four was for the Nostalgia bonus round.

Goblin spider chariot.
Entry five was twenty ECW Infantry from Warlord Games.

The Green Regiment
Entry six was 54 Uruk-Hai.

54 Uruk-Hai
Entry seven was 24 Fireforge Men-at-Arms.

12 Sword and board and 12 crossbows.
Entry eight was twelve ECW cavalry.

Entry nine was two figures for role playing.

Entry 10:

Entry 11:

Entry 12:

Entry 13:

Entry 14:

Entry 15:

Entry 16:

Entry 17:

Here's a picture of me in front of Bag End, just last week though it feels like a month ago. A little genre mixing going on with the Star Wars shirt at Hobbiton.

It's always a joy to participate in the challenge. The participants are always generous and helpful. The quality of the work is inspiring and the sheer output that some people put out is astounding. A big thank you to the Snow Lord, Curt Campbell and his helpers on this year's challenge.

Paul OG's Challenge - A Little can be a Lot

As you all know, I didn't paint much but I'm smiling because it's the most that I've painted in almost 2 years.  In fact its the only stuff I have painted since AHPC IV. Sad but true.

Just 9 samurai but they represent much more to me (that background pot plant is actually The Lad in his ghille suit)
Thanks indeed for getting me re-motivated and back into our hobby after my enforced painting absence.  It's made me find my gear after moving house (twice), replace dried up paints and glues, and find my mojo. The comp may be over but I'm just getting started and already have new projects on the go. That very likely wouldn't be the case otherwise without this comp and all the encouragement that comes from its participants.

So thanks indeed and I'll be back for a third time raring to go!

Clint's Challenge

Here is a photo list of all I painted. I cannot do them all in one go. No Labels on anything except the first picture! If you want to know any details click the ClintB link at the bottom. As you look back I recall each item, each post and am thankful for each comment.
My Sister, Natalie, ME and Louise (left to right)
Taken when I was about 4 years old.
And yes I am still GRUMPY!
And still HATE my picture being taken!
Cheers Guys.

Not guaranteeing that is everything Or that something has not sneaked in un invited. All the VBCW figures belong to Matt and he has a relative in Hospital at the moment so I cannot scrounge them back for a photo shoot. I hope you understand.

Well done all