Tuesday, 27 March 2018

AHPC VIII Nominations for Challegers' Choice

Hi All!

Below, in alphabetical order, are the nominations for this year's Challengers' Choice. Please review and cast your votes for your three favourites. The announcement on the voting results, along with the rest of the prizes and sign-off, will be on Sunday, April 8th.

Enjoy the gallery!

AnthonyO's 'Empire of Dust'

AlexS' Monster Madness

ByronM's 'Kingdom Death Dragon King'

Curt's 'White Lion'

Curt's 'Gendarme Casualty Marker'

Curt's '2mm Breitenfeld, 1631'

Curt's Body of Work

DaveX's 'Vistula Drummer'

DaveX's 'Vistula Legion'

DaveX's 'Winter Germans'

DebD's 'Minotaur Shaman'

DebD's 'Female Ranger'

EvanH's 'Pictish Standing Stones and Oratory Chapel'

GregB's 'Byzantine Cavalry'

GregB's Body of Work

JamesM's Artillery

JimI's 'Medieval Infantry'

JohnM's 'Monte Cassino'

Kent's Napoleonics

KyleC's '2nd Daemon Prince'

LeeH's Zulu Project

MartinN's 'Roman Dromedary' 

MartinN's 'Soviet Tank Rider Squad'

MartinN's Vehicles

MichaelA's 'Guinny and the Grail Knights'

MichaelA's 'Monster Mash'

Millsy's 'Hellblaster Volley Gun'

SidneyR's Troops in Flight, Laarden

SidneyR's Le comte de Garnier's Alsatian Horse, 1688

SidneyR's Body of Work

...and an Honourable Mention goes to: