Friday, 15 March 2019

From JohnS: Renaissance Undead (420 points)

I had high hopes for this year's painting challenge, but I wasn't able to carve out the time to make much of a dent in my leadpile. With a paltry few hundred points completed, I expect these undead figures to push me over my self imposed minimum threshold of 500 points, alleviating my shame a bit.

I've wanted an undead army since spotting a fantasy scenario featuring a skeletal horde in Battlesystem 2nd Edition, nearly 30 years ago. Manufacturers never seemed to have the same vision for the undead that I did though. Game Workshop took a decidedly Egyptian feel with their Tomb Kings, and many of the more recently released undead miniatures have been too dynamic in pose and expression for my taste.

When I saw these figures based on the 1562 painting "Triumph of Death" by Bruegel the Elder, I knew I'd found my guys. While an undead shambling horde represents our own inevitable mortality, I also think they are a metaphor for the unfeeling, unsensing march of time, scouring all before them. These staid, emotionless automatons marching in their perfect ranks, with halberds and javelins at the ready don't slay out of hatred, but as part of the entropic machine that will inevitably collapse all of man's creations, grind mountains to dust and darken every star in the sky.

That's a bit dark, but don't be glum. This skelly brought a giant fish to cheer you up. What a whacky guy!

All 83 of these 28mm figures will likely be my final entry in this year's Analogue Painting Challenge.

 For my Curtgeld I've donated to Veteran's K-9 Corps, an organization that provides service animals for veterans and first responders. Thanks to Curt and the minions for managing the challenge, and loosening the entry rules to allow some decidedly non-historical figures into competition.


And yet more French! Ish. Perhaps after invading Naples, the various wars, and the touch of the infected ladies of the night?

That skellie with the fish is absolutely bonkers. The fish looks alive, very discombobulated, and trying to decide what on earth just happened to him. You have managed to put an amazing expression on his face.

There's some real gems in there, like the skellie dopplesoldier (I HAVE to snag him for Frostgrave) and the bishop/grenadier, but the fish is the big win.

83x28mm is 415 points, and I'm throwing in another five just for the fish. Yes, he's that good.

That's also a splendid Curtgeld. Thankfully, all the ones I was responsible for supporting during Camp Fire came back safe, sound, and not needing their services.

From GregB: Imperial Titans for "Adeptus Titanicus" (45 Points)

Imperial Titans, ready to move out in support of some doomed cause in the name of the so-called "Emperor"...
Another 180-degree turn in painting focus for this week.  We leave horses and muskets behind and rip 30,000 years into the grim darkness of the far future with two titans from GW's rebooted game "Adeptus Titanicus."  Titans are the "god-engines" of the wars in the far future, massive bi-pedal war machines packing mountain-levelling firepower and protected by spooky void-shields.

"Let's go for a walk!"
Organised into semi-monastic, clan-like legions, the Titans are massive, macro-firepower ground assault force used to back the Space Marines and Imperial Army forces across the Imperium.  The arrival of a Space Marine Legion would be bad news already, but if the Marines are accompanied/supported by a Titan Legion then...well, in all likelihood, your lovely world will soon be reduced to rubble - if you're lucky!

Reaver class titan.
In the Horus Heresy - the great, galaxy-spanning civil war launched when the Warmaster Horus tried to liberate humanity from the clutches of the so-called "Emperor" - the different Titan Legions picked sides, and Titan would fight Titan in city-smashing encounters...these are the battles you are creating/re-creating when you play "Adeptus Titanicus".

"Adeptus Titanicus" was re-launched by GW last fall - if you want to know more about that, and see how GW handled the whole thing like the pack of s***-eating gnarled c***s that they are, see here.  I painted a few of the new Titans right after the game came out, but haven't really touched any of the kits since last year. That needed to change, as I will be helping to run an "Adeptus Titanicus" demonstration game at an event here in Winnipeg this weekend, and reinforcements were needed, starting with the Imperial side of my collection!

There are two classes of Titan represented here, both in the colours of Legio Gryphonicus, the "War Griffons", a Titan Legio who fought on the side of the loyalists in the Horus Heresy.

Rear detail on the Reaver model...really nice model.
The larger model is a "Reaver" class - a "medium" (LOL) battle titan.  This model has some of the newer weapon sprues GW released for the game in February of this year.  It is sporting a "volcano cannon" on one arm, a "laser blaster" on the other, and another "laser blaster" up on the carapace mounting - overall, this engine is configured to deliver knock-out kills on enemy engines which have already lost, or nearly lost, their void shields.  Other Titans in the maniple will have to focus on knocking out the void shields of the enemy machines so this one can make some engine-kills.

Detail on the carapace plate.
The "volcano cannon" in particular is very powerful, but tricky to manage, as it puts a lot of pressure on the Titan's plasma reactor.  I also used an alternate head that came with the kit...I liked how this version had so many optical lenses in the "eyes" - seems to me this crew will want all the targeting assistance it can get...
The Warhound up close.

View of the engine detail.

View from the turbo-laser side...
The smaller Titan is a "Warhound" class - a "scout" (ROFL) titan. I mean, this thing is still much larger than even the largest Space Marine super-heavy tank, but it's all relative, right? As the smallest Titan, the Warhound does move ahead of its larger companions, and is much more manoeuvrable, with lighter weapons, and so in this sense it is a "scout".  This particular Warhound is equipped with a "vulcan mega-bolter" and a "turbo-laser" - these weapons on their own don't do much damage to other titans, but the "mega-bolter" is very useful for knocking out void shields.  So if this Warhound can take out some shields, his bigger cousin can deliver a kill shot...

Scale creep anyone? You can see how the old Reaver and Warhound castings stack up to the new model kits - a Space Marine Fellblade super heavy tank is also in the photo to give you an idea of the size of the things.
The newer plastic kits from GW are very nice, and as you can see in the photo, they have re-scaled them to a fairly radical extent compared to the old models once used for this game. Decisions like that, together with the eye-watering prices and complete sh**head approaches to the packaging of the weapon options in the different kits have ensured "Adeptus Titanicus" will remain a niche game - but the rules are excellent, the game itself is a lot of fun.  If you enjoy the 30k/Horus Heresy setting, you will certainly enjoy the game - I'm looking forward to running it this weekend.

"Family photo" - the War Griffon maniple, and allied Knights, together on the display shelf.
I'm excited to have these two engines finished, as I will now have a complete maniple for the Imperial side of my collection!  In terms of points...I have no idea what points these will be worth. Strictly speaking, these would be "10mm vehicles", I think, but I am happy to accept whatever my minion believes is appropriate.  Power to the reactors! Full stride! As newly-painted models, I'm confident things will go flawlessly for these two engines this weekend...


Naturally, we're going to have something different from GregB. Why oh why couldn't he stick to something French, Franco-Prussian, or otherwise Frenchified. But no, he had to succumb to the heresy and take up painting Titans for Horus. DavidB already demolished my planet for a hyperspace bypass, thank you!

Consulting the annals of the Painting Challenge, it looks like warhounds go for 10 points, and reavers go for 20 or so. Though, given the size of the things, that seems a bit low. If the really huge ones are 40 points, I'm gonna say they're the equivalent of a 28mm vehicle and a 40mm vehicle, respectively. So, they're 20 and 25, so call it 45 points. 

Cracking job, though.

From AdamC: Three Ashurites of Al-Rassan (16 points)

This is the Last Friday of the Challenge... hard to believe. Thanks Robert for managing these Friday Follies.  OK whats an Ashurite. For those who missed the fellowship bonus round  Its one of the religions created by Guy Kay for his fictional version of earth.  The Ashurites are the equivalent of Muslims.  
These three came from the Andalusian pack I used for the figure of Ammar so naturally I had to paint them up.  Since they are men from the civilized (some would say decadent) land of Al-Rassan I wanted to make them colourful.  The Ashurites worship a god of the stars (or who lives among the stars) so their banners are covered in stars usually on a back field but I thought dark blue would work as well (this flag is actually George Washington's HQ flag from the AWI).  The banner is a bit larger than it probably should be but not by much.  
My real camera's batteries decided to die as I was getting shots today. So I apologise for the poor quality of this photo taken with my camera.  I'll try to replace it with another this weekend.  With these guys added to the mix with Ammar and Rodrigo I've got 25 points for "Characters"from the book which I think warrants a Squirrel point. (I should have 7 by my calculations at this point) I've painted all the miniatures I had set to paint this challenge, "Finished" one army and made a good start on another. These three (and Ammar) may prove the germ of a new army but that will be something to consider down the road.   I've got perhaps one more terrain submission for next week if the rest of my life permits me a little time for painting.

We've got 3 28mm figures for 15 points.  Thanks for reading everyone if I don't see you again before the big group shots. Thanks again Curt for putting it all together and thanks Robert for the Friday Follies.


The use of that flag is inspired, Adam. A great example of kitbashing. Sure, we normally mix and match figure pieces, but not flags. I threw in an extra point for that.

The purple cloak is also very nice. In fact, the colors on all of these are well done.

I've actually switched from my camera to my cell phone for pics. Yeah, the camera is a lot nicer, but it's a lot more fiddly. A good lightbox, and the cell phone works wonders. Lightboxes are also dirt cheap to make. I built mine out of a box you get the bi-weekly summer vegetable and some tissue paper. Lamps are two IKEA ones I got.

And another squirrel point? Why not?

Sixteen points and a squirrel.

From Brettm: Marines, Cars and more Pirates (215 points)

Been  painting on these Cars for a while now. Got stuck on how to do the windshields. Smaller vehciles I easily paint black with some grey streaks etc. However for these 28-32mm Vehicles I would love any and all recommendations on windshields.

Looking to pain them fast as they are really just terrain pieces. So I stuck with black and did a grey outline around edges of the front and rear windshields/windows. The passenger ones I just put grey on the bottom of the windows. 
 These are from Mantic and a kickstarter I backed. Kickstarter was from Kore Aeronautics. Still have about 8 other vehicles to paint. 
These guys I picked up on another sale a while back. First stuff I have painted anything WW2 for Pacific theater.
 Didnt do much work to the bases. Was trying to make it look like rocky beach.
 May end up putting some decals on the front of those Jeeps. Don't have any at the moment though.

Finally some Pirates. These are from Firelock games and are from the French faction.

 All of them together

One of the models from this group actually snapped off at the foot. I don't have any pinning materials so didnt finish painting him till I get some. 

I'm trying not to paint all these pirates in generic colors so I can use them in any game and be able to mix match them. I have painted a few to the countries actual colors so far. Rather leave it open to use them in any pirate game.

I believe we are looking at 36 points for the 15mm infantry. 24 points for the 15mm vehicles. 55 pts for the 28mm pirates. Not sure what the vehicles would be point wise. Total of 115 points plus whatever for the Vehicles.


And Brett brings us more French, more allies of . . . the French, and well, the French drive cars, oui? That's why it's called a Grand Prix, and not some silly English words. Oi, you in the Peanut Gallery, yes, we know English is a violent thug that beats up other languages in back alleyways for a few bits of vocabulary.

I wouldn't say you need to do anything to change the windshields on those cars. You've done a very good job with them. 28mm vehicles are 20 points a pop, so those are a cool hundred.

I'm not quite sure what those things on the trucks are, aside from 15mm vehicles. But I've been out of the Flames of War world for a while, and will probably find a different set of rules for may 15mm WWII. Look Sarge, no Charts! and Battlefront are my two leading contenders. Still, they're quite spiffy. 

Ah, yes, the drama of legs popping off. I know that sad feeling well. I generally use flower wire to fix them, especially if you have other parts of the miniature to secure to the base.

215 points in the bin for you, sir! 

From PaulSS: Agincourt English Archers (60 points)

My vacation saw very little painting but much assemblage of Perry Miniatures plastics, including 30 more English bowmen. These mainly drew on the English Army 1415-1429 set but includes many bodies and heads from the Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set. I also got some use out of the mounted archer components in the Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29 set, if a bow is held in a right hand it's from that set.

Following on from the recent brown and green French spearman unit I painted this time I opted for a brown and blue scheme. The brown is off a base-coat of VMC Flat Earth and the blue is off a base-coat of VMC Medium Blue.

The unit movement trays are a custom order from Warbases, while the stakes are included in the English Army 1415-1429 set.

A close up of each of the individuals. I tried to maintain the blue-brown particoloured look but without applying the same livery to every figure.

These chaps should also contribute to the Hither do I Challenge Thee duel. More archers on the painting table and hopefully complete in time for the challenge end.


And we have yet another entry of renegade Frenchmen from PaullSS. What what, did you ever hear a Plantaganet dare to speak that scurrilous tongue of English? Non! These be renegade Frenchmen, seeking to steal the crown from the head it rightfully belongs to, the House of Valois. Those who have an issue with that can take it up with the complaints department, seen to the right:

Paul provides his usual bang-up job. Not only do the individual figures mesh well together, but the army both armies, really, look like parts of a coherent whole.

It should be a smashing writeup for the end, seeing both forces together.

Sixty points to France. No, the other France.

From DavidB: Come into the woods! (240 points)

Wes Studi (Cherokee) as Magua from Last of  the Mohicans.
Magua is a Huron or Huron Wyandot, or Wendat, or... With no written word and strong oral histories, Tribal names are often grouped into Alliances and tribal language and traditions get lost in the grouping. Much like the information on Potawatomi get lost with the Algonquin Nation and even confused and gathered with Wendat which were an allied Nation of traders and explorers. This of cours gets jumbled more when someone is looking for Huron, but totally pass on Wyandot because it "isn't" Huron.
Also it is forgotten on the colors and technology and even trade routes that the First Nations had. You would be amazed at all the shades of brown, grey, and green that can be pulled from different tanning techniques. even the coloring of salmon bones and other small bones, including small pieces of wood and stone and all the intricate beadwork possible with just modest use of clay scraps. Even the feathers were varied with bluejay, cardinal, and others adding to the turkey hawk and eagle. A found feather in the woods is still a special find. I have a cardinal tail feather lost from a fight or preening that has been around the world with me giving me a piece of home.

A modest force of Huron for the FIW. Unlike the Potawatomi and Iroquois I painted a few years ago, I kept these pretty subdued. I want them more natural without all the bright colors from felt leggings and bright colors of beads the Colonists would bring. By removing the musket armed, I can use the Flint and Feather ruleset for pre-contact fights. I may source some Roundheads and Cavaliers though so I can fight with and against the newcomers.

An Elder, a Warchief, and Medicine Man. I'm thinking the Shaman and Elder could be Apprentice and Master Mages for Frostgrave. I can also use most of  these for Saga as Skraelings. I was thinking of the latter and chose to go light on the warpaint. The Tribe looks more like they are spilling from their Wigwams or welcoming home the hunting party as there seems to be lots of village attacks in that game. Wearing warpaint all the time kinda clogs up the pores too! ;)

Bob Murch did an outstanding job on these sculpts and they are filled with lots of character and details. A few warclubs are decorated with a turtle and the turtle was the prime clan of most Eastern Tribes. Everybody not Native wants to be Bear or Wolf clan, but they don't realize that the turtle is very wise and snapping turtles are very fierce! The honor guard in the back has a turtle on his banner marking this bunch as Turtle clan warriors .The shaman even has a rattle made from a turtle shell.

A group of warriors with handweapons and a few shields.

I enjoyed painting all of the Murch sculpts very much.

I still like the wargames factory/warlord plastics, but they are best as filler troops and source for conversion bits.

A group of bow equiped warriors, Bob Murch even made a set of weapons, shields and bows which finally let me give quivers to the wargame factory warriors.

They do mesh well together and like my dual knife bowman very much more with the added quiver and bow.

This group will accompany the rest for blackpowder games or muskets and tomahawks

The Murch scupts blend very well with the Conquest sculpts too.

I need to get some French and English to massacre <er, ALLY with!

48 warriors for 240 points ready to play in the woods!


And this final Friday Follies sees yet another ally of . . . the French. First American Continentals, and now Hurons.

You've done a splendid job here, both with making them look subdued and natural, and with blending in figures from multiple manufacturers. 

I do think it's a bit optimistic expecting these chaps to go spelunking in Frostgrave. It's a bit nippy there. But otherwise, quite a splendid band.

240 points incoming!

From PeteF: The Last Hurrah! So long and thanks for all the minioning (10 points)

So this is it for the Friday Follies of Challenge IX. I'm working on a couple of other projects that might just be ready by the 20th but in any event this will be my final Friday entry.

This Challenge has been a great motivation to complete an AWI project - I'm now in good shape to refight Weitzel's Mill. Just a few units to bring up to strength, some better hills and a river to complete and it will be ready for Enfilade! in May.

Here is one of the continental officers - Lt Col John Eager Howard - urging on his troops to stand up to the redcoats. One of the horses in my neighbourhood is a red roan which inspired this attempt at this whitish/red-brownish/pinkish colouring. I think red roan was a North American horse colour in the eighteenth century - but if it's anachronistic just wait for my hussars & cuirassiers riding Apaloosas.

Many thanks to HerrRobert for all the Friday minioning. I've enjoyed the commentary, especially anything Python related.

Final Friday entry - 1 mounted 28mm from Perry for 10 points.


And huzzah for the last week of minioning. Starting today's lineup, we have a superb entry from PeteF. A Continental colonel, also known as an ally of . . . . the French.

Roans are well known in Europe in the workhorse breeds, if Wikipedia is to be believed. So it's not necessarily anachronistic to have roans in Europe. I've always been under the impression that the quality and color of horseflesh very much depended on both the nation and the state of the campaign. French would ride anything and, since they had notoriously poor horse care, generally had to. The Germans and British generally took much better care of their horses, and so would usually ride "national" breeds. French cuirassier on roans would be quite justifiable; Appaloosas, however, are right out! 

And ten points on the board for Pete!