Sunday, 11 March 2018

Last Week of Scheduled Entries Before the Last Stretch Chaos

On an administrative note, this will be the last week of scheduled entries before we head into the free-for-all of the Challenge's final days. So from Sunday, March 18th to midnight, Tuesday March 20th you can feel free to submit as many entries as your fevered brush can manage.

So be sure to be especially nice to your Minion during this, their swan song week - they've done a spectacular job (especially Ray in deleting Peter's post last week, that was particularly awesome...).  :)


The Votes Are In for the 'Monstrous' Theme Round!

Finally, I'm back at the controls after a few days away R&R with the lovely Lady Sarah. Thanks for your patience everybody, and another big thank you to Tamsin who did a fabulous job standing in for me posting the Friday Follies.

Our fifth and final bonus theme round has concluded! We had 35 participants submitting entries illustrating their delightfully imaginative interpretations of the 'Monstrous' theme. Below are the results of the voting. 


The Runners Up of the Theme Round were:

SidneyR's 'Les Chevaliers de Versailles, 1688'

AlexK's 'Monster Madness'

JamesM's 'The Command is Given, the Command is WALK!'


Our podium finishers for the Monstrous Theme Round are:

Third Place: MichaelA's 'Monster Mash'

Michael will receive another 25 points for his fabulous retrospective of these classic monsters of the Silver Screen. Yes they are verrry verrry scaaaary! Lovely brushwork Michael.


Second Place: AnthonyO's 'George the Giant'

George's amazing romper-stomper monstrousness (monstrousnous?) will give Anthony another 50 points to add to his total!  Superb work Anthony!


And in First Place: 

ByronM's 'Kingdom Death Dragon King'

I had the pleasure of seeing this electric blue brute up close and personal while visiting friends and family in Winnipeg this past weekend. I can attest that it's even more impressive (and intimidating) when viewed nose-to-nose, so to speak. Truly, an amazing piece of work. 

In recognition of Byron's excellent efforts, he will be awarded an additional 75 points to his total and receive a generous gift certificate from our fellow Challenger Edwin over at Diplomatist Books.

Congratulations again Byron!


Let's give A BIG round of applause to all the round's participants for their excellent efforts bringing the theme to life. Terrific work folks - thank you!