Friday, 1 January 2016

From AdamC - 18th Century French for En Garde (50 Points)

Hey look Adam painted something that isn't Frosgrave. These are Old Glory 25s form their French and Indian Wars range.  While En Guarde seems to be focused on the 17th Century I think these will be a nice set for the game (though as the rules aren't out for another week or two I don't know exactly how they will get used).

First up are a pair of sergeant's, armed with partizans, they are escorts for the Porte Drapue you will see in the Nostalgia round.

They have gear for the field, unlike most of these so they are will also make good lackey/servant type characters to the main Swashbucklers.

Drummer, I don't know that En Garde will need musician types but he could be handy in some scenarios.

French Drummers were the King's livery in regiments not associated with a specific noble family.

There swordsmen, I did some modification the two closets cutting them off an pinning them back one so they are looking forward not back like the one on the left.

The Centre officer had a flag staff in his off hand but I cut that off  so as to make him look like he is fencing.

The First of two Pistol armed officers.  

 there is a nice sense of balance to this figure

The second officer taking aim and clutching a map or message in the other hand.

He also carries his own pack something this troops probably appreciate I mad this guy a little dirtier than the others. It just seemed right for the man.

Two Mustachioed soldiers with partisans clearly standing guard some place.

On most of these I went very light on the shading but Dirtied up the white gaiters as they get very dirty after only a short time in the field. (I know from personal experience)

Finally I have the last Porte Drapue I have not yet given him flag because I haven't decided if I want to give him the Colonels colors or those of another regiment.

That's another 10 25mm figures for 50 more points in addition to using them for En Garde they should be handy for the Pirate themed game at the Huzzah! Convention (you will see some more relating to that latter). 

Not Frostgrave?! Mon Dieu! :)
Nice work Adam.  I quite like that pistol armed officer who is dashing forward and the last standard bearer who is showing a 'good leg'. Is 'En Guarde' out yet? I thought it was due later this month? Speaking of Osprey rules, has anyone tried 'Black Ops'? I'm curious to know what it's like.
50 Points for you Mr. Carriere - Well done!

From SimonM - 'The Man Without Fear' - Curtgeld (20 Points)

"You can do anything if you're not afraid."
This 28mm plastic “Wizkids” model of Daredevil is miniature number 36 from the Marvel “Heroclix” Critical Mass range. Blinded as a child by a radioactive substance which fell from an oncoming truck, Matthew Murdock’s remaining senses were heightened beyond normal human ability and gives him a type of sonar super-power. Taught martial arts by a Ninja sensei known as Stick, ‘Hornhead’ was created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, and made his first “Marvel Comics” appearance in April 1964.

Having removed the figure from its ‘clicky base’ and super-glued him to a “Games Workshop” 25mm circular one, I covered up the vigilante’s pre-paint by applying an undercoat of “Vallejo” Heavy Red before giving the majority of the miniature a wash of “Citadel” Crimson Carroburg. The lawyer’s baton was picked out using a combination of “Vallejo” Dark Vermillion and more “Citadel” Carroburg Crimson. Whilst Daredevil’s face was painted with “Vallejo” Heavy Skintone and “Citadel” Reikland Flashshade.

Daredevil WIPs - Having undercoated with "Vallejo" Heavy Red, only the model's face and baton needed painting
Admittedly a simple model and paint-job, I immediately thought of this figure as soon as Curt stated his ‘Tip to the Croupier’ for this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge would need to be based upon a risk-taker, daredevil or gambler. Well you can’t get more of a daredevil in my books than ‘The Man Without Fear’ himself.

Awesome! As you say, Simon, you can't have a better example of a daredevil than the Man himself. What a quintessential 'superhero' pose - very dynamic. The washes you chose really made this figure 'pop' from the simple red basecoat. I also like the little historical background to the Daredevil character. Lovely work and thank you so much!

From SeanR - Bearing the Word (10 Points)

For my first entry, I've painted up 2 models from the GW Betrayal at Calth box.

Confession time - I haven't finished painting a model in years. Many years.

With the Painting Challenge and picking up the lovely Calth box minis, I thought it time to get cracking with the aim of getting the full box done by Cancon (a large gaming convention in Canberra, Aus) in late January.

So here are 2 Word Bearers Space Marines. And they were quite enjoyable to paint. Easy colours with reds, black and metal with a really simple grey underground basing to push through that wall and actually get something finished!
This should net me a whole 10 points.

Here are some more shots in true Abba fashion.

Now that I look at the last two pics I can totally see it. But which one's the Brunette? She's was my favourite...

First, welcome aboard Sean - it's great to have you with us!
I always love seeing people using the Challenge to either start, or get back into the hobby. These Marines look terrific Sean. How many do you have to get done for Cancon? I suspect we will be seeing more of these over the next few weeks? Wonderful stuff.

IgnacioR - My First Vikings (116 Points)

Last painting of the year, sixteen viking and four berserks, I went really easy with this pack, the whole thing is a couple of colours and some washes, but I added more love to the shields. Bases are simple, no grass or anything else, maybe in the future I will add some yellow grass or something like this.

I know... There is blood, again... I'm not bloody Nacho but they look good with it. With this I´m almost in the middle of my pledge, and painting five more model I will finish my Saga vikings first 4 points. In plan for the start of the year there are multiple options, my friend are starting a league for the lord of the rings, there is this chaos warmaster army screaming to me from the boxes... Anyway I wish you all a happy new year, full of health, wealth, love and hobby!!!!

Happy New Year Nacho! You've done some lovely work on these vikings! These lads look like they are ready to make some monks' day very, very miserable. I also really like your impressionistic shield art - so evocative of what artisans would create during the period. 

I'm looking forward to seeing some Warmaster stuff as I haven't seen any of those models for years!

From EricMc - 28mm WWI Germans, Part II (130 Points)

Sorry for the second entry being back to back with the first.   I was able to finish this group of Germans pretty quickly.  I promise only one more boring group of Germans then on to something more fun.  

I did experiment a bit with the basing. I think I like the basing color of the groups in the first post better.

 The flammenwerfer teams were fun to paint. I think I like the Great War Miniature version better where the weapon is held low. The Old Glory over the shoulder version may be accurate but you would have to be crazy to use it that way. 

Thanks for looking.
26 28mm figures at 5pts each is 130 points 

These infantry look great Eric!  To be honest, I perhaps like the basing on these fellows a bit more. I find the larger chunks of grey rocks/debris more visually interesting than the smaller talus, but that's just me. :) Nice work!