Saturday, 16 January 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Righteous Army Command (11 Points)

After the mind-numbing and will-draining effort of painting all those 6mm Rebs, I needed a bit of a mental break so I chose to paint something quick in a different scale. Looking around what I had to hand that would do, I settled on these:

Another Righteous Army command group for my 15mm Choson Koreans. I did paint up two command stands for this portion of my Koreans last year, each with a single mounted figure. This one, having two mounted figures will be the overall command for my Righteous Army with a monk commander and a local squire or somesuch.

Some more piccies:

The figures are 15mm from Old Glory 15s; the banner is home-made (and I have gone over the white edges Dave D!). Looking at the text on it, it is probably one of the ones I produced for a refight of an Imjin War mini-campaign a few people from our club fought last March (see this post and this post).

The right face of the banner:

Top-down shot:

For the points, that will be 2 mounted and 1 foot in 15mm, giving me 10 points.

Lovely work Tamsin. After that big push with the Rebs you have every right to work on something righteous. Nice clean work and great colours.  I really like the banner. Remind me again, what system is this for?
Another eleven points for your roster Tamsin! Well done.


From DaveD - Return of the Fuzzies...(175 points)

Its been a a good week for painting, most enjoyable and needed, although very little completed of what was actually planned, but you know how it goes. Today's final post sees ongoing progress for what I think is the 5th consecutive Challenge committed to the building up of the armies of the Mahdi. These are Perry plastics and few metals. I have painted so many of these blighters over the years I think I could do them in my sleep - but then sometime that's what you gotta do to feed the megalomania - Mahdists hordes don't create themselves .

This top up takes me over 900 foot troops with 1000 target in the distance not too far away.

I had hoped/planned for an opening mega game last autumn, but circumstances saw that cancelled - but with a fair wind this winter season should see it become a spring time reality. 

 34 Beja and an Emir commander.

Right, now what was I supposed to be working on ? .... aah yes something hairy, smelly and spitting for Tamsin... no I don't mean Ray....

Oh and I must say a big thank you to my erstwhile companion in banter Millsy for enquiring about my health (or was it sanity?) due to nothing being completed. Thanks Millsy, it really helped in what was a difficult period.

Cracking work Dave!  I've been proud to have the Challenge, in a vicarious way, help fuel this Mahdist Megalomania you've been exercising these past few years. So, over 900 Mahdists now. Whoah. It will be truly glorious to see this entire collection being used in a game. I look forward to the after action report of that epic day (or perhaps weekend)!
That was a good Saturday's effort Dave - It's great to have you back with us!

From GregB - Epic 30k Armoured Vehicles (34 Points)

A potpurri of Epic 30k armour
More Epic 30k material for this submission - a mix of vehicles, ranging from APCs to some super-heavy tanks.

Up first are two more Rhino APCs from the XIV Legion, the "Death Guard". They missed the deadline for the last batch, so I'm tucking them in this week. These two models are old, original plastics from the 90s...I'm still always impressed at how well the detail has held up on these little guys. 

Now we are getting a little heavier, three Land Raiders, the "Proteus" variant, from the VII Legion, the "Imperial Fists" - Tamsin's favourite, I'm sure, with all the yellow :)  These tanks are the mainstays of any Space Marine armoured force - hitting hard while carrying troops in (relative) safety.

Up next is a battery of Whirlwind tanks - "Scorpius" pattern.  These are multiple-rocket-launcher style artillery weapons which the Marines use to shower their opponents with scary, guided HE shells. There is one battery for the Imperial Fists.

And another Whirlwind battery, this one for the XVI Legion, the "Sons of Horus".

Now we move up to some super-heavy tanks.  This is a Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer, a sort of Jagdtiger of the Space Marine Legions.  This is a very heavy, scary laser array mounted on an extra-large and extra-armoured Land Raider chassis.  Fitting for the setting, the weapon can have serious side effects on its own vehicle...but I'm sure those are "isolated incidents", right?

The scariest is saved for last.  Getting run over by Land Raiders, hit by rockets from Whilrwinds and zapped by the Cerberus is bad enough - but when a Space Marine Legion commander is really pissed, he sends a few of these things forward - Fellblade super-heavy tanks.  Armed and armoured to end-of-days levels, these thing obliterate the enemy at any range.

If you are curious, see this link to check out one of these things I painted up in 28mm's a bonkers model.  Also, you can see most of these tanks (as well as figures I have painted so far in the Challenge) in action with the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts this week over on our blog at this link - it was fun to get all of these models out for a spin with the group. Unfortunately Horus' plans to obtain some lethal virus artillery shells war orphan charity supplies were thwarted, but I'm sure the XVIth Legion will be back at it again before long...

This submission has 11 6mm vehicles, and three 6mm "super-heavy" vehicles that I am hoping count for two vehicles each, for a hopeful total of 30 points. I have a lot more Epic stuff in the pending line for my painting desk, but now that I'm choking on the dust of others in my side duels, it's time to crank the scale-o-meter back to 28mm, I think...hopefully will have some of that to share next week!

These are brilliant Greg. My favorites are still the Imperial Fists in their yellow livery - they're so badass they smirk at dull pan-tone colours, much less camo.
I know some of the early models are old GW stock, but what about these whacky variants and monster tanks you've been showing us?  Are these from another company or GW as well?
By my math this puts this at 34 points, well done Greg!

From PhilH: Keeping up with Juan (15 points)

I have a side challenge with Juan and Juan has managed three figures a week recently. So I must paint three figures in a week. Here they are:

Spanish Civil War Peninsular Army MMG crewman, rifleman and medical orderly. The medic is converted from a rifleman - a simple switch of the rifle for a pack of medical supplies (from a Warlord plastic set) and paint on a medic's armband. 

These aren't the most inspiring to paint, all of that green, and are much less dashing than other uniforms of the SCW. But with such a limited palatte, they are a quick way of bulking out my painted Nationalist force. The Requetes I also have left to do would probably take nearly twice as long. I've a SCW game at the club tomorrow evening so these might make it to the table very soon.

As you say, some of the Nationalist uniforms are not that visually inspiring, but nevertheless you've done a lovely job on this trio Phil. I quite like your medic conversion - simple but very effective. I must remember to try to do-up one of these for my collection. 
15 more points for your race with Spain and have fun with your game tomorrow!

From PeterD - 28mm Italian Men at Arms with Pole Arms (41 points)

A small post this week.  I've got two projects half way along, but got slowed down by Epic Fail, initial resource gathering for Defensive Terrain and .... well life.

These are 8 Italian men at arms with pole arms (a mix of pole axes and Lucerne hammers) from the Perry Renaissance range.  There are 6 from a the pack labelled Italian Heavy Infantry, a standard bearer from the Italian command pack and a plastic dismounted knight. 

The standard reference for these guys is of course Renaissance art and there is a background figure in Carpaccio's Legend of St Ursula (this period gets the best reference links) that shows up in Ospreys and the like.

The dude with the Lucerne hammer and the red pants by the water.  Note that he is left handed apparently - how sinister.

The heavies figures come with the lovely oval shields that appear in artwork, but it's not clear that you could use an oval shield and poleaxe so I have left them off.  My wife (a fabric junkie) questioned the bright scarlet and yellow hose, but I went with them on the basis of "that's the colour set Raphael used".  I think that she is right, but I want my figs to have the same pop as a Mantegna or a Bellini.

Nicely illustrating the colour palette, that stairclimbers were not needed in the 15th century and why I won't be joining a reenactment group any time soon.

The big change for me is the basing.  I have taken the group's advice and used a Liquidtex Gel medium.   The mix used was the medium, plus small "rocks" plus Raw Umber (which is after all coloured after Renaissance Italian mud).  The Umber looked dark so I dry brushed it with Burnt Sienna (more Italian mud).

The tufts are GW Mordheim turf which looks like dried out grass and weeds to me, and thus suitable for a hot Tuscan summer.

Favourable feedback on my basing is always welcome, constructive criticism will initially be met by curling up in a fetal position and whimpering and then be welcome.

That is a great crew of Italian miscreants Peter. I rather like racous colours you went with for their hose. I can just imagine these guys, menacingly fingering their Lucerne hammers (left handed, no less) saying, 'Hey buddy, you got sumtin' smart to say about my hose?' 
I like where you're going with your groundwork Peter. My only suggestion would be to drybrush both the cured gel and the tufts with a lighter tone to highlight them a bit more.
I'm really looking forward to seeing these on the table in our upcoming Italian Wars game!

From DaveD - The Pale Rider dismounted..54mm Cowboy (13 points)

Ok not exactly what I had planned next , but i wanted to do something a little larger than 28mm as my eyes are not coping as well as they were last year. This lad has been staring across the desk of shame for at least a year - so once I had blown the dust off the undercoated figure I thought why not. Some of you may recall the 54mm Cowboys I did a few years ago so this is to add to the collection , and for possibly a future 54mm Old West game.

As with all the 54mm Andrea Miniatures figures the castings are first rate and a real joy to work on.

Of course its easily recognizable as that anti-hero from Pale Rider played by non other then Clint Eastwood - not to be confused with our very own Paint Monkey Clint...

Right off to find something else from the Sudan mountain...Martin C ...I will see your Zulus and raise you a Fuzzy or several...

Absolutely lovely work on a beautiful casting Dave. I was wondering when you'd add something more to this great 'little' project. I think you did a brilliant job on the shading and weathering. I particularly like his dusty trousers and the wheelbarrow he's leaning on.
10 points for the Pale Rider and of course something a little extra for the wheelbarrow. Lovely stuff Dave.

From DaveD - Curtgeld - Cracking the Whip...(25pts)

Well as I have had a bit of slow start with one thing and another going on - at one point it looked as if this years painting season was dead in the water, but at least the ship is under way again now - it is high time I entered the fray. So what better way than to "pay the piper". So here is the Curtgeld for our very own Lord High Snowball..

When I thought of risk takers and gamblers I thought of something cinematic. One of my favourites is Indiana Jones, and a figure for the big Snowball of Indy cracking the whip seemed to be just the thing. He may come in useful for controlling his "minions".

This figure is from the Copplestone Back of Beyond range - but i have "tweaked it".  As cast the right arm is more down its side with the whip cast from the hand to the ankle. I chopped away the whip and removed the arm completely. The arm was reshaped and soldered back into a higher position. The whip was remade from stranded copper wire twisted to a thinned point. It is then soldered along its length for strength, and soldered into the right hand. It was bent to shape give it some "life" . The left hand was then moved to have the gun pointing more forward than upwards.

First points on the board... this should be the first of a few today....

We were missing your wonderful entries Dave, so it's wonderful to finally have you aboard - Welcome! 
I love what you've done with re-posing Indy to make him more dynamic. The stranded copper wire really adds to the figure and makes him much more menacing I think. I'd love to try some work with a soldering iron sometime, but I'm always afraid I'd light our house on fire! Maybe during the summer when I can be outside in the middle of the yard...
I'm going to add a few points for Indy's modifications, so 25 for your official entry into this year's Challenge Mr. D! Thank You!

From JuanM - The Conqueror (5 Points)

A new week with a very small amount of painted figures... And a very small figure this time!

He is Nobba the Conqueror, the Goblin Chieftain from Red Box Games, the new figure I have painted from this excellent sculptor, Tre Manor.

This is a very small figure, with a lot of detail and character, as usual, and I would like to paint more of these Goblins to use them with "Open Combat". I´m now awaiting the release of this ruleset, more useful for my skirmish games than "Dragon Rampant" because there are not necessary too many figures.

I expect that Nobba, a true giant with his folks, give me 5 points for my run with Phil (these figures are not the best option for a side challenge...).


You did a beautiful job on this figure Juan. I particularly like the well-worn spear-tip with the various trophies along its shaft. A very cool mini. I did not know that Red Box is releasing a ruleset - I'm going to keep an eye out for that as well.
Another 5 points for your duel with Phil! I look forward to next week.

From ChrisH - 28mm Napoleonic Austrian Infantry (181 Points)

As promised in my last post I needed to do some historical miniatures for a) sanity sake and b) with an eye to sell them some where down the track. I prefer ancient and medieval figures but have not got around to preping much up of late so Naps it is. Oh by the way Tamsin there will not be a great flurry of unit after unit of white clad minis coming from me unlike another year and another entrant.

I prefer the dirty campaign look rather than pristine as I always feel that 3 days marching up a road in a white uniform would leave it somewhat well.............less white.

I tried a new technique (Gloss varnish then white spirit or shellite in Australia with black and brown oil paint, then removed with a cotton wool bud) with this lot but found the varnish I used was too sticky and it took the fluff from my cotton wool buds. Thus an extra two hours of fluff removal has me fondly desiring to return to an old and trusted technique. Matt varnish with a drop of black or brown as a "Super Wash".

36 minis at 5 points should net me 180 points.
Yawn... Stretch... Sorry folks. I was up waaay too late and slept in. The trouble of a middle aged man who still enjoys keeping teenage hours.
OKAY! Espresso in hand, glasses on face - let's get to it.
Whoa. Beautiful work Chris. This is a nice beefy unit, which I guess it should be if it's Austrian. I imagine it tromping out of some depot in Austria with the men thinking that it will be THIS TIME, this time for sure that they will send that little Corsican packing. I really like the campaign look you've gone with and your groundwork is great. I dunno, That finishing technique you describe with the cotton wool sounds kinda fussy. Anything where you have to brush on and wipe off makes me cringe, as I know I would probably completely botch it up. 
Are these Perry plastics? The models themselves look very nice.
180 points, but I'm going to pop in another for the flag.  Well done Chris!

From TamsinP - 6mm Confederate Infantry (308 points)

You've all been wondering when I will drop my first points bomb of the Challenge. In the past I'd have dropped one or two by now, but you need wait no longer for here is my first (and maybe only) points bomb of the year.

For your delectation I present you with 616 Confederate infantry. These are 6mm figures from Baccus

As I wanted to create some variation in clothing, etc I made the decision to paint all of them as one batch. Never again. Painting the same tiny detail on 616 figures (particularly flesh - 616 faces and 1232 hands!) is enough to reduce any sane person to a gibbering wreck who has lost the will to live. However, I was slightly ahead of the game and only had the will to live to lose.

(numbers in parenthesis after colours are the Vallejo Model Colour codes unless otherwise indicated).

For those who are interested, after basecoating the figures with a mix of Sky Grey (989) and Light Grey (990), I then randomly selected 0, 1 or 2 figures per stick (6 strips of 4 line or 2/3 strips of 4 skirmish order) to get jackets or trousers in either of 2 different greys (Sky Grey/Field Blue (964) mix, Neutral Grey (992) or 3 different browns (Brown Sand (876), Beige Brown (875), English Uniform (921)/Beige Brown mix). 

I also gave each stick a 1 in 6 chance of having one guy in Sky Blue (961) trousers removed from a dead Union soldier. 

To vary the officers a bit, I gave a 1 in 4 chance for his jacket and trousers to be Dark Bluegrey (867).

Hats were done in 6 different colours - Sky Grey, Basalt Grey (869), Black Grey (862), Tan Earth (874), Cork Brown (843), Chocolate Brown (872). The order was varied according to a matrix I worked out.

Blanket rolls were done in 4 colours - Luftwaffe Uniform (816), Green Grey (886), German Camo Pale Brown (825), Mahogany Brown (846). As with the hats, I used a matrix to vary the order.

Half the strips had Orange Brown (981) belts and bayonet scabbards, the other half black (950). Officers' belts and sword scabbards were also done in black as were all the cartridge boxes. Similarly, half the water canteens were Dark blue Grey (904). The breadbags and their straps were Pale Sand (837).

Faces and hands were done in Flat Flesh (955), hair was German cam Medium Brown (826). The strip bases were Burnt Umber (941).

The musket stocks and the flag staffs were painted Light Brown (929). For the metallic parts I used Model Air paints - Steel (065) for muskets barrels, and Gold (066) for the tips of flag staffs and various bits on the officers. The drums were painted with a mix of VMC Copper (999) and VMA Gold, then given rims of Flat Red (957); the skins were Pale Sand.

Once all the painting was done, they got a coat of brush-on matt varnish before basing. To create further variety I mixed up all the strips with the same belt colour and randomly selected 5 strips to go with each command strip.

Now for the dangerous part - close up pics of 6mm figures!!

Phew! I'm going to take a break from 6mm Rebs for a short while and paint something else. I still have two bases of Zouave infantry, cavalry (mounted and dismounted), artillery (crews only - I painted the guns last year) and commanders to paint which will appear later in the Challenge once my will to live has returned!

I guess the points thing goes here: 616 x 6mm foot should be 308 points. The flags are commercial from Baccus so won't get any points - and I do know that I need to go over the edges where the white is showing.

I thought it would be good to greet the day with a hearty rebel yell and this entry from Tamsin fit the bill quite nicely. 
Wow. This is a rootin' tootin' passel of Rebs Tamsin, make no mistake. 
You've done a beautiful job on making these figures varied enough to keep them from turning into amorphous grey lines. Also, I think your basing came off very well, making them look like they are in proper battle formations, yet not cluttered with unnecessary terrain which can make 6mm basing seem too busy. Very clean and impressive work.
This 308 points will vault you nicely among those in the top 10 - Well done Ms. P!