Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From StefanK: Finally Curtgeld... and Thalia (55 Points)

Traditionally my final post of the challenge contains the Curtgeld. So here we go:

Here we have three figures the first of which is Thalia. She is a Zombicide: Black Plague survivor and I guess that any resemblance with Red Sonja is purely occasional:

Anyway I acquired this special kickstarter exclusive figure a while ago with the idea in mind to build a barbarian themed survivor party. Unfortunately we haven't played too much Black Plague since but Thalia remained a figure I wanted to paint anyway.

After our ACW project was done (for the moment...) I thought she might fit into this challenge to give Lady Sarah another female figure to choose from.

As usual for CMon figures Thalia was of great detail and good casting quality. That board game plastic isn't easy to clean but fortunately the figure didn't have too much flashing. As usual I used a choice of Wargames Foundry and Vallejo paints.

On the first picture Thalia is accompanied by the to Uruks I want to give Curt as his well deserved entry fee:

They are from the oldish Games Workshop game but nevertheless nice and characterful figures that show some evil warriors on their way to Amon Hen to hunt down the Fellowship of the Ring.

Since I sold all my LotR figures years ago I asked a friend to have a look at his spares and luckily he discovered these two fellows and supplied them gladly.

Again I used mostly Vallejo paints to bring them to live and I hope you - especially Curt - like my humble work. It was pretty fiddly to work out the skin colour for those Isengard breeds but finally I decided to use a scheme I employed for African skin a while ago.

Finally I based them on 30mm bases and applied a badge displaying the donor and the occasion those figures were given.

Well, that's it then. More or less. My final words shall not be about figures and painting. In fact I want to address our busy and tireless host and his loyal minions:

Many thanks to all of you for making this challenge possible again!

It was a great pleasure to follow all the fine entries and it was an honour to be a humble part of it!

Now spring is coming and summer will follow. But in autumn at the latest I'll keep my eyes open for the roll call for the Xth painting challenge which I'm yearning for already.


Absolutely brilliant work Stefan. The Not-Red Sonja is terrific and I'm sure she is a brutal character to run in 'Black Plague' (a great game btw - one we actually liked more than Zombiecide). As to the Curtgeld, I can only give my deepest thanks - these two Uruks are wonderful and will have a place of honour amongst the growing warband. Of course the painting is up to your regular high standards, but I also want to give you the big thumbs-up on the bespoke labels - now, that's class! :)

Thanks again Stefan!

- Curt

From TamsinP: Curtgeld (20 points)

Following a discussion with Curt, my Curtgeld for AHPC9 is decided. It's these guy (and gal):

...from the Sport bonus theme round:

They will be joining Parsley:

...who was my Curtgeld for AHPC7.

As the figures have already been scored, it's just the 20 points for Curtgeld that need to be added to my tally.

Oh, and I won't have any more entries this year - stepping in as a minion today has put paid to any possibility of that!


Thank YOU Tamsin! These are just fabulous (love the aristo about to give thumbs up/down in judgement) and will be great additions to our regular forays into 'Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery'. Thanks again Ms. P!

- Curt

From RayR: Donnybrook - Militia (50pts)

 Oh look, yet more Donnybrook!!!!
I do like it when you can have versatile figures, and that's exactly what these are.

The figures are from Reiver Castings, and can be purchased here.
For the princely sum of £11

 They can and hopefully will be used in the following armies.
Monmouth's Rebels
King Phillip's War Militia
Irish Rapparees

These 10  bad boys are worth 5 points each so, should earn me another 50 points!


Gawd help me! This is the third Donnybrook post from that fecker Ray that I've had the dubious pleasure of scoring today. There must be something not Donnybrook you could have painted and submitted?

Very nice work on these reprobates Ray. Hmm, Ray, reprobates? That fits quite well, don't you think?

Anyway, another 50 points to you, but you're going to need some big sandbags to catch up with Fran...

From NoelW: The Middle of the End: Curtgeld (30 points)

I wasn't sure exactly what to paint for this year's Curtgeld - not knowing much about our beloved leader or what he would like to see/own/play with/laugh up his sleeve about. So I settled on another image of Fellowship, as that seems appropriate in several ways.

I toyed with the possibility of painting this one up for the Fellowship bonus round, but didn't use it. It's a Wargames Foundry pair, sculpted by the impossibly talented Perrys, of course. I've had it for some while, but not really known what to do with it. Now I do.

The Challenge has been mainly about "doing as much as possible" for me, i.e. numbers mattered most, so I felt I'd focus a bit more on quality to prove I could do that too, for this, by far the most important of tasks. (I also decided to make it nice and colourful, to offset the black and white of the long Canadian winter, but maybe I've overdone that a tad!)

Two figures, 10 pts. Plus Curt's courtesy contribution = 30 pts.

I guess it qualifies for Sarah's choice, too.


Damn! I don't get to score one of your mahoosive posts! But with this pair to make up for it, my disappointment is greatly reduced.

That's lovely work and I'm certain Curt will enjoy the vibrant colours in cold Canadian winters to come.

From FranL: Hodge Podge 1 (203 points)........

Got a little mixture going on........

15mm CP Models Mummies......

28mm Legion Rebel Fleet Troopers

15mm Sci-Fi Russians....

15mm Sci-Fi Russian Heavy Mech.....

Another 15mm "Devils Rejects" Gargo Sled.....

15mm "Devils Rejects" Bots.......

15mm CP Models Cultists.........

28mm figures x 7= 35 points
15mm vehicles x 2= 16 points
15mm figures x 76= 152 points

203 points

I think that's right.......


Mummies! Cannon fodder! Space Russkis! Mechs! Sleds! Bots! Cultists! That really is a hodge podge Fran. Hmmm "Hodge Podge 1" - that suggests that there might be more "Hodge Podge" posts to come over the next few hours...

With all these large posts you are dropping on the last day one might tentatively suggest you have been stuffing sandbags. I blame that feckin' fecker Ray - he's clearly infected you! 

That is indeed another 203 points

From StuartL - Of Paint and Squirrels (275 points)

I had thought about posting this lot up as separate entries, but I am sure that Curt and the Minions are all pretty busy today, so here we go, my final post of the challenge.

One of my favourite periods to read about, research and play is the British Colonial period. I have a small but growing collection of figures for the Anglo-Zulu War and this challenge was a good excuse to get some more minis added to both armies. Above is a Zulu InDuna, or commander. The mini is from Empress and will be used as a command figure for Black Powder. Strangely the picture shows white marks around the left eye and mouth, but when I went back to double check the figure, there are no marks. I guess it must be a reflection from the camera.

This second unit is a group of the Natal Native Contingent. The NNC were local volunteers who agreed to serve with the British in the hopes of getting some revenge for years of oppression from the Zulus. Each unit of the NNC was given a European officer, though many of them couldn't speak the native languages very well. The NNC were not deemed to be very good troops by the British high command, but this can be attributed to a lack of firearms, a lack of training and poor leadership in many cases. As I am collecting both sides of the conflict, I am tending towards slightly smaller unit sizes than those recommended in the Black Powder rules. Each of my British units is 16 men strong.

My next entry is a set of  12 Japanese infantry for the war in Burma and the attempted invasion of India. If you aren't aware of it, in the Spring of 1944, the Japanese launched an offensive through the jungle and across the border of Burma into India. The British raced troops to stop them and a close and brutal battle was fought out at Kohima and Imphal. At times the front lines were scant metres apart. Eventually the British, Indian and African troops were able to break the Japanese invasion force and this paved the way for a counter-invasion of Burma.

These figures are all from Warlord Games' Bolt Action range. They painted up fairly easily and I tried to give them some variation in how I based them to better represent the jungle terrain they were fighting in. I had planned to do a unit of Gurkhas to oppose them, but ran out of time.

And here we have another set of Bolt Action figures, 5 early war Polish infantry. I was given these by a friend as a trade for some old 40K minis. I never had much interest in the early stages of WW2, but these figures painted up very quickly and easily.

Usually, I paint up one figure as a test piece, making notes as to colours used and so on as I go along. With the Squirrel duel, I have made the effort to do 5 test models, as that is the target to get the Squirrel point. It has been challenging to try and find enough different projects to work on, but now I have these models done and a recipe for doing more should I find the time.

These models were painted up on a whim. I had read a tutorial recently about painting black. Some rummaging around in middle of the mountain of unpainted figures netted me 5 Black Templar space marines and the perfect figures to try out the tutorial on. I used to play 40K a few years back, mainly when 5th edition was at it's peak. At that time I didn't really enjoy painting marines too much. These guys were surprisingly fun to paint and I love how they have come out. I'm still undecided about the bases, but those can always be changed.

All of the models were painted in Vallejo Black and given a few highlights in Basalt Grey. I have tried to line highlight every panel on a marine before and it drove me nuts, so with these guys I just did a few random spots here and there. Once that was done and I had painted in the metals, I gave everything a glaze of blue ink. (1:10 ink & water). This helped make the highlights seem more natural and has given the black a bit of depth. Whereas the standard colour for the shoulder pads is white, I have gone for a warm off-white shade with a mix of Vallejo Bonewhite and Sky Grey. I used a fine tipped marker pen to add some religious script to the sides of the pads to better demonstrate the zeal of these crusaders.

And to finish off, some D&D monsters. As this was the theme of my first entry, it seemed fitting that it would also be my last. The large fellow above is a Chain Golem. The figure was originally an old D&D pre-painted mini, but I gave it a new coat, a wash and a drybrush to bring out the detail more. He is very large, standing nearly 100mm high on a 70mm base. 

To accompany him are a Were-bear, a Marilith Demon, a goat-man, a wraith a dire rat and a dire weasel. Most of the models were done with a simple Base>Drybrush>Wash technique, but the Marilith I spent a little more time on. The figure is a little NSFW, so I have added a black bar to the picture for decency. The Were-bear and the weasel are pre-paints, but the others are all from Reaper's Bones range.

And in a final shot to give you an idea of scale, you can see a rather confused looking Japanese NCO standing with the three big monsters. Both the bear and the demon are on 40mm bases.

And that is it from me for the challenge. There is still some time remaining, but right now I can't even stand to be in the same room as a paint brush, let alone think about picking one up. I have beaten my target by a mile and had a good shot at the Squirrel duel too.
I'm looking forward to seeing the final scores after the dust settles.

So, to end my post, a tally of points for the Minions.
The NNC and InDuna get me 17x28mm models for 85 Points and 1 Squirrel.
The Japanese get me 12x 28mm models for 60 Points and 1 Squirrel.
The Poles get me 5x 28mm models for 25 Points and my final Squirrel.
The Black Templars get me 5x 28mm models for 25 Points.
And finally the D&D figures are where I have to ask the minions to step in. 4 of the figures are roughly the same size as a standard 28mm model, but as you can see in the last picture, 3 of them are a bit bigger.

So that gives me a total of 195 Points, plus whatever the minions see fit for the D&D figures, plus 3 Squirrels.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my posts. I tried to comment on other people's but never had enough time to look at all of them. Thanks also to Curt for organising this and to Evan for being an awesome minion.
I believe a recap post is usual, so I will have a rest and come back after the end of the challenge.

Thank you!


I have enjoyed your large, mixed-bag entries throughout the Challenge, and this is no exception. Lovely work on all of these Stuart.

I'm going to score the D&D figures as four 28mm foot and the big monsters as 28mm vehicles. That gives you a grand total of 275 points for your final entry.

From Mike W, Last gasp entries! Many, Many Goblins (450 Points)

Wow, just under 3 days to go and the challenge is over!

Here's where I'm putting together all my last minute submissions in a valiant attempt to meet my 2,000 Point target, not having done one of these challenges before - I obviously over estimated the number of figures that I could get done in the time!

Raw undercoated unit on my workbench
So first of my catch-up items this week is a group of 30 GW Night Goblins that I didn't quite get finished in time, over the weekend, for Monday's submission. Having seen the pile of GW greenskin plastic I have - I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could clear this out after several years!

Final Completed Unit
These have been kicking around for years, as previously noted - I'm not hugely keen on the single figure mouldings that GW moved to for their Night Goblins and other figures, but I have so many of them it it seemed churlish not to get them done.

Unit with Shield details
Unit with Command figure details
A departure from my usual white undercoats here,these were spray painted black and then I picked out he key colours as I layered on the paint for green flesh, brown wood and metalwork etc. I decided on a bright yellow moon standard and reflected that in all the shields.

Some wash on the spear shafts and shields finished off the unit pretty well.

Calculations: 30 Figures @ 5 Points per figure = 150 Points

Coming to the end of the goblin Plastic pile! 
Next was the real '2 Day Challenge' - clearing out the 60+ remaining Goblin figures, mostly Night Goblin archers and a few more spider riders, with 2 days and 17 hours left running on the Challenge clock!

My aim was to get the Night Goblin Archers done in 2 units of 30 figures, using the remaining figures to build a custom Night Goblin Spider Rider Unit. If this last unit doesn't get posted then I ran out of time!

Amazing what a tight schedule can do for you... with 15 hours to go,the Night Goblin Archer units are done.
First completed unit

Same techniques used in these two units as used in the Night Goblin Spear unit above - i.e. a black sprayed on undercoat followed by batch painting of the key colours - Green skin, light brown under robes tan coloured leather with added steel and brass work with special attention paid to the command figures.

This time I used black wash on the arrows and a sepia wash on the quivers and bow hand bindings to finish off the units.

Second completed Night Goblin Archer Unit
So the pictures show each of the units in detail and then a panoramic view of both these units together.

When deployed on the tabletop,with the spear unit between them then these 90 little guys will be a scary opposition for any army!

There are no night Goblin Spider Riders - I ran out of time, such is life!

Both units together!
Calculations: 2 Units of 30 Figures @ 5 Points per figure = 300 Points

TOTALS: 150 Points + 300 Points = 450 Points

With 14 Hours and 39 minutes to go - I'm not going to get anything else completed to any reasonable standard, so I'm calling it an end!

If the above points are credited to me, then that's 1,961 for the challenge, just 39 short of the target but not bad for the first attempt!  I shouldn't have messed around so much at the start of the challenge.

Great fun - Thanks everyone from the minions (especially Barks) to those kind enough to comment on my attempts.

Hopefully I'll get invited back next year, when I can reveal the 7th & 8th levels of my lead & plastic Inferno!

You can find me - along with the other members of the SAS Wargames Club here,where after a rest I'll ramble on about our latest games and what's on my workbench....


My, what a horde of Goblins for you to finish your first Challenge with Mike! All those green faces remind me of that time on the Hamburg-Harwich ferry when it was blowing Force 7...

It would be a shame for you not to reach your 2000 point target - surely with 11 hours left (as I type) you can churn out a few of those spider riders - just four would push you over!

From AlexS: Adventure Markers (5 Points)

Hello to all! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia. And this is my prestige goal. I could not enter, as I planned, into the top three people who paint a lot, but still I can not miss the opportunity and lay out more of my work. During the event, I gave a lot of effort and work to the project "Wild West: The Awakening of the Ancients", which combines my love for Westerns and Lovecraft.

And during the games, I realized that I needed markers - hidden treasures, hidden artefacts and mysterious clues. And I made them. I especially like the marker with the monkey, it is obviously guarding something important.

It was difficult for me to estimate how many points this is, so I decided that it was one point. After all, this is a goal of prestige, not a rabbit from a hat :)


C'mon, really. Westerns and Lovecraft? What's not to like!? Great work Alex, I particularly like the one with the monkey. My money's on that one, for sure (which probably means that my choice doomed me). :)

5 points for these my friend.

- Curt

From SamuliS: Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde (75 points)

Time for my last entry and an addition to a project that has seen entries in the previous two painting challenges as well!

It's been exactly a year since the last addition to my Saxon Army Corps for the 1813 campaign. I ended my last challenge with some artillery and a few infantry battalions to the project so I guess it's fitting to end this challenge with the same subject as well! This time with a slightly smaller entry though as I only have the single Leibgrenadier battalion that took part in the campaign and was the last unit to actually be part of the Corps with most other units defecting to the Allied side during the conflict.

As all my Saxons these are amazing sculpts from AB miniatures. I did some minor modifications by adding epaulettes to their uniforms with green stuff, as the normal grenadier models AB makes don't have these due to them only being used on the Leibgrenadier uniform. The unit also brings a bit of colour to the army as all other infantry is clothed in white uniforms with just the facings in different colours. The flag is from GMB Designs.

So with 18 pieces of 18mm Saxons that's another 72 points to my points count and a sixth squirrel to the side duel. My worst points total in the seven years I've taken part, but I'm pretty happy as I was actually able to do a project from start to finish and get a fairly decent amount of stuff painted despite work trips interfering with hobby time. As I normally work on at least 2-3 things at the same time I managed to have a set of half finished minis left for the challenges end again! But hey at least I have something to continue with without needing to prep something new!

Thanks to Curt and all the little Minions for an amazing challenge once again! It's been great fun watching all the amazing entries on show once again even if I haven't been able to follow them as actively as I'd have liked! Have a great spring and summer everyone and see you around next year in the next challenge!


Splendid work on these chaps Samuli. I was trying to work out how you were doing the scoring then remembered that Curt has ruled AB's 18mm figures to be counted as 20mm!

I'm going to add a couple of points for the epaulettes you've added to take your total for this entry to 75 points.