Thursday, 2 February 2017

From SamuliS: Zebras and Volksgrenadiere (48 points)

Time for some more entries from me after a short pause! Life has been quite hectic now that our renovation has started and going straight from work to paint walls, install flooring etc. really has cut down on available hobby time. Apologies for not really being active with commenting either with no time at the computer outside of work. At least I've managed to browse through nearly all entries.

Both of these projects were started already a few weeks back, but finding an hour here and another there didn't help with progress. Finally on last friday I sat down for an all nighter to get the Volksgrenadiers painted before I needed them at the tournament early next morning. Some frantic painting and a restless night later they were ready for the battlefield. Somewhat ironically they never even made it to the table as I played with my main army through the whole tournament and didn't switch to the secondary one ever. So I guess the original Panzergrenadier platoon would have been enough even without these assault rifle additions... At least the tournament went nicely with another third place (third year in a row) for me. Lost one game with a miserable 6-1 showing which was enough to drop me into third. Still pretty happy as my list was geared up for fast games with either a win or a loss in the first few turns. I was in charge of the tournament so I figured it's better to get my own games done faster so that it would be easier to act as a referee and handle all the other things going around.

And speaking of referee's it's time to get some Zebras on the table for Blood Bowl as well. Me being me I immediately had to order the new Referee set, especially when it said Limited edition on the Forge World site... Somehow can't really resist anything that's supposedly on sale for a limited time only :) I'd imagine being a referee in Blood Bowl isn't exactly an enviable position with the constant risk of a hungry troll eating you, being beaten to pulp by an angry orc or getting your blood sucked out by a Vampire in need of a drink. So the ones who survive are most likely the meanest and craftiest individuals on the face of the planet. Not exactly the kind of referee you want to be getting pissed off at you. At least you can always bribe them with Gobbos always being open to a bag of gold and Halflings constant appetite making them easy to please with a good snack.

So with 19 15mm infantry and two 28mm models I should net another 48 points. Still a long  way to go...

With these out of the way my table is more or less clear from any projects. Not sure if I'm going to start anything before the renovation is finished and we've moved house. So most likely I'll be under radio silence until March when I'll have to try gather the remaining around 600 points that I'm missing from my goal... I do have a few business trips coming though so I might prep something to take with me in case I have some loose time in the hotel that needs to be passed in some other way than drinking beer in the lobby.

I know all to well the issues of sifting house and performing home renovations(I'm still unpacking from moving in November!) Still it is very nice to have you back. I wish you gave another shot of the
Germans but the zoomed in photo shows a bit of time was spent on them. Although not used, the sleepless night was well spent on them.
I really like your Forge World referees! They are packed full of character! My favorite is still the 1st ed human ref with the "come ere" gesture, but these fellows are very nice and well executed by your brush. Of the two I like the gobbo eyeing the coin toss, he seems to be thinking "shiney"

From PeterD SYW British Light Dragoons (40 points)

I am continuing to slog away at my SYW Sharp Practice collection. I have 4 more light dragoons finished to go along the 8 I finished earlier in the Challenge. Production has slowed down due to the impact of real life - I wear two hats at work and both are in their busy seasons. However, I find it helps me keep going if I post something each week, even if it's only a few figures. There's 8 more of these guys in various stages on the workbench as I type, I've found it works best to finish them in small batches once I get them to a certain point.

I am taking a sure but slow approach on this project, aiming to enjoy the ride.  I've found that the lace wars may be my sweet spot for miniatures painting.  Basically this is what I do for a hobby, painting horse and musket figures is something I've been doing  for 40 years now!  I know that these figures gave KenR a head ache earlier but I've really appreciated painting them.  The details stands out very nicely and it's easy to pick out the details like the lace.  Plus the poses are dynamic and the helmet just rocks!

So all in all we have 1 trumpeter, 1 officer, 2 troopers on picket duty with pistols.

Unlike my earlier problems with Piper uniforms for the Highlanders, I am on pretty solid ground with the trumpeter.   I've got several sources showing the green faced white with white/red lace including illustrations.  I like that he's got two trumpets , one in hand and one on his back.  Maybe he's a belt and braces kind of guy.  Or maybe he just needs horns in two different keys ( I understand from horn players that this is a thing, I play the guitar which is tuned in the key of I've got four fingers on my left hand).  Anyway I did the trumpet in his hand in silver and the hunting style horn on his back in brass, which matches real life examples that I've seen in both cases.

The figure I've used for the officer is I think an NCO officially.  He came in the Perry command pack along with the trumpeter and the officer I'd painted earlier.  I am fielding each Sharp Practice "group" to represent a squadron or company so wanted a second office for my second leader.  It was a simple paint conversion and I reckon that he's found it prudent to carry the carbine like his men.

The end plan is to have 2 Sharp Practice groups of 8 troopers, which means that with figures packed in threes I had to get 18!  I decided to use the extra two as pickets and/or dispatch riders and got a pack with pistols for this role, as they look the part.  That leaves one pistol packing mutha as a regular trooper (included in my first dragoon entry).

Are you quite certain that you are NOT in the Sharp Practice Duel?!
I myself do enjoy the Lace Wars in particular the 7YW. I also like the Cavalry units and reading regimental  and army doctrines that include color of horses to be must be an Anglo thing to have white horses for muscians, my ancestors only cared about stealing them! ;)
I do like these fellows though, including the Sgt with the field promotion. The British do have that signature look with the red and white and the dragoons do look stiking in them. I like that you have singled out a couple for courier and patrol duties. They will provide excellent objectives with the added bonus of plussing the regiment up when opportunity for larger battles occur.
Well done, Peter!

Jez Todd - Samurai Theme "IKKO IKKI" - (90 points)

Hi All

Not sure any wargamer would deliberately choose to build up a Japanese peasant army - the Ikko Ikki, however as I had a job lot of warrior monks and farmers handed over from a Ronin skirmish gamer it fitted perfectly.

The first couple of pictures show 3 farmer peasants (Perry figures) and 4 assorted monks and more armoured Ikko Ikki league (The Assault Group and an odd converted Ronin Northstar range)

This was the first time for me to use the sabot style bases and in the background you can see some of the Warbases that I bought to hold the figures. The third picture below shows them in action in a large unit of Ikko Ikki impetuous Foot Light class troops - I think five figures is a bit skimpy but hopefully I have just got away with this.

In additional I have also done a couple of standard bases to create another large Command unit - this has a mounted converted Perry figure with a couple of TAG armoured foot. In a moment of inspiration I simply added a samurai standard sashimono to the top of spear base to create the standard - the banner design is taken from Osprey books. Behind are a couple more Perry figures.

Finally to round off I also completed 5 Perry figures that I am going to use as disorder markers when playing. In total I make this 16 foot and 1 mounted for 90 points.

I do like feudal Japan and adhoc forces, so you already have two tallies in your favor. I admittedly know little of the period save what I've gleamed from Arms and Armor books, folklore, and the Manga shows my kids like to watch! I do know I view Samurai with same trepidation that I do Napoleonics(Thank goodness there are no Napoleonic Samurai Hussars!)
I rather like your force comander as well, I like how his colors tie in with the Sohei monks. I also like the disorder tokens you've crafted. these are so much better than card tokens. I would be disordered to if someone was engaged in Suppuku behind me!
Ususally, prone figures are considered half points, but as I'm a fan of using miniatures for tokens and objectives, we will consider the bonus points as a wash for the two slackers!

From BenitoM - Dashing French Hussars(40 points)

After a couple of weeks absent, I return today with more Napoleonic troops. Now it's time for some French forces after completing the Portuguese unit. I own Cuirassiers, Dragoons and Chasseurs in my collection, but no Hussars.

Today I bring only half squadron of French Hussars. This unit is a challenge to paint and that explain my poor output. I did some research and decided to go for the 3rd Regiment, that took part in a very active way in the Peninsular battlefield and later in the 100 days campaign.

This regiment is easily distinguishable by the colour of their uniforms: a sort of faded blue-grey.   But this already posed a challenge; and after several attempts I found that the closest colour to the actual uniform was the Vallejo 900 "French Mirage Blue" the base of the "blue ciel" uniforms of the First World War. The cords are dark red and the metal buttons in silver.

My plan is to paint two 8-men squadrons, the first dressed with the uniform of the Elite company and the second with the cylindrical Shako widely used during most of the war. Today's photos are from the Elite unit.

Although not used in campaign, I decided to make them wear the Pelisse... otherwise who would say that they were Hussars at all!

In truth there's still some work to do in thes emodels, as I will use these transfers from LBM for the decoration of the sabretache. But for that I need much better weather than currently (raining and humid) as I need to varnish the models to help the transfer stay in place and not peel off (my experience with other models has not been good in this sense).

The models are the superb Perry plastic box. I also acquired some metal models (officer, trumpet and trooper) to complte the two squadros (a total of 16 models). 

These four models add 40 points to my personal account and also reinforce my lead position in the Sharp Practice duel scoring.

Well these certainly wet the appetite after your Portuguese! I've become accustomed to brightly colored Napoleonic troops, most especially the Hussars. The Third seem to take a very buisiness outlook as opposed to the the more flamboyant regiments of their class. They are very striking in the blue grey though! I like the extra detail packed on to these that you brought out as well. they may be utilitarian in color choice, but they are definitely Hussar in the lace, piping, and bling!
Good luck with the decals, they do look pretty.

apologies for temporay interruptions...

I did have a wonderful day off yesterday, but my family didn't!

Nina had a nasty 24hr bug that she gave to her mother. Two down mostly sleeping, still able to paint. Valerie is still recovering from her sprained ankle, but was still off to basketball practice, yet Kolleen caught it last night before bed. I was assisting in making supper and still managed to catch the Expanse on SciFi(er SyFy) channel( premire a little slow, but acting, tech, and story are really good- loved the space battle!) I went off to bed(late) Wife was up(still shaky) kids off to school except for Kolleen and Seth who now get a turn with the bug. They(wife) let me sleep because they(she) thought I needed it. To be fair I did turn off my 0230 alarm because I didnt want to leave a warm bed!

Barring anymore virus intrusions, and only interrupted by some noon-ish house chores and lunch making, Your daily reading and viewing pleasure will be renewed! Since I do have the next few days off, I may fortify with medicinal supplies, alcohol does kill germs after-all. Just a small libation to keep the creative juices flowing and prep for Superbowl. ;)