Monday, 29 February 2016

From SimonM - "Heroclix" The U-Men (50 Points)

These ten 28mm U-Men pre-painted plastic models are by “Wizkids” and are all miniature number 001 from their “Heroclix” Marvel Mutant Mayhem range. Created by Grant Morrison for the 2001 "New X-Men" Annual by “Marvel Comics”, these villains believe in using mutant body parts to augment their bodies and live in specially designed environment suits to protect them from “an imperfect world.”

However having painted and submitted five identical models to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge last year (as "the perfect henchmen to accompany Black Manta") I thought this time round their scuba-diving gear would simply make them excellent Pulp deepsea saboteurs or Nazi Invaders.
Whilst painting one of the models though, I did decide to see just how easily these miniatures could be converted, and as a result I created a slightly recognisable squad leader by replacing the relatively straightforward barrel of his rifle with the more complicated weapon of an old plastic "Citadel" Cyberman.

As with the underwater villains I've previously painted, I initially gave all the figures an undercoat of “Citadel” Abaddon Black and then started to 'pick out' all their breathing pipes, air-tanks, weapons and face plates with Ironbreaker. These metallic areas were then heavily washed with the Shade Nuln Oil.

Well at press time this looks to be our last post of the day, but I'm not counting Adam out for another lot!  Great looking frogmen Simon - you seem to have a fixation of shiny black figures.  Nice metal detailing on the face masks and breathing apparatus.  And those look like evil underwater weapons they are carrying.  They remind me of the stories my ex-RN dad told me about Commander "Buster" Crabbe and the Russian cruiser in Portsmouth in the 1950s....
 I notice that this puts you 6 points shy of your target of 500.  Since I am sure that you will easily hit that goal, spend the week thinking about possibly upping it for the rest of the Challenge.

AdamC- 5 Musketeers for En Guarde! (25 Points)

 My second entry some 17th Century French Musketeers with matchlock muskets.  I once again used the Regiment Saintonge as my model.  The troops are in various stages of loading and firing the musket this seemed right for a skirmish type game like En Guarde!
 This fellow who is blowing on his match as he readies the musket to fire.
 Priming with his powder flask as the 12 apostles (as the cartridges were called ) carry only the charge not the priming powder.
 Firing, show from the back so you can get a look at the fine detail of buttons on the tails of the coat.
 Ramming, this face came out really well in the picture, all of these faces came out really well but this one shows best on film.
Last of all we have at the ready... waiting for orders or a target.  In addition to his musket each man also has a plug bayonet that doubles as a dagger  and the "epee soldate" a sword that with minor changes would be carried by French line troops through the Seven Years War.  These guys are all Front Rank 25mm scale figures so another 25 points.  I need some officers but I want them to by in dynamic fencing or shooting pistol type poses not just pointing or exhorting the troops so if you have some suggestion I would love to hear them.

I like these fine musketeers Adam!  In fact I think these are the best figures you entered to the Challenge this year.  Your technique of painting faces really suits these Front Rank figures and your got clean crisp lines on the uniforms which seems to fit the period.  I've been eyeing a late 17th century skirmish force for En grade and you are inching me closer to that end.

From DavidL - 28mm "Defenders of Leningrad" (275 points)

"Next week, hopefully, a modest points bomb..." 

So spake I three weeks ago. Well, that's what I get for making promises, I guess.

But here, at last, is the promised modest points bomb: a platoon of Soviet naval infantry along with a KV-2 tank and a gaggle of citizen militia. This is a 1,000-point Bolt Action force modeled on forces defending Leningrad in early 1942, somewhere towards the end of winter and beginning of spring.

I've long had an interest in the "Black Devils" of the Great Patriotic War. Long ago, I had a platoon of them in 20mm scale. After getting into Bolt Action last year, and finding an opponent who enjoys early-war Eastern Front games as much as I do, I set about putting together a naval infantry force in 28mm.

First Squad
Manufacturers are Warlord and BTD. There's a nice mix of black pea coats, blue middy blouses, and army-issue telogreika.

Second Squad
Although I appreciate the authentic mix of uniforms, this is chiefly what slowed me down the most (especially with the extra militia squad in their civvies thrown in for good measure!). I'd anticipated that this project would paint up quickly--it was supposed to be just a bunch of black uniforms, after all. No such luck.

Third Squad
Speaking of the black uniforms, I'm pretty pleased with how those turned out. They look suitably dark without losing too much detail or going too gray with the highlighting.

Platoon Command: HQ, Politruk, FAO, ATR team

The Commissar's in town!

I owe this to the "Black Paint Set" from Andrea Color, a set I'll be returning to when I shift gears and start working on my Black Templars for 40K (which I'll hopefully be able to at least get a start on before the Challenge ends).

Maxim HMG team
Back to these fellows, though: When researching this force, I read somewhere that there were KV-2s at Leningrad. One of my all-time favorite tanks, I leapt at the opportunity to do one in 1/56 scale.

This KV-2 from Warlord bears the weathering of a tough winter: its whitewash camouflage largely dissolved by now, rust streaks in great abundance, tracks and running gear covered in frozen mud.

Bolt Action provides Red Army lists with a free squad of Green-quality troops, so I decided to build on my "city defense" theme by representing my free squad with "partisan" figures, here standing in for Leningrad's ad-hoc People's Militia Army.

These figures from BTD have tons of character, and I found myself making up little back-stories for many of them. I painted up their commanding officer as a dismounted Cossack cavalryman, put in charge after his horse ended up in the communal stew pot.

If I'm doing my math right, this should be 250 points: 15 for the KV-2, 10 for the Maxim, and 225 for the 45 infantry figures. Editors note I've counted noses and I make it 48 figures on foot  (including the 3 MG crewmen) plus 1/2 for the tank commander=267.5.

Wow that was worth the wait!  This is a stunning group of Ruskies David.  First of all I love the foot figures and the details you've put into their "simple" black uniforms, especially on their caps.  Secondly well done on the partial snow on the bases, this looks very much like Regina has over the last week!  And finally, who doesn't love a behemoth monster tank like a KV2.  I ad forgotten how truly massive these things were.  I love the ladder rungs up the turret and the rust/weathering details.  I am rounding up and adding in some bonus points to make it an even 275

From SimonM - 28mm "Frostgrave" Templar (5 Points)

This 28mm metal model of a Templar is made by “North Star Military Figures” and can be bought together with a Knight as code FGV202 from their “Frostgrave” range. 

I initially undercoated this dynamic sculpt of a Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon with “Citadel” Abaddon Black in order to create a nice foundation for his heavy chainmail, leggings and boots. All his armour was then painted with "Vallejo" Gunmetal and washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil. Whilst his footwear, belt and straps were painted using a combination of "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna and “The Army Painter” Strong Tone Quickshade.

As I wanted the warrior to be wearing a white tunic, but balked at the idea of applying some red chevrons to it as illustrated in the skirmish game's rulebook, I gave the knight's clothing two coats of "Vallejo" White and then simply washed these areas with the transparent acrylic Pale Grey.

Finally I concentrated upon the Templar's side-dagger and sword. The hilt of his double-handed weapon was painted using "Vallejo" Gold and more Strong Tone Quickshade. However as I wanted his weapons' blades to stand out somewhat from his dark(ish) chainmail and helmet, I picked them out using "Citadel" Ironbreaker, shaded them with Nuln oil and then highlighted them with a little more Ironbreaker.

Well it wouldn't be a Monday with out a Frostgrave post or two.  Today we have one so far, and it's not from Adam!  I like the armour effects that you achieved Simon.  It is tempting to get lured in by shiny armour, but I suspect that well used armour would be much closer to the effect that you have achieved.  The tunic has some nice shading.  However, I do encourage you to try a bit of livery next time out.  Worst comes to worst you can always paint it a dark solid colour overtop!

From MilesR: More FOW Pacific "Stuff" (136 points)

 My Flames of War Pacific themed armies are continuing to get fleshed out.  Mostly odds and ends while I'm waiting for Battlefront's, shall we say "struggling" supply chain to get the new Pacific themed stuff to market.  This post has a mix of Japanese armor and anti armor teams plus some fire support for the US Marines.

All the minis are 15mm in scale.

 First up,  six Nikuhaku teams which are anti-tank in nature.  They're really the only thing in the Japanese arsenal that can deal with medium to heavy tanks.

 Some Japanese armor in the form of 5 Type 89 Chi-Ro's and a single Type 97 Chi-Ha.  I'm experimenting with different forms of camo and like the Chi-Ha much better than the Type 89's.  In general, Japanese tanks are not that effective and are really rolling pill boxes.

I did get a kick out of the Type 89 command figure waving a sword around!

 Some fire support for the US marines in the form of 4 t-19 105mm HMC's - essentially M3 halftracks with a 105mm gun thrown on top.  The 5th halftrack is just a general purpose one that I needed to flesh out an artillery command group.

 A shot down the right side and...
A shot down the left.  In total this little submission should consists of 11 vehicles at 6 each and 35 figures (I counted the tank crew and halftrack drivers ashlar a figure each).  My math nets out to 136 points (66 for the vehicles and 70 for the figures)

I am enjoying your Pacific War FoW entries Miles.  This is a theatre I know little about and it's been an impetus to learn (always a good thing).     I like the bases on your anti-tank teams, you give a good impression of scrub on beach sand which seems very appropriate.  I also enjoy the tiny little tanks that the Japanese use.  Well done all round.

From IanW 28mm Russian Winter Sniper Reminders 60 points

Every challenge I have been in has seen some of these guys so I thought I had best make it five years in a row. These are Black Tree Design models and are in my mind are much overlooked. Some figures in the ranges are not so hot but most are very good and priced very nicely.

These are perfect for winter use, though the same figures can  be given a camouflage paint job and look so different. I bought two packs so a little repetition in the first two groups. 

The smocks were fairly easy to do, mixing in a bit of off white or ivory to make a little subtle shading. The clean lines on the figures making this easier. Of course I was not able to use ink on these so had to rely on this method for most of the figure.

These though are standard Russian Riflemen so used a lot of the various Russian colour paints and a little mixing so that the uniforms had different shades between trousers and jackets. No two figures have the same colour combinations, not sure why as they will not be sold as a set but as seporate figures.

Black Tree do invest a lot of extra detail to their figures such as blanket rolls and various packs. All of which makes them a better looking figure on the table.

I use Deluxe Materials Scenic Snow  (BD29) on my snow bases. You can add more layers to build it up if you wish. I wanted the original ground work to show through to give the impression of weather on the change rather than the deep freeze look. I also kept away from trying to load the bushes this time as it never looks right, so only bits of snow in those. Talking of which I took Curt's advice and went with the more brown/yellow tufts against the green of previous. Of course he was right, they do make a better fit.

The discs have moveable number that allow you to change the value. These are for use in ASL as Sniper Reminders. Makes remembering your sniper activation number that bit easier and maybe adds a bit of luck to your game.

Well a change in both scale and period for you Ian, but these are great.  I like the winter camo smocks and your bases absolutely rock.  The light snow with weeds and grass poking through is very well done.  And I do like your use of the clickers to keep track of the activation numbers.

From SimonM - 28mm "Heroscape" Marro Marrden Nagrubs (15 Points)

These three 28mm plastic pre-painted models of some Marro Marrden Nagrubs were made by “Wizards Of The Coast” and used to be available from their "Heroscape" Swarm Of The Marro Master Set 2 range.
These deadly massive hounds were initially re-based upon 40mm circular bases and all undercoated with "Citadel" Abaddon Black. Each model was then dry-brushed with "Vallejo" German Grey and washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil. Once this Shade had dried they were each given a second, significantly lighter dry-brush of "Vallejo" German Grey over their bellies and legs, and had their sharp pointed teeth painted using a combination of "Vallejo" Gunmetal Grey and "Citadel" Nuln Oil. Finally each monster's head and spinal carapace was given a coat of Abaddon Black.
Although I was momentarily tempted to stick to these Nagrubs' original colour scheme of bone underbelly and legs with green chitinous armour, I soon decided that they'd actually make excellent H.R. Giger-inspired Alien dog-creatures. As a result I have painted them in exactly the same way as I have with my previously submitted "Horrorclix" Aliens.

Very nasty looking alien hounds Simon, and in mean that in the nicest possible way! I don't think these guys will be dissuaded by a milk bone tossed their way, so I'll steer clear of them.   This looks to be the first of three for you today, meaning that you may outpost Adam!  

AdamC - 28mm Pirates for Huzzah!con (45 Points)

Here is the rest of pirate crew I got from the Maine Wargamers Club who run the Huzzah Con.  In exchange for painting them and and lending them to the club for the weekend I get them to keep and they are an interesting bunch. 
 First up is the Master Gunner or so I am thinking of him.  I don't know that I would put a black powder grenade launcher in the hands of a one legged man.  You have to admit it looks cool we'll probably call it a blunder buss in the game.
 I kept his clothing in the nice but simple fashion doing his buttons as pain cloth covered
 One of my favourite figures from the set.   He's clearly an escaped slave who for some reason keeps his leg iron on his coat was a nice one but has been cut down and is looking a little threadbare.
 I imagine him as an old survivor and I can't help but think that the leg iron is a reminder, someone he had to leave behind but will go back for one day?
 The first of the pistol and hand weapon crowded I think this guy's a bit of a dandy, with is fine jacket that he wears.  I did his sash, head and neck scarves in bright colors.
 He sure has enough weapons, with knife, pistol and axe.
 Common Seaman who has discarded his jacket in the tropical heat.
 He's a bit of a dirty fellow compared to some of the others.
 This guy with his musket would make a great militia man as well as a pirate.
 I can only assume he's carrying cartridges in his pockets as he has not box, powder horn or other means of carrying ammo.
 Another musket armed pirate who might make a good militiaman too
 Again no way to carry ammo, hope that one shot counts but at least he has a small axe to defend himself with.  He might not be to stable with only one leg on the base.
 And this is what happens when you don't carry any extra shot with you, you end up  using a musket as a club.
 Still its a very dynamic figure I like pose a lot
 Sword and Dagger a great weapon set for a swashbuckling pirate
 He' ready to throw his dagger a risky proposition another great pose
 A young and dramatic fighting pirate, he looks like he's leading troops but he also looks really young but he might be the pirate equivalent of a Midshipman
 I went with darker colors but then gave him bright cuffs and scarf.
 If this crew has a pure enforcers this is the guy all muscle and he favours  knives over larger weapons so he is sure to not just see the man he kills but feel it too.
 His pose is just full of menace you can imagine him stalking forward to face his next target
Group shot of all pirates including my Captain (Nautical theme entry) and the Pirate ladies. There are a total of 9 figures here all 25mm scale so 45 Points.  I wish I could tell you who makes these guys but I do not know.

This is the first of two from Adam today, or is it as I don't count him out till midnight.  Who ever makes these pirates Adam, there is some great movement on some of the poses.  I've never been a fan of clubbing with musket poses but i like the running guy with the foot in the air and brown tricorne with sword and pistol.  I also really like the fellow in red with the trimmed down hat.  Well done for 45 points.