Tuesday, 15 January 2019

From MartinC - Athena (8 pts)

With the Indians finished I needed a change of scene so I painted this 40mm model of Athena by Hasslefree. Obviously as she is by Hasslefree she is naked, which should make Ray happy.

It's a beautiful figure, in 3 parts plus stand. This was painted with lots of washes, new method to me, and I'm really pleased with how she came out. Nothing worse than photography to pick out the blemishes though

So obviously the symbol of Athena is an owl but I couldn't paint one, I tried loads of times but t was rubbish so a posh stylised alpha will have to do

Really am pleased with the skin tones, but another mould mark found.

So 1 40mm figure = 7pts

Erm, ahem, well... I'm not sure what to write. Maybe it would be better if I just said, well done mate and gave you the points! Actually putting multi-part figures together can be a real pain in the bum so well done getting this in once piece. I'll thrown in a bonus point for the shield making this an eight pointer! 

From IannickM - Canaanite Javelinmen (60 Points)

My second submission of the Challenge, and probably my last "alive" unit for awhile is a unit of Canaanite skirmishers, in this case javelinmen. 

Canaanite infantry (hupshu) was made-up of both militia and regular units. Most of the infantry were semi-trained militia or conscripted peasantry, who were lightly armed with spears or bows. Canaanite tradition dating from tribal days dictated that the infantrymen supplied their own equipment, but it is unclear whether this still applied into biblical times. Canaanite semi-formed infantry and skirmishers were mainly used as support to the main shock troops, the chariots.

The figures are from the Biblical range from Foundry, sculpted by the Perrys it seems eons ago but still today some of their best work in my humble opinion. The figures are based on 50mm squares, a size I really enjoy for 28mm multibase projects. It gives a nice skirmish look with 3 per base, but it also works for 6 figures per base for regular units.

The colour scheme is conjectural, of course, and purists will probably say that my blue and red are too bright. But with all that skin I wanted some vivid colours to create contrasts. I've used that very limited palette of red, pale blue and raw linen on all my infantry, to give them a unifying theme.

I've been building that Canaanite army for quite a few years now (veterans of the challenge may remember the project), which is somewhat of an oddity in my case. Usually I build an army, or part of an army, and then move to other projects but I keep coming back to this army. Really, it seems to be my "palate cleanser" between projects, and I do a unit here and a unit there.

It has become a good looking and almost complete force; a few more Chariots if I ever find the courage (I don't like painting Chariots) and it would be complete.

Here is a picture of the force as it currently stands. The newly painted animals work quite well too to give some atmosphere to the force.

Apologies for the average picture, it was taken in my cabinet with 
a cellphone as I felt too lazy to put on a proper photography 
setting and take all the units on the table.

So that's 12 x 28mm figures. A small but satisfying 60pts for this week.

A very nice looking unit and a nice bit of history too. Personally I like the colours on these, I don't think the reds and blues look too startling but they do add 'something' to what would otherwise be a monochromatic colour pallet. 60 points it is. 

From SanderS - Kicking it in the Underhive! (120 points)

Hoi There,

As I mentioned earlier, 2017 and 2018 brought a revival of my attraction to GW boxed games. Getting back to Heroquest and from there into Blood Bowl, Necromunda and also Blackstone Fortress more recently. Now Blood Bowl and Necromunda have always been games I liked to own back in the days, but did not have the money to buy. So fast forward to somewhere in 2017 and I have the money and a club where I could get some play-time out of the game as well, success assured! Last Challenge I painted up most of the boxed games BB teams and I am currently painting the rest of my BB figures. That leaves Necromunda and BSF and so I got cracking at the two Necromunda gangs contained in the box.

First up are the Goliaths, I have no definitive name for them yet but am running with the "work-name" of the Hazardous Hackers.

Now there are two figures to which I added (converted?) something. This guy has a Chaos SM trophy added and his pose altered by the crate under his boot.

This guy has an added heavy bolter which looks good even if I say so myself.

The others are straight from the box.

Next are the ladies from the Escher gang, again: no name came to mind other then the rather lame "Vicious Violets"

If you look at pictures of Escher gangers online, you'll notice they are all quite different from each other (specially the hairdress) but I wanted something more unified. I do like purple a lot and so I went with that. Now the end result does remind me a bit of Dark Elfs and perhaps even Harlequins what with the checkered trousers I have tried to paint but again: I am really quite happy with these!

With these figures I added a few more different bits. The "flamer-girl" has an added collar, most of the others have weapons that are not standard Necromunda issue like a meltagun, white metal laspistol with sidemounted magazin and a guard-issue chain-sword.

Regarding points, 20 figures of 28mm scale should be worth 100 points round right?

Wow, these are truly stunning. Your brushwork is enviable and I really love the work you have put into the bases as well as the figures. I think you have achieved two very distinctive looking gangs that will look awesome on the games table.  

I'm going to award an extra 10 points for the effort you have put into the bases, the various bits of hand painted stripped armour and the overall detailing you have put into these. So that's 120 points very well earned.