Friday, 2 February 2018

From DebD: Judgement 52mm (40 points)

Judgement is a 54mm kickstarter game out of Australia. This is my first time painting 54mm miniatures.  At this size, it is much easier to add extra detail.

Scale: 54mm
Mfg: Gunmeister Games
Material: Resin

Product: Doenrakkar - Minotaur Shaman

This guys sculpt was amazingly detailed. He is mostly skin and to get the blending and highlights smooth, I had to do one muscle at a time, of which he has many. Needless to say, I felt muscle cross-eyed by the time I was done.

His spear stone is supposed to be turquoise stone. It was so fun to paint,  I think I need to find more semi-precious gemstone wielding miniatures... 

Artwork for Doenrakkar - Minotaur Shaman. He somehow seems less muscle-ly here...

Product: Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior

Dwarves, war hammers, braided beards... what's not to like with this guy?

Artwork for Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior

Product: Saiyin - Elf Priestess (Soulgazer)

For her eyes, I was trying to paint a purple version of Storm from X-men.

Artwork for Saiyin - Elf Priestess (Soulgazer)

Product: Istariel - Elf Misteress of the Flame

Her colors are so bright, she would have made an excellent anime character. I guess that is fitting for someone wielding flames.

She is wearing many, many tiny chains. They look nice, but are very tedious to paint. 
This was also the first time I tried to paint a figure exactly like it's 2d artwork.  At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but after the miniature was finished, I enjoyed being able to look at both side by side. It was like she had popped out of the painting into real life. fun!

Artwork for Istariel - Elf Misteress of the Flame

4 x 54mm Judgement figures @ 10 pts each for a total of 40 pts



Wow, once again absolutely stunning work Deb. Each one of these is superb, the minotaur with his excellent skintone and turquoise stone weapon, the dwarf with his muted armour and gold filigree, the fire effects of the flame priestess... again wow. I must say that my favourite has to be elf priestess with the rising spectre and the energy bloom in her right hand. Absolutely beautiful stuff.

40 very well-earned points. I'll also mark these as contenders for Sarah's Choice. Thanks for sharing your work with us Deb! 


From VictorC - 1/16 Scale Knight and some 28mm Figures (70 Points)

I've been practicing my painting skills using oil paints on larger figures. So these are my attempts at painting something larger than 10mm and with a completely new medium.  The Knight was bought some years ago at a Oregon Model Show. I finally got up the nerve to paint it.  I have no idea what the points would be for the knight.

28mm figures I'm test painting.

I received this 28mm figure for attending Historicon this past summer.

A Foundry WSS figure.

A Foundry Renaissance figure 

Another Foundry WSS figure

Perry Miniature AWI figures.

The Knight by Miniart. 1/16 scale. 

Size comparison between the 28mm and 1/16 scale 

This kit was a pain to put together but was a joy to paint.  The decals on the shield and tunic were very brittle and torn repeatedly while trying to apply them.  I would not recommend this kit to anyone.


Great work on this disparate selection of periods and scales, Victor! 

I think of the selection of 28mm figures, my favourites have to be the AWI infantry, especially that last fellow with his musket tucked under his right arm. The 1:16 scale knight is a tremendous bit of work in its own right. In particular, I think you did an excellent job on the blackened armour and heraldry - wow. I know for myself that I can be a creature of habit, and that it can be quite revealatory when I do manage to try something out of my comfort zone, so good on you for stretching out to experiment with some new scales and paints. 

70 point for your efforts Victor - thanks for sharing these with us. 


From SanderS - Some more Heroquest stuff (68 points)

Hoi There,

While I know it is Ray who is the Moaning Minion (now there's a nightmare vision: imagine an ethereal version of Ray haunting the ladies loo at your local Wizarding High-school?! Because let's be honest Hogwarts is but a high-school compared to Unseen University I am sure), I realise I am becoming somewhat of a croaker too.

Sadly I have still not managed to really get going on the painting. I have prepared more then enough figures to last me all year but somehow real life keeps throwing spanners in the work. The latest spanner came in the form of a freak wind-storm with gusts of 8 on the scale of Bofort making short work of one of the sheds I've build in my garden.

All the same I have been trying to get some painting done and have managed to finish some more Heroquest related figures and a 1:72 vignette.

First up are some Greenies. These are figures that came with the original Warhammer Quest box. These I will use for the Heroquest games at school and at home by dividing the group.

The next two figures are figures used by two of my pupils. The Female figure is a Blood Elf named Baroness Blackwood used by Vanessa and the other one is Collin's henchman called Cor Netto (Collin's main character is a Chaos Ice Magician called Icicles) they've asked me to paint these figures and here's the result.

Both 4 of the Orc archers as well as the figures mentioned above where used today at the school club as you can see below.

Last up is the vignette I have mentioned. It is made by Hagen Miniatures and depicts Sergeant Charles Ewart of the Scot's Greys capturing his Eagle at Waterloo. It's a nice little vignette and I am so happy to have finished it.

Points wise 11 x 28mm figures amounts to 55 points and 1 foot and 1 mounted 1:72 figure amount to 12 points so that should be 67 points added to my total.

Cheers Sander


Wow, sorry to hear about your recent wind storm. It's a pity about the shed but it's good that the damage was limited just to your garden.

 I really admire that you've taken the time and effort to paint figures for your students' characters - I think that's just wonderful. Both Baroness Blackwood and Cor Netto are excellent, especially Netto's skin(!) shield and the Baroness' striking red skintone. I'm sure they must be delighted with the figures.

I was just going to ask you about your 1:72 Napoleonic project but then you came in today with this beautiful Waterloo vignette. I didn't know that there were manufacturers that were offering vignettes in this scale, so this is quite educational for me (I sense a few hours of fun online perusals coming on). Your vibrant reds and blues are set off strikingly by the grey charger - excellent work.

I've popped in another point for the French Eagle (it only seems proper) so 68 points to add to your roster's total. Well done Sander! 


From SidneyR: The Count of Bucquoy's Horse, and field gun, 1688 (98 points)

My sixth submission for the challenge is the second half of the Flemish regiment of Horse of the Count of Bucquoy. They follow hard on the hooves and spurs of the first half of the regiment which I submitted two weeks ago (with apologies for missing a submission last week). They will be joining my Flemish, Spanish and German army from 1688, focused around the fictional town of Laarden in the Spanish Netherlands, but leaning on history for the uniform and flags of the units concerned.

The figures in this submission are all 25mm Wargames Foundry from their Marlburian range, including the horses. They’re painted in Vallejo and the bases are by Warbases (in 3mm laser cut MDF). To save a little time, I added the flag from "Flags of War", and the finial is from Bicorne Miniatures. There’s very little conversion work on these cavalry, although the feathers are almost all added with green-stuff.

I've shown the new cavalry together with their front rank comrades in arms, below, ready to take the field with the Lorrainer and German Horse (up next on the painting table).

The Flemish Horse are joined by a large field artillery piece from the small but potent arsenal of the Citadel of Laarden. The figures were intended to be part of a 'BFG' themed round submission, but sadly real-life intervened and I didn't come close to finishing it in time (well done and huge respect to everyone who entered, and again to the winners!). Yes, fellow Challengers, there is a lesson here. I should make my themed round submissions a bit more personally manageable!!

The figures around the Wargames Foundry cannon are from Dixon's 'Grand Alliance' range, with Wargames Foundry matross helping out. I’ve been experimenting with a slightly lighter tone shade for the ground base (inspired by fellow Challenger, Benito - Anibal Invictus, from his blog). For years, I've simply painted the ground work (a mixture of 'Polyfilla' filler, gravel and sand) with a very flat matt Humbrol Black (33). 

This time, I’ve used Flat matt Humbrol Brown (110) and shaded up from there using Vallejo Beige Brown, Vallejo Khaki and Vallejo Stone Grey. I think this produces a brighter base tone which I think works with the gun carriage and figures. The tufts are from WWS and Warbases, inspired by the great figure bases created by another of our fellow Challengers, ChristopherS (Axebreaker). Huge thanks to both Benito and Christopher for their inspiration and encouragement over the years!

I’ve also tried painting the artillery base in a variety of very Flemish and Spanish browns, beige and buff. The inspiration behind this has been the wonderful book "Painting Wargame Figures" by Javier Gomez ("El Mercenario"). Javier dedicates a chapter in his book to the colour brown. This does not sound exciting, but honestly, it really is! Brown is one of those paint colours which can be really varied, and which is perfect or adding colour and tone in a 17th century army. Javier's painting was very much the inspiration behind what I was trying to do here.  Thanks, Javier!

I like the contrast in the browns and their tones, which I think are brought out by a lighter base, and which I am hoping should look good against the more grey-themed French on the field of battle. I'm hoping to try and replicate this is some future submissions. The main colours used were Vallejo Beige Brown, Flat Brown, Light Brown, Burnt Umber, Chocolate Brown, Khaki, Stone Grey, Orange and Deck Tan - all from around the same place on a colour wheel.

As to points, there are 6 new Flemish Horse (60 points), and the cannon and crew should add another 35 points (5 crew at 5 points, and the gun at 10 points).  


Another beautiful addition to the Laarden collection, Sidney. I always enjoy your posts as it's clearly evident that each of your units is carefully considered and finely crafted.  The second half of your Flemish horse regiment is a excellent as the first and that artillery piece is wonderful. I think your new basing recipe is a winner, with it setting a stage for the miniatures without being too overpowering. (Note to self: I really need to get a copy of 'El Mercenario's' book.)

With a little extra for the banner, basing and feathers, here are 98 well-earned points for you sir. Thank you for treating us to another colourful chapter in your Laarden adventure Sidney!