Monday, 18 January 2016

And That's A Wrap

Well the Monday Crew did themselves proud today, 7 different entrants posting 13 submissions worth a total of 805 points (not counting Miles' stats post and my posts which between them aren't with a pile of garbanzos).  
And with that it's good night from me and over to you Tamsin. 

From AdamC Two Frostgrave Monsters and a Young Fire Dragon (15 points)

Barring last minute submissions, this will be the last of our Monday posts, and we'll end with one of Adam's multiple entries

 First up we have a snow troll which is actually the Reaper cave troll and its not quite the harry beast described in the book but few people seem to make harry troll miniatures so his blueish white skin tone will have to do.
 the darker blue lumps I think those are supposed to be boils filled with puss and blood.  I made them darker blue... frozen puss and blood?  Sometimes its just best to go with the fantasy setting and not think too much about it.
 Next up is a Wraith knight a new creature from the Litch Lord expansion.  Its another reaper model though I forget which one.  Again doing undead that are incorporeal is a challenge but as this guy seemed more solid I did his, weapon, armor and scull as if they were solid
 But the cloak and robs as if they were less so and more ethereal.. or that is what I was going for.
 Finally we have a non-frosgrave figure Reapers Young Fire dragon.  I painted this (the first of several) guy for my gaming friend Chris Rett who needs monsters for his kid friendly "monster hunt" Game at Huzzah. As the kids will get to keep what they kill we need lots of monsters and I was happy to help out with the painting.
I used three sades of red in total, and buff for the spines and a black wash as it just seemed like a better choice than a brown one. That should be 15 more points (they are 25mm scale) 10 of which go to the Frosgrave challenge.

These are great beasties for Frostgrave Adam.  I really like the Troll, maybe he has mange or is following recent trends in bonds hair removal?  And I and it best not to inquire too much about troll's skin issues.  The blue skin is a nice touch.  Great use of shading on the Wraith Knight and Dragon, and again I like the use of stones, something a young dragon might collect before moving on to gems and gold.    
 So summing up Adam's activity today 5 posts, 220 points with 160 counting towards the Frostgrave Challenge.  That is to my mind a paint bomb, more impressive since only 7 figures were painted as a unit and the rest were all one offs.  Let's see what PaulS and BillA have to say in response on tomorrow's postings.  

From EdwinK - 28mm Eminent Victorian (5 points)

This is a 28mm metal figure from Black Pyramid Gaming - their Prof Stanton Brook.

He's obviously based on the Sydney Paget illustration of Prof Moriarty for the Strand Magazine, and that's why I bought him, but on handling the figure I was immediately put in mind of this figure from my youth.

This is Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892), Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and I somewhat perversely decided that I wanted him in miniature.

Whether the criminal mastermind has decided to disguise himself as Dr Manning, or whether - more shockingly! - His Eminence is himself the Napoleon of Crime will have to be the subject of further investigation.  It is however an odd co-incidence that Manning's death occurred mere months after Moriarty's supposed demise in Switzerland...

The base. again, is one I won from RayR.  I have tried to catch M's cadaverous pallor and broke the monotony of clerical black with some uncanonically grey gloves.

Criminal mastermind or Archbishop, I don't which one I fid more frightening.  Anyway a fine job on a fine figure and I am going those curtsied bases that you acquired from Ray.  Perhaps Ray can let us know where he acquired them?

From MilesR: 28mm Portuguese Line Infantry (162 points)

 A return to Napoleonics!  Please meet a Portuguese line infantry unit in 28mm scale from Front Rank Miniatues.  This proud regiment will swell the ranks of my Portuguese force to 2 regiments, but one has to start somewhere.

 The Front Rank figures are simply superb and are a joy to paint - I started these chaps after dinner last night and just got them done today.
The flags are some generic ones I downloaded from the internet (Napflags - it's a free source)

I like all forms of gaming but there is something special about seeing the big Napoleonic battalions set out on the table top.

32 figures plus 2 flags should net me out to 162 points for my "pork-n-beans" unit.

Miles you are a machine- you started these chaps after dinner last night and just got them done today.  How many cups of espresso did that involve.  Do you sleep?  A fine looking infantry unit and I do like a man who prints his own flags.  And yes Napflags is great, Warflags is also a goldmine.  Might I suggest that the next Portuguese unit you vary the trouser colours to include some in grey and especially brown.  It will break up the regularity of the unit and make it look more travelled.

From AdamC 28mm Chinese Wizards for Frosgrave (15 Points)

So one of the many awesome things about Frostgrave is you can use figures from anywhere.  So I am turning my Watchful Studios figures into a Chinese (probably pan-Asian when its done) Warband.
 These three will be the core of my Chinese Warband.  I have kept the basing free of snow so they can be used in other games where snow might not fit.
 First up is the general who I will uses as my wizard (or apprentice).  I like the striding forward drawing a weapon stance of the figure
 These are more genteel figure persons so I have kept them cleaner than I normally do going very light on the washes or omitting them entirely.
 Next we have the female general Huang Guigu based on a historic person though I have not found much about her.
 I'll use her as my apprentice (or maybe wizard I haven't decided which of these will take the lead yet).  I made here colors similar but brighter.
 Then we have the Sword Master a great figure who you could use in a number of games even modern martial arts games in a pinch.  I love how the blue pops on his back robe.
For now he'll use the Treasure Hunter template from Frostgrave but he'll be an excellent captain for this warband when that option out withe the "Sell Sword" expansion latter this month.  That's 3 more 25mm figures for another 15 points of Frostgrave miniatures. 
Terrific stuff Adam, these are some of your best figures.  The face on the wizard in red/purple is great and I really like the gold braid work on the woman.  

From IanW 25mm Fantasy Bits 16 points

Falling short for my original target by ten points left me looking for a quick fix, well what's better than a few figures for roleplaying with the kids?

Whilst these are 28mm they are about the size of 15mm so I went with 2 points each model. These are two different imps, one mounted on a base and square from an old Dungeon Floor Plan and the other is on a prototype Leven Miniatures 6mm statue plinth.

The pictures aren't great but the one on the right came out as I had imagined him to, so really happy with him. The other is OK and will be used as an imp, the winged one some form of minor demon.

 Three giant rats don't exactly make a swarm so I will be on the look out for more at future to make the kids really sweat.

The kids love playing and can get rather carried away so it's always good to get new figures as the visual aid really helps to bring the scene to life. 

Ian you are reminding me on a road trip to Calgary, trying to eke those last few kms of gas out of the tank to get to a gas station in Medicine Hat!  No fear, we'll get you above your self imposed benchmark.  
I think your being too hard on your imps, I like them both and really like the basing you've used.  An who doesn't love a Giant Rat?  I'll score the Imps as full 25mm and the rates as 15s, so that comes out to 16 points in my books.

From AdamC 25mm Warriors of the White Willow (35) points

 I think this is my first true Unit of the challenge. These are some old Heritage Miniatures that I picked up $2.00 to a pack at the Huzzah yard sale last spring.  I have done them up for Dragon Rampant as the warriors of the white willow.  I hand painted the shields with what I hoped would look like a stylised white tree... you be the judge (if it looks a little like a scary face that works too)
 They are identified by Heritage as "late Byzantines" though how accurate that is I don't know  Two handed axes aren't something I associate with Rome or its successor state I do vaguely recall the Byzantine emperors hiring Norse Mercenaries so maybe that is the inspiration. My guess is the shield would be used on the defence with that short sword and the axe used on the offencive (though using it with that shield slung on my shoulder could be awkward.
Still these seven fellows (there were 8 to a box but I used one for another project) do make a formidable looking group that should serve well in fantasy or historical games. They are 25mm scale so another 35 points.

Wow Adam you have had a full weekend.  These look like very old school Varangians, I'd say mid 1970s.  The shields are typically shown as kite shaped these days, and normally they'd be strapped on the back for axe work.  Your repurposing of them for Dragon Rampant makes a lot of sense, and this will make a fine unit.  I like the unit identification, and White Willow seems a good generic fantasy association.  Good effort on the shields, I support hand painting.  And yes there is a stylized will tree visible.

From DavidL -28mm Warmachine: Scruffy Desperado Types (85 points)

January is a very busy month for me work-wise, but I'm still managing to put in a couple hours every evening, and here (finally) is my first significant accomplishment of the Challenge: a passel of figures for Warmachine.

These fellows (along with a Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew I painted a long time ago) are sufficient to field a good medium-sized force by the standards of the game. To be honest, the core concept of the force is meant to tweak the nose of my regular opponent, who usually fields the Cygnar faction. So here we have Magnus the Warlord, a traitor to his homeland of Cygnar, now a scruffy mercenary generalissimo conspiring to bring down Cygnar's current king.

He brings with him two Warjacks: the heavy Mangler and the light (and appropriately-named) Renegade. Although these are normally considered "mercenary" designs, Magnus has painted them in Cygnar blue--deep down inside, he still thinks of himself as a patriot--but life out in the swamps and badlands is tough, and the paint is peeling and chipping, the iron beneath beginning to rust.

To help in his plotting and endeavors, Magnus has contracted the services of the notorious bandit gang, Croe's Cutthroats. Armed with crossbows and "murder blades," these desperadoes are in it for the gold and plunder and couldn't care less about Magnus's political ambitions.

Even though my Warmachine/Hordes rules mastery remains woefully lacking, I'm looking forward to fielding these guys, and hopefully soon.

If the 'jacks are being scored as 28mm vehicles (as with ChrisH's entry), then that's 15 points each, plus 11 regular figures for 55 points.

David, great post!  I know approximately zip all about Warmachine, but these have a nice Rube Goldbergian steampunk feel to them.  You painted them up very nicely, I especially like the blue on the big machines and your weathering and rust work.  Is Magnus riding some Steampunk Segue?

AdamC (for Monday)- 28mm Frostgrave Figures (135 Points)

If you are following the Side Duels, you'll see a pretty good scrap on the Frostgrave Challenge between Adam and Paul A with BillA in the mix as well.  Here's Adam's latest volleys of arrows and magic missiles.
This one is big and varied but its all stuff I plan to use for Frosgtrave.  First up a bunch of Cultists
 First up we have three bad guys looking very intimidating with their big morning Stars
 Five Cultist Swordsmen, some duel wielding and two with shields. the Fellow in the centre has a sword and dagger set form the undead encounters set but they look great with him.
 Great details on the clothing both front and back.  Two of these guys have skulls on their belts.
 4 Cultists with missile weapons.  I did two with crossbows and two with bows.
 The guy in Blue needs a quiver I'll have to fix that at some point.  You can see the tendency of cultists to have chains, bones an other stuff.
 Lots of guys fight with sword and dagger but sword and axe that takes a Cultist!
 Once again the detail on the clothing is really impressive
 Cultist Templar with a two handed sword, the face mask of his helmet is part of his pointy hood.
 His Weapon is actually form the Frostgrave soldier pack and it works great with this figure.
 Spear and shield, I hand painted the shield its not really supposed to be anything just an off kilter pattern that looks odd.
 This is a really dynamic figure that is running into action.
 The backpack is a nice detail  and includes a dagger. A total of 15 cultists all 28mm figures so 75 points.
 Humans and the undead aren't the only dangers in Frostgrave, the ruins are effectively wilderness and natural animals like wolves wander in from time to time... Most of the time they want to get out fast but sometimes they are controlled by wizards or magical creatures like werewolves. These 4 Wolves were a gift from my friend Rob and they are fine sculpts form Northstar.
 I did these wolves using layers of dark gray, light gray and silver gray and a good brown wash and I am really pleased with how they came out. 4 Wolves 28mm figures so another 20 points.
 I had to pick this guy up when I saw him.  I'm looking for a fully armoured skeleton to act as this guy once he finishes getting out of his chair. I'm really pleased with how the red eyes came out.  The figure reminds me of the Atlantean form the Conan movie so he could also be a piece of terrain too.
There are lots of great details on this throne I kept the colors dark and muted so the skeletons would stand out.  He counts as one figure for 5 points I leave judging the value if any of the throne to Peter.  (given the bulk of the casting I rate this as worth 10 points)
Now something different as these guys are all good guys. 
 I've been working these Dark Sword Criter Kingdom figures into my warbands since my first game and they are great figures to use.
 This Rabbitman swashbuckler makes a great Treasure Hunter with this leather armour and sword dagger combo.
 The Blue cape gives him a pop of colour and matches the band in his hat.
 A Mouseman wizard or apprentice, I don't know why you would tie a rock to your head but there must be some reason.  (editorial comment, there is no accounting for some fashions and tastes)
 As you can see from this angle the staff is not broken just angled so it looked broken.
 The Mouse doesn't know he is small he wields a massive hammer and still can carry a shield! He'll make an excellent Knight for a Frosgrave Warband
 I kept the shield a simple green as not good design suggested it self to me.
 Mouse pirate Arrh Surrender the Cheese!   H'll make a good thief or Treasure Hunter.
 With that big bag off his (looks like it should have golf clubs) he might make a good mule too.
 Another mouse knight this one a veteran of many battles with a well scared shield. One of my favorites of this setl.
 I gave him some gold on this shoulder pauldrons as a mark of his veteran status.
 Finally the Bard a mouse who knows how to party.  Not only can he play that lute he is armed to the teeth with not one but two swords..
I went with a softer palette for this guy to offset the brown of his leather armour because a bard should look like a showman.  That's another six figure for another 30 points.  All and all that should be 130 Points.

Well done again Adam.  I have upped your points for the throne on the armoured smelly as noted above.  Your "regular" frostgrave" lads all have a nice consistent approach and I do like the snowy bases.  We have temps in -40s (Celsius including windchill) so your snow is a little too close to home!  I also like the big armoured skelly, who looks like he means business and has the chair to match.
However, it's furry components that I like best.  Those are great wolves and you've done very well with them.  Your wash has given them a brindled look and the basing is very effective.  I may need some of these wolves for my 1812 and FIW games.  
But my favourites are the Critter Kingdom set - I don't do much fantasy but I may need these guys.  The bunny has a rather startled look and the mice look fierce.  I like the pirate and bard best, the colours of the cloaks capture the movement nicely.  And I like the way you've painted the inside of the ears - now there's a phrase you don't hear on the Challenge often enough. 
 Paints bomb warning - I've been checking the queue and Adam's been a busy boy this weekend.