Sunday, 29 March 2015

Voting for the Challenger's Choice Award Begins!

Hehrow Ewewonne...

My apologies for having gone a bit silent these past few days. I had to go in for some scheduled dental surgery this past week, which is no big deal in of itself, but the pain meds really knocked me on my keister for a bit.  Anyway, the 'ole choppers are gleefully gnashing away and I'm back on the game.  'It is safe.' :)

This week I'm issuing polls for both the Challengers' Choice and Peoples' Choice Awards.

First up: The Challengers' Choice. 

For the the selection of the Challengers' Choice I'd like all the participants of this year's event to refer to the poll in the right sidebar and choose the top three entries/figures that impressed them the most over the course of this year's Challenge. This can be an entire entry, a series of entries built around a theme, or a specific figure within an entry (theme entries included).  The votes are weighted with the first choice getting 3 points, second with 2 points and third receiving 1 point. I've included a free text field if you want to leave any additional comments.

Also, please remember to provide your Challenge name or I will be forced to ignore your votes.

I'll be releasing a poll for the Peoples' Choice Award in a few days. This poll will allow all those folks who followed the Challenge over the past three months to participate and vote for their favourite entries.

Voting for the Challengers' Choice closes at midnight next Sunday (April 5th).