Wednesday, 6 March 2019

From TeemuL: Danger 5 (25 points)

Something different (and another squirrel point for Pulp genre) this time, 5 members from the Danger 5. I was about to paint all 8 from the starter (and couple of random additions as well), but time is running out so I decided to paint just the 5 to get one Squirrel point. Cheesy, I know.

Lightning is not the best at this time of year, but it hides the mistakes I made. :) These are the good guys and wear uniform of sort, so they were rather quick to paint. Only the leader, Tucker, has a darker blue coat, but otherwise it is light blue top and dark grey bottom.

A bit better picture, more light. I painted red shoes for Claire, so she wouldn't look so dull in all grey.

Look how I have professionally focused on the backs of the guys and butts of ladies are properly blurred...


Ilsa, I'm not happy with her face, at least not from this angle



These are from Crooked Dice and were very nice to paint, practically no flash or other problems and very nice details, open poses etc. I even managed to paint rather nice eyes on them. They are 28mm scale, so this gives me another 25 points (and did I mention the Squirrel point as well - I might not have the time and miniatures to win, but I'll do as much as I can).

Great figures from one of Australia's oddest comedy exports! Imagine the rules for these guys...

These five figures net you 25 points - and is there a Johnny Hitler figure lurking on your Lead Mountain perhaps?


From Mike D - House Cawdor Gangers (50 points)

Well, this hasn't been my most productive challenge so far. My non-miniature life (true-scale self?), has been a bit hectic for most of the winter. I had kind of anticipated it and set my sights low, but still it's a been a bit disappointing. For the most part the impediment has been my job. But things seem to be calming down and I'm hoping I can finish strong.

On a positive note, I have been able to stick to my goal of finishing off all the Necromunda minis I bough in 2018. The Cawdor figures represent the next-to-last box I have sitting on my shelf. Not counting the Forgeworld characters. Oh dear.

I can rarely bring myself to paint the colors on the box, and in the case the Red and White turned out ok, I think. Also, I find that the things that I think are oh-so-cool when I see them originally are the things that I'm cursing by the time I'm half way painting the figures. I love all the little totems and spikes and nooses etc but they really slow you down. All told, it's 10 gangers at 5 points each for 50 points.

It's been a long time since I played Necromunda, and it's good to see it back in production with some really nice figures.

These gangers certainly repaid the effort; all that detail! A headache to finish, but you really did an excellent job.

50 points, well-earned!


From RobH -15mm Egyptian Infantry - 84 Points

Not much to write about. A total of 42 x 15mm Old Glory figures. Six mounted as Light troops and nine 4 man stands of Infantry.


Nice one, Rob (or should I say, Robesses the Great?)! A bit of Bronze Age action at last! Egyptians at the ready, eager to crush the enemies of the Pharaoh!

For this tribute to the might of the Kingdom of the Nile, you are granted 84 points! So Let It Be Written! So Let It be Done!


From SimonM: "Wizkids" Batman Beyond (5 Points)

This 28mm tall plastic “Wizkids” model of Batman Beyond is miniature number 016 from the Batman The Animated DC "Heroclix" range, and depicts Terry McGinnis after the sixteen year-old High School student assumes the role of Batman in 2039 A.D. Mentored by an elderly Bruce Wayne, the new Dark Knight made his debut in January 1999 on the "Batman Of The Future" American animated television series.

Following the super-hero's removal from his 'clicky-base', the figure was super-glued on to a 25mm circular stand, and hastily primed using two coats of "Citadel" Abaddon Black. Initially I had planned to completely eradicate the costumed crime-fighter's pre-paint job. However, despite an extensive search I was unsuccessful in sourcing a red bat-shaped decal from anywhere, so ultimately was forced to ensure that my brush-tip carefully skirted around the miniature's original chest emblem.

I also decided against heavily dry-brushing the model with "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal, as I usually do these days for my predominantly black palettes, as I wanted the masked vigilante to appear as jet black as he does in the cartoon. This meant that all I needed to do to complete the miniature was to 'pick-out' his futuristic utility belt with a combination of "Citadel" Ironbreaker and Nuln Oil, and dot in the bat-suit's technologically advanced eyes with a little dab of "Vallejo" White.

Phew! This isn't reawakening any childhood nightmares at least... 

A futuristic take on the Caped Crusader - and the twist? HE'S NOT WEARING A CAPE!!!

This is a splendid figure and one which I hadn't seen before - very nicely done, 5 points!


From SimonM: "Warlord Games" Cyber-Controller (7 Points)

This 40mm tall metal Cyberman miniature is sold by “Warlord Games” and can be bought as part of their "The Tomb of the Cybermen" expansion set for the "Doctor Who: Exterminate!" miniatures game. Sculpted to closely resemble actor Michael Kilgarriff as the Cyber-Controller from the 1967 television story "The Tomb Of The Cybermen", the large imposing silver cyborg "directed lesser-ranking Cybermen and Cyber-Leaders from the Cyber-Tombs..."

Initially undercoated with a double helping of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, the emotionless monster was subsequently treated to two layers of Ironbreaker and a wash of Nuln Oil. He was then dry-brushed with more Ironbreaker, before I 'picked out' the Cyberman's eyes and mouth with a little more Abaddon Black. Luckily though, unlike the rest of the Cyber-Controller's mechanical minions, I didn't need to additionally paint all the somewhat torturous body-tubing which covers his limbs black and was therefore able to simply leave these silver.

As a final touch I applied some "Vallejo" Heavy Orange to the model's "enlarged, dome-shaped semi-transparent brain case." On the small screen this part was actually lit from the inside, so in order to try and replicate that pulsating glow I randomly dabbed some "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson over the area and allowed it to haphazardly congeal. I also momentarily considered basing my Cyber-Controller on a grass-flocked base, in order for it to be fielded alongside all my other "Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex" Cybermen. However, common sense soon made me realise the error of my ways, and the extra-terrestrial giant was given a snowy base.

This guy takes me back, and not in a good way. I was fine with Daleks, and even The Fury of the Deep, but these bastards had me hiding behind the couch every time.

As a 40mm figure, he's worth 7 points - so let's see what else you've got ready for us! (nothing too scary I hope)


From StuartL - Fake News! (36 points)

My entry this week is a crew for the game of Malifaux. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Malifaux is a steampunk (with a touch of horror) skirmish game set in another dimension where magic wielding cowboys do battle with eldritch monsters, far eastern cults and undead hordes. Rather than use dice to determine the outcome of the game, playing cards are flipped from a players deck to make attacks, block and use special abilities. If you don't like the result, you have a hand of cards you can use to swap in for your flipped card, giving the players some control over their final scores.

Each crew in the game has a theme to it and belongs to one of several factions. The models here are from a faction known as the Guild, essentially the government of the world of Malifaux. The theme of the crew is The Pen Is Mightier and for the most part they are a bunch of reporters for the Guild newspaper/propaganda machine. Each crew has different ways to win in the game, as well as different ways to attack. The crew focuses on building up evidence against the enemy crew and using that to damage them, move them around and to remove enemy objective markers from the board.

The leader of the crew is Nellie Cochrane, an idealistic reporter who enthusiastically chases after the story. No exaggeration is too big, nor unprovable claim too outlandish, though she would never knowingly make up lies about someone. Accompanying her is her printing press, to make sure that she never misses a deadline.

The two henchmen that fit this crew are Phiona Gage (left) and Allison Dade (Right). Phiona is the crew's powerhouse and the only member really capable of melee combat. Allison is capable of manipulating enemy models and pushing them around the table on her own.

The Field Reporters are Malifaux's finest researchers, interviewers and journalists. Their role is to help Nellie collect evidence and to place objective markers where they are needed most. Overall, the crew aims to disrupt the enemy and take control of the board rather than dish out damage on any real scale. 

Malifaux's miniatures are all multi-part plastic and nicely detailed, though assembling them can sometimes be a bit of a bother. The game has a very eclectic mix of models and each crew has their own unique set of abilities. It can be quite complex, but once you learn how your crew plays, it can be a lot of fun. As you only ever need a basic crew box and a blister pack or two of models to play, it is a fairly cheap system to jump into. A third edition is on it's way and there is currently an open beta testing going on where the company are getting feedback from the players before printing anything. 

So, for 7x 28mm minis I believe I can score 35 points. This crew earns me another point towards my Squirrel total, and as an all female entry (I'm counting the printing press as being female as it is a feminine noun in French), I am entering it into the Sarah's Choice category as well.

Lovely work, Stuart, this is the kind of hands-on journalism all too seldom seen these days; what a terrific crew!

These newshounds and their faithful printing press will net you 35 points, plus an extra point for promoting this all-women crew so close to International Women's Day. Well done!

And on the matter of the printing press and the French language, "L'imprimerie de ma tante est sur le table de mon oncle."


From BrendonW - Stab, Loose, Stab, Stab (48 points)

This weeks submission is 5 x 28mm foot and 2 x 28mm Mounted and all plastic.

The inspiration for the two Arab Ninjas or Hassassins came from an historically based Novel and also 'counts as' Hero for Kings of War. When I proxy my Arabs as Elves they get access to a 'Hero' named the 'Master Hunter'. Comes with a bow most suitable for sneaking around and being a sniper perhaps. Two below have bodies from FireForge while one is entirely Gripping Beast except for an extra dagger from Conquest Games. Mr Swordy McSwordface is modelling another hand painted shield and I am happy to have him completed as he fills the last slot in a unit tray. 

The last of the double ups for my Perry Miniatures. A heavily armoured pikeman and a horn blower. That's it for the heroic defenders of Black Beer and Bacon this season. I may have only one infantry body left in my stash but I will keep that just in case I get some crazy idea to make something of it. 
A real mix of kits on these two. A head from the Knights, parts from the Light Horse and so on. 

Two Normans with similar painted horses from Conquest Games to reinforce my Norman collection. Two plucky heroes to lead the charge or take the glory after the charge. The shields are hand painted.

Here is the Regiment of Arab infantry with the final hole filled with this posts Arab and previously painted Arabs with some from this Challenge and others from previous times.

cheers from Brendon
I won't be posting anything next week as I am away for a few days.

Tidy bit of work on these figs, Brendon - the last Saracen looks great when put into the line with his compatriots, a terrific mass effect there with the added bonus of some splendid textiles and shields.

And it's always a good day when there's Beer and Bacon! Although I would DEFINITELY ask the ninja types to take a drug test before sending them on any crucial missions...

45 points for the figures, plus another 3 for the spiffy freehand shields!


Wednesday, or If It's Hump Day, Where Are The Camels?

Greeting Challengers and Challenge Fans, welcome to Wednesday!

This week's entries from the Wednesday Warriors are many and varied. So what have we got lined up?

  • Beer, Bacon, and... Hashish...?
  • Hold the front page! It's the Press Gang!
  • 1960's Doctor Who Villains (quick, behind the sofa!)
  • A Neo-Noir Batman!
  • Pharaoh's serried ranks!
  • Scum of the Underhive!
  • and the heroic members of Danger 5!
So let's get on with the business of the day...