Friday, 16 January 2015

From ScottB - 28mm Stone Golems

I recently completed work on this family group of Stone Golems. They are scaled at 28mm from "Who'd-believe-it-Miniatures" and would work perfectly for your typical RPG setting.

The family group like nothing better than lying in wait disguised as an area of ruins, perfect for luring in a party of adventurers, who may be looking for shelter for the night, or nosing about looking for some left over loot... boy are they about to be in for a shock!

Daddy Stone Golem, really likes the the big, tough, crunchy adventurers...

while Mammy Stone Golem, prefers the softer, squishier adventurers...

... and baby Stone Golem likes those that are just right, small and furry footed!

Daddy Stone Golem finds it very amusing to stick his big toes up through the ground disguised as old statues, you should see the shocked look on those adventurers faces when these buggers start moving!

Look, look! There's a party of adventurers there now,... in fact I think its the classic ones that started it all... nom, nom!!

Tee Hee...

Just for giggles...

These are obviously the GW LOTR Ruins of Osgiliath set, that I recently received from Dave, and couldn't resist putting together and painting up. They count as terrain, so no points there, and have chewed into my Painting Challenge time a little... but no matter, we've already enjoyed them in a game of Empire of the Dead, and we'll be using them a lot in games to come, both LOTR and EotD :)

Now back to painting and scoring some more points!

From Curt:

Those are nice terrain bits to be sure (and I love the back story). I'd really love to include terrain as part of the Challenge but it's just too difficult to properly adjudicate for quick scoring.

Scott, are these plastic or a type of resin? As you say they are 'period-neutral' enough to be used for a variety of gaming themes. With them being from GW I wonder if you need to sell a small organ to afford them... Nonetheless, thanks for taking the time to show them to us!

From SanderS - Victoriana Anyone? (60 Points)

Dear Ladies and Gents,

Here's some Victorian figures I originally intended to include in my entry for the Victorian Bonus Round, but wasn't able to finish in time.

The first picture shows you West Winds "Black Mariah" prison wagon.

Next are some miniatures from several producers including North Star, Ironclad and more West Wind.

Cheers Sander

From Curt:

Excellent entry Sander! I really like your 'paddy wagon' (though the driver needs some reigns or they'll never make it to the Big House). Was it resin, metal or a combination?

The figures are very characterful as well. I especially like the boozer in the trews and the last copper with his hands held stoically behind his back (what's that hose-thing on his belt?). 

Great work and congratulations on meeting your Challenge target! As per your instruction I've set your new target to 1000 points - good luck!