Saturday, 11 February 2017

From EricM: And...More Romans! (330 Points)

This post covers what I was able to complete over the last two weeks.  Life conspired to make posting last week impossible.

I was able to knock out the last three cohorts of the Red legion last week.  It feels a little wrong to call them the red legion.  I think I need to come up with a number and name that is somewhat historical.

The first new cohort

The second new cohort

 And the last cohort of the soon to be renamed red legion.

Here is a look at the three cohorts together.

By this point I was pretty burned out on painting red so I made a switch to my next color scheme.   I wanted the second legion to have more of a Spanish look so I took a cue from Warlord games Hail Caesar supplement and started to work on a Pompeian legion.  I tried to make the design look like a bull head   Ill leave it up to you as to rather it was successful or not.


I have 4 units of 16 figures each for a total of 64 28mm figures.

Great to see an update to this project Eric, you're making very swift progress. The red is such a classic look for Roman Legionaries, but the yellow Pompeian Legion look awesome wig their bulls-head shields. They definitely look like the business, and yellow is a hard colour to look good, particularly on big panels like those shields - you've done a cracking job here.

Are these Wargames Foundry miniatures again?

320 points for the four cohorts, and I'll top up with another 10 for all those handpainted shield designs.



  1. Great stuff! I specially like the yellow shields.

  2. Love the bull shields. Rep romans are my favourite army. So colourful

  3. Lovely cohorts Eric :)

    Isn't a black bull's head on a yellow field the symbol of the Swiss canton of Uri? Maybe they're Helvetii rather than Spanish? :)

  4. Lovely... if you do Romans you so need lots .. just like these!

  5. Lots of lovely Romans!
    Best Iain

  6. Awesome looking units here! I think I would go a bit mad trying to do that many of the same thing over and over again though, one unit ok, four?? I'd lose it for a while. Awesome job there, and great focus to be able to get that many done at one time and still keep everything so neat and clean looking.

  7. Lovely work! The bull on the shields really is a nice touch.

  8. Great work on these cohorts. Love the shields.

  9. Red- is that rubor in Latin? Lovely work.

  10. Legio Rubrum?
    Your Romans are really fantastic. The Pompey guys are especially nice, those shields work for me.

  11. Beautiful troops, Eric! The red Legion is great, but the Pompey troop steal the show! I really dig that wood grain effect on the shields!