Saturday, 11 February 2017

From MilesR: A JagdTiger in Winter (17 Points)

 I decided to put a little extra effort into my last Trenchworx tank - a 28mm JagdTiger.  As with all the other Trenchworx stuff, the model is amazing and I highly recommend it.

I've never done a winter themed vehicle so wanted to experiment a little with the white wash technique and making mud.  I had a lot of fun painting and "mudding" the tank up and now may be thinking of adding some winter themed units to the mix.
 The mud is a mix of flexible modeling paste, old paint and a very small amount of fine sand.  I went through seven mix combinations before getting to the one on the model.  I think it came out pretty neat.

 The winter white was is just a simple stipling with a very firm brush.  OK it was an olde terrain brush I let the paint dry on accidentally but it's found new life as a winter cammo tool.

Thankfully (from an Allied Perspective) only 70 or so JagdTigers were produced during the war.) I've seen more than that number in a largish Late War Flames of War Tournament!).  The tank mounted a huge 128mm cannon but was really slow and the gun sights had to be reset after any type of movement.  Still, I would NOT want to roll up on one of these bad boys while tooling around in my Sherman.
I spent a lot of time on this model, so it's the only output from today's activity.  There were several attempts at the winter camo before we got it to this level.
A close up of the "secret mud mix" - I really think it came out rather well.  Lets see how the mixture holds up over time.

Just 15 points from this post, but I really had a lot of fun with it.  Sometimes the best hobby experience isn't the one with the most volume.


Wow, what a terrific looking winter Brute, Miles! These Trenchworx vehicles are lovely, but it's your white camo wash and 'secret mud mix' that have hit it out of the park. Wonderful stuff.

Now that you've opened Pandora's Box with a winter themed vehicle you realize you're now fully committed to at least two opposing forces? Nonetheless, knowing you, you'll have them both done by the end of the Challenge. ;)

Ok, I'm still waking up from my sleep-in so I'll give you a couple more points as I know this is a big model.

Well done Mr. Miles.


  1. Wonderful wintering job Miles :)

  2. Fantastic job on this. Off to make mud now

    1. there's a secret ingredient - saw cherry sawdust!

  3. Lovely Panzer sporting some great colours - very nice Miles!

  4. Really great camouflage scheme, quality

  5. What a great looking Jagdtiger! Really love your take on the white wash. Must try my hand on it one day also.

  6. Great work on this beast Miles. What's in the box underneath it?

  7. Very effective weathering on this piece Miles!


  8. The weathering and winter cammo look very good on your big cat. I normally disapprove of gamers who field these big but very rare killers, but I suppose one or two are ok if they are as good looking as yours is.

  9. Amazing beastie, Miles! That is a very nice winter mud effect you put on it and the camouflage is very well done! I think you do need some lesser cats and a few 1/2 tracks with panzergrenadiers to keep it company! ;)